Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Muslim Faith

So let's see if I can get this right, some folks out there have a problem with how I see the Muslim faith.

There are some who've read my article on the 9/11 Cross.  They read what I wrote about what I've learned about the Muslim faith, and subsequently they pretty much know how I've come to my conclusions about Muslims. 

They read about how I, like other Americans on the West Coast, woke up to the horror of Muslims crashing jet airliners into some of the tallest buildings in the United States. 

They read my article and see that I didn't really know anything about their God-forsaken religion prior to their acts of Suicidal Mass Murder on 9/11.

They read about what I learned from that day, 9/11, in that this is a pattern for men in the Muslim World.  They read that I'm amazed that these people obviously love blood and murder.  They read how I am appalled that Muslims sacrifice their children, their sons, the daughters, as suicide bombers.  

This all seems pretty easy.  I laid out my case, and said why I see Muslims in general as the heartless folks that I think they are.

I make the case that, since 9/11, after reading headline after headline, watching the news, and yes just staying abreast of what Muslims are doing around the world, that I've come to the conclusion that Islam is a sick religion absorbed with a sort of Blood Lust existence.

I really believe that Muslims do not treasure human life of any sort - not even their own. From what I see, Islam is more like a cult, and that's the way Muslims want to keep their faith - ie: Barbaric and Bloody!

What was my evidence?  Well, of course there is 9/11.  But besides 9/11, what else could make me think that Islam is a "Religion of Death"

Well there was ...
  • the Muslims terrorists who set off bombs in Bali, killing tourist there. 
  • the Muslims beheading of Richard Peale. 
  • the Madrid Train Bombing where 200 innocents were butchered by the evil of Islam.
  • the Muslim father who cut off his daughter's ears and nose.
  • Muslim-American U.S. Army soldier kills his fellow soldiers while they were sleeping. He threw hand grenades into the tents where they are unconscious and defenseless. 
  • Another Muslim-American U.S. Army soldier, this time a Major, launches a terrorist attack on his fellow soldiers at Fort Hood while they were all "Unarmed," and yes, he senselessly killed 12 people and wounded 31 others.  
  • Muslims attackers cut off the heads of three teenage girls on their way to a Christian school in Indonesia.
  • Muslim attackers murder teachers trying to teach Muslim children in Iraq.
  • Muslims kill over 80 tourists with car bombs outside cafes and hotels in Egypt.
  • Muslim officials block the exit where school girls are trying to escape a burning building because their faces were exposed.
  • Muslims fire rocket-propelled grenades into schools full of children in Israel.
  • Muslims kill six children in an attack on a Missionary Children’s School in India.
  • Muslim attackers burn the dead bodies of American civilian workers, then hang their burned bodies from a bridge.
  • Muslims now routinely bomb street markets in the Philippines. 
  • Muslims murdered more than 50 commuters on subways and buses in London.
  • Muslims in Thailand killed a 38 year old Buddhist teacher - then set his body on fire. 
  • Muslims in China hijacked a truck and rammed it into a crowd of "Han" (non-Muslims), then begin a stabbing spree that leaves 8 dead.
  • Muslims with machetes hacked to death 5 people after attacking a Christian village in Indonesia.
  • Muslims, in Beslan, Russia, took over an elementary school and systematically slaughtered both the children and teachers inside. The Muslim terrorists took 777 school children and more than 300 adults hostage. Of the 300 that were killed, 156 were innocent children.
This is only a small sample of what Muslims are doing out there all in the name of Allah.  It's no wonder they have some of these other countries frightened.  These people live to kill, and they apparently love it.  

Some readers who read this refuse to take facts like this into consideration.  Believe it or not, there are readers out there who are writing me to say that I'm "filled with hate!" 

I know that there are people who are offended by my bringing out these facts.  And yes, these are easily researched facts. 

But instead of facing the facts of what their barbaric religion is doing, they write me threatening letters and say that I'm the "voice of hate," or that my articles "are pure unadulterated hate." 

Imagine that! 

Hate, from me? No, not really.  Just the facts actually.  You see if we want to talk about "hate," then why don't we talk about the Muslim hate crimes that don't always include murder and mayhem - like say Islamic religiously sanctioned rapes and beatings and mutilations. 

How about the Muslim problem in Australia?   In Sydney, Australia, Muslim crime has just about pushed out the Asian crime organizations in Sydney.  To make things even worse, they've had a real problem with Muslim gang rapes.  And honestly, I don't know if its really stopped.

Yes, these were Muslim serial gang rapists who attacked in groups of up to fourteen or more Lebanese-Australian men.  Their attacks were carried out exclusively against White-Australian women and teenage girls who were as young as 14 years of age. 

One report called them "predatory Muslims" because they were like savage dogs.  Rabid, they needed to be killed.   

The leader of these bastards was Bilal Skaf, who only received a sentence of 25 years after his appeal.  And if that's not bad enough, believe it or not, lately a Muslim spokesman has said that the women were at fault, deserved it, and that Australia should "honor" the son-of-a-bitch.  Imagine that!  

And no, this Muslim crime problem is not just restricted to Australia. 

From what I've read, from Norway and Sweden and down through the rest of Europe, the majority or rapes committed are by Muslims from Africa and other Third World countries who specifically target Western women for rape and beatings - and yes, even mutilation.
Even in Egypt's ancient Christian-Coptic community, the so-called "religion of peace" is condoning the gang rapes and mob violence on Christian girls there.

So now, knowing these facts, how can anyone not call Islam a religion of death, hate, and blood?

OK, let's try again, so other than the Muslims and their supporters who have read my articles and will undoubtedly rise to defend Muslim crimes against humanity, how can others not see my point in that Islam is evil. 

As for me, well since my 9/11 Cross article where I call Islam and Muslims as I see them, I have been getting some interesting hate mail from some folks who I figure are either Muslims or Muslim supporters.   

I received this e-mail comment from one Jerkweed, who says, "coward, absolute coward. would love to see you deliever these psychotic words in person, and not behind a screen. Just another redneck American. Go clean ur rifle, then clean ur brains with it."  

What a Jerkweed huh? And this is a nice one! 

Well, I don't know if the Jerkweed who wrote me that note is from here or from overseas.  Fact is, it doesn't really matter. It doesn't matter because where ever he's from, he's full of shit.

Simply put, he doesn't like the truth! 

But besides that, friends, in this country we don't like being threatened or talked down to.  If the Jerkweed who wrote that would have the cojones to put his name to it, then I'll be glad to write a response to the Jerkweed.  I'll even keep it to single syllables so that the Dumbshit can understand it. 

You see, with all of the evidence that I've listed, if the Jerkweed still can't understand that his religion is killing folks for fanatical reasons - well then, he is a Dumbshit!

He obviously doesn't understand that people can only go by what they see.  And Jerkweed, if you're reading this, all I see from these random killings is a bunch of low down yellow cowards who seem to glory in the act of terrorizing others.  Maybe in some perverse way, they get some sort of gratification from it? 

I don't think all Muslims are the same, but I think the crazies who follow the Quran and desire more and more blood are all mouth about wanting peace.  I think you're all mouth about being men of honor.  I think you use any excuse there is to terrorize the people who fear you.  

But all in all, I think their time is short.  I really believe that the world is pretty tired with their act.  It's gotten old.  Less and less people are afraid of Muslims these days.  If you're a Muslim terrorists, and yes if the shoe fits than this goes for you too Jerkweed, I think your days are numbered!

The world is not going to put up with the Jerkweeds of the world for too much longer.  Their days of hate and murder are coming to a close.

It might not be this year or next, but just like Hitler's fanatical Nazi regime, or the Communists threat to enslave all nations, or on a smaller scale like those 909 crazies of the People's Temple who all committed "revolutionary suicide" at the same time in Jonestown, Guyana, I see Muslim terrorism also ending up on the trash heap of history.

But, I'm sorry to say, I believe it will only happen when good Muslims stand up and take back their religion. Maybe then they can rewrite some of its principles to reflect that "religion of peace" that they're always talking about, but no one sees.

Story by Tom Correa


  1. Fuck Islam, it needs to be whiped off the face of the planet.

  2. Islam will still be here long after all you long gone! It is the fastest growing religion for a couple centuries already!

    1. Dennis,

      While that might be true. I believe that other religions will be here as well -- long after you and I are gone. What I do see for Islam is a Reformation of sorts just as what took place for Christians hundreds of years ago. Islam militant faction will be destroyed or they will alienate the entire world and be relegated to the trash heap of other fanatics who tried to rule the world. While president Obama likes to remind us that there are over 1 Billion Muslims, those "peaceful" Muslims have to find the balls to stand up for their religion and fight those who would destroy it from within. While we and other Western nations can bomb the militant Muslims into the stone ages, sooner or later it is going to be up to you and other Muslims to fix the problems within Islam. No sect, not a single one throughout recorded history, has survived once the main body gets fed up with the actions of a relative few. While you and I might not live long enough to see that day come, it will come and Islam will have to right itself or die from internal strife. While you may be right that Islam is growing in some parts of the world thanks to the funding of OPEC, remember that most of the Muslims who are getting killed are not being killed by American bombs. Muslims kill more Muslims than we can ever hope to. Yes, thankfully, Muslims are slaughtering each other for us -- by numbers that cannot be imagined. Like it or not, instead of a Reformation, within Islam there is a Civil War being fought for the direction of the religion. And frankly, since the militants are outnumbered, the peaceful Islamist want to keep their religion if they clean their house of the trash like ISIS, al Qaeda, the Taliban, and others. .

  3. Just for the record, there are over a billion Muslims in the world today -- making it the second most populous religion on earth after Christianity. The cruelty of Islam, their poor treatment of women, their traditions of child molestation, their thirst for blood has actually pulled the curtain aside and revealed Islam as something people do not want a part of.

    Because of this, the growth of Islam has been spurred by Islamic governments and OPEC. The other problem that Islam has lately because of what the public sees as barbaric behavior is that Christianity is looking great in comparison. Subsequently, many who are being forced to become Muslims under oppressive regimes are becoming Christians now.

    As for the 3 to 5 million Muslims in the United States? Well frankly, the U.S has 200 million Christians and 10s of Millions of Jews, The U.S. actually has more Buddhist than Muslims, And because of what we now know about Muslims, the numbers of people joining Islam in the United States is on the decline.

  4. I agree with you, Tom. The Muslim faith is one of the most sacred religions in the world besides Christianity and Catholicism. Anybody who is willing to destroy that religion knows not of its worth.


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