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DRILL NOW - PART TWO - Price of Gas Under Bush

In Part One, we talked about ANWR and the need we have to utilize our own natural resources.

We all need that small 2,000 acre area in the 19 Million acre ANWR to be open to give us all some relief at the pumps.

We have the know how, the tools, and the capability. We know what the size of the proposed area is.  We also know how near it is to Prudhoe Bay and Sourdough Oil Fields,  which means that the logistics to getting men, food, and equipment that can be done without a lot of work. 

Subsequently, a place to start from would be close and ready.

What we do not have? Well, we don't have the will and the motivation of the White House. We don't have the leadership from Obama and the Democrats in Congress to Drill Now to help America in the future.

History is amazing really.  They say history has a way of repeating itself.  I'm just amazed that it's repeating itself so soon!

I can't understand why the politicians who lived through those high gas prices 3 years ago, just can't seem to understand that what's going on now with these high gas prices - went on in July of 2008.

It's as if they are purposely ignoring what to place just a few years ago. Gas prices rose to over $4.20 a gallon Nationally in July of 2008, and yes it was well over $5 a gallon here in California. And now, now it's happening all over again. Right now in 2011?

It looks like the prediction of $6 for a gallon of gas by this Memorial Day will come true. If it doesn't happen sooner. The increase in the price of gas will not only affect our driving, but everything connected to driving. Food prices, and like in 2008 - whether we can pay our mortgages or not. 

In July of 2008, everyone blamed President George W. Bush. The News Media ripped him a new one over the prices.  The Bush White House said gas at the pumps was high because of the Oil Speculators and the Ban on drilling for oil.

We Americans imported about 14 million barrels of Oil per day in 2007 the year before it spiked. 

That means American consumers sent about $340 Billion Dollars overseas in 2007 to build huge golden palaces in Dubai and Saudi Arabia.

And yes, we propped up unfriendly regimes around the World.

In 2007, the Democrat took control of both sides of Congress - both  the House and the Senate.  A year and half earlier, they stated that they wanted to increase the price of gas to $5 across our Nation.

If I remember right, in Al Gore's book he said that a minimum of $5 a gallon was the only way to stop Americans from driving and fight Global Warming.

I'm sure you remember the Global Warming scam the bilked a lot of people out of a lot of money and got Cities and States and the Federal Government to all put out a whole lot of Taxpayer dollars to address a problem that in reality was just a lie. 

The Environmentalist so-called experts who came up with that scam wanted to control people so much that they faked findings, falsified stats, and then we found out that their data was manipulated and could not be verified anywhere.

When I was younger we didn't call that a "Scam," we called a "Con Game."

Of course that didn't matter because everyone blamed George W. Bush for all of our troubles during his 8 years in office. The Liberal Media had a field day selling Global Warming to the American public, and yes the rest of the world was gullible enough to join in. 

It seemed as though every media outlet was blaming Bush. And while that was going on, Liberals were working their standard magic trick.  They say watch this hand while their other hand is stealing your wallet.

And yes, it has worked real well for them over the years with the help of the National Media.

It's actually amazing when you really take a look at how the Left in America has learned so much from the world's most ruthless Dictators over the last century.  Their concept of honesty is that if you get caught doing wrong, you don't come clean, instead you simply deny it and then divert the attention to your enemy even if he or she has done nothing wrong. 

Lies through a propaganda network.  Corruption and pay-offs.  I hope you haven't forgotten ACORN.  The huge voter fraud in 2008 by ACORN, who was funded by Leftist George Soros and the Obama Campaign. 

That's the Liberal Formula for winning. Political Control of the News Media is a big deal.  Throughout the 20th Century it is the way to success if you are a political movement.

If you don't think that that's the Liberal "Formula for Winning" in America, then just look at the Obama White House. They have now started their own propaganda wing of the White House that puts out stories with of course their own bias, and they don't care about the truth. 

Heck, they now even produce their own YouTube videos all nicely edited with no gaffs and all on message. And yes, they stay on message at every event. 

The message right now, Obama says, "We can't drill out of these higher gas prices!"   

That's right! For about the last month now, Obama's line has been, "We can't drill our way out of this problem." 

He said this without even trying to drill.

He says, "We can't drill out of these higher gas prices" because higher gas prices can't be fixed.  Why? Well he says it's because it is a sign that we are doing better economically. Then he went on to say by him "creating jobs" that this is a consequence of more people working.

No kidding, he really said this. And just this week, he blamed the Oil Speculators. Imagine that!

Friends, we sit on vast reserves of oil, natural gas, and coal. We not only CAN DRILL our way out, put we should start right now! We have the reserves and wehave the technology to make it clean and safe.

Besides, we can't TALK our way out of this problem - and that's all Obama really knows how to do. He is a great talker. His problems are, one he is a liar - and two, he's all talk and no action.

During World War II, FDR knew how to take action.

During WWII, America furnished 80 to 85% of all of the oil that all our Allies needed. Not just for American forces, but also for all of our Allied forces. A mere 15 to 20% of the oil used during World War II came out of Venezuela - and that was when they stopped supplying Nazi Germany and changed sides.

Right now, we have "known" oil deposits in Alaska alone that puts the "known" oil deposits in the Middle East to shame. In the last few years, Oil Companies have used billions of dollars to search for more oil around the world. And where have they found the biggest deposits? How about right here in the United States and the Gulf of Mexico.

America is sitting on top of massive Oil Fields that could potentially make America Energy Independent.

Thanks to new technology,  both ANWR and the Bakken Formation in North Dakota could boost America’s Oil reserves by some estimates at least 10 times the amount. This my friends would give America's economy a trump card against OPEC’s control on both oil supply and barrel prices.

It would make Saudi Arabian and Venezuelan oil irrelevant to our success as a Nation.  And of course, that would go a long way in stabilizing our Trade Deficit while also cutting the cost of oil by more than half.

The problem with Shale Oil in the United States is the same problem with ANWR.  We simply can't get the EPA and the White House to support our drilling and building more processing plants especially for Shale Oil recovery.

So why are we paying so much for gas?
Though oil is sold on a global market which means that the price of oil is set according to world wide demand, if we got serious about starting oil production here - then I believe that America can bring down the price of oil by not having to buy oil overseas.

The problem we have is that the Environmentalist, the Liberal Establishment, the Democrats, and President Obama all receive huge amounts of money from the countries that belong to OPEC.

Because of who financially supports them, they are in favor of restricting American oil productivity and relying on foreign oil.

It's all about money, and of course politicians willing to take foreign money!

And if you're saying that President Obama hasn't received any money from say Saudi Arabia, or Yemen, or Kuwait, then please look at who has contributed to his election campaign in 2008.

Those multi-million dollar campaign donations that came in from overseas came from countries wanting favors from the President Obama are from the richest companies and the wealthiest individuals from around the world.

Foreign oil, in especially those oil producing countries in the Middle East who produce 56% of all of the Oil Reserves on earth, donated millions upon millions of dollars to Obama's Campaign in 2008. Now, just as back then, they are Obama's biggest money contributors in his re-election campaign.

And if you think this all started when Bush  was in Office? Well it didn't.

The result of the high gas prices in July of 2008 was that people were forced to make a conscious choice between buying gas to get to work or pay their mortgage.

That's the conclusion of the majority of Economist in the United States, those who aren't owned by the Liberal Establishment, who don't have their heads in the sand.

The price of gas was single most identified factor for people in 2008 not being able to pay their mortgage. They had lost their ability to pay their mortgage. They had to make a choice, Gas or Mortgage?

I remember having to cut down on my travel, eating out, and even the smallest thing like driving to the grocery stores in Jackson. Driving to Jackson, where the nearest grocery stores are, means going on a 34 mile round trip. That's how far it is to the nearest Grocery Stores and back.

Yes, I know that not everyone lives in rural America. But friends, we all have to drive distances. America is distance. Whether it's distance going to town to get to the Grocery Stores as in the case for many who live on farms and ranches or just in small towns, or whether it's living in the city and suburbs and have to drive two hours to commute to work - we all drive long distances.

Here is a picture showing the how high some of the gas prices are in California.

This picture was taken in March 2011. It is of a Death Valley, California, Chevron station charging $5.40 for a gallon of regular. It also charges $5.62 for each gallon of 91 octane Premium, and $5.77 is their price for diesel.

With fuel prices steadily going up, there are some folks who are asking what will happen to the prices in stores, in restaurants, and everywhere?

Companies using trucks to bring in goods and food, and paying over $5 a gallon for diesel, will certainly have to pass on the cost to the us their consumers. The American people, we, us, you and I, will pay higher prices for everything.

And yes, it all starts at the pump when we fill up. We will all pay at the store when we buy milk for our kids. We will pay more when needing everything from clothes to toilet paper.

So what can we expect from the State and Federal Government today in the way of help? Well Obama, Pelosi, and Reid, all the top Democrats in Washing DC, wanted to add HIGHER TAXES at the pump!

That's no kidding! Yes, when the citizens need a break - the people running the White House these days want to break the people!

It wasn't always this way, the White House did fight for us and not against us once. 

Take for example in July of 2008 when it was $4.20 a gallon Nationally.  By November of 2008, it was just under $2 a gallon Nationally.  When George W. Bush left office in January of 2009, he left us with $1.52 a gallon of gas Nationally.

So how did Bush do it?

Well, he announced that he was open to drilling. Oh, and he meant it!

He also ordered the Department of Interior, to see why there was a hold up on Drilling Leases.  Since he was an owner of a small oil business, he knew what it took to start producing more oil in our Nation.  He got things rolling!  

Once that happened, the Oil Speculators took note that America was actually doing something for itself to bring down our hostage like dependence on Foreign Oil.  And yes, prices dropped.

So whenever Obama says, "We can't drill our way out of this problem" or "We can't drill out way out of Higher Gas Prices,"  well I see the Oil Speculator as being reassured that Obama is not planning on doing anything to reduce our dependence on Foreign Oil.  Subsequently, the price of gas goes up.

Why is Obama doing what he's doing?   Well from everything that I've read lately, it's all about money from Foreign Oil. They have a vested interest in keeping us dependent on their product.  They're no different than Drug Dealers who will buy politicians for favors.

In Part Three, I'll talk about how he's helping Foreign Oil rip off Americans!

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Story by Tom Correa

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