Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Great Story from America Is Conservative

Besides the News websites, I read a lot of Conservative Blogs.  Among those Blogs is one that I really do enjoy reading. It is called "America Is Conservative"

Their Editor is a great gal by the name of Rebecca.  She posted this great article today, October 24, 2011.  It is direct, short, and to the point.  I encourage all Americans to read this.  I have to say that I agree with her yardstick so much that it has now become my yardstick as to what I'm looking for in a President. And like her, I don't know if we have such a man in the race right now - but I'm looking.

Here is her article, and the link to her Blog is at the bottom of the page.  I hope you enjoy her article as much as I do.

Tom Correa

What I Am Looking For In The Next President Of The United States

I have been spending a great deal of time lately thinking about who the next president should be. What are the qualities I want for someone who represents me and my values? This is what I came up with. I am looking for someone who/who is:
  • Dedicated to the promotion of pro-life principles. This applies not just to the birth of a person but also the death.
  • Willing to stand up for the family and sanctity of marriage.
  • Invested in lowering the tax burden on Americans.
  • Recognizes that free market enterprise is what has led to American successes. Governmental control has not.
  • Believes in American Exceptionalism.
  • Upholds the Constitution of the United States and acknowledges the principles this nation was founded on.
  • Supports religious freedom.
  • Ardent in defending the life, rights, and freedoms of Americans.
  • Recognizes that all humans have natural rights that God has bestowed.
  • Able to manage foreign affairs and strengthen relationships.
  • Knowledgeable of US and world history and policies.
  • Collaborative with other governmental figures.
  • Ethical in personal and professional dealings. Yes, this matters.
  • Aware that the illegal immigration issue in the US is not as cut and dry as it may appear and able to approach it with sensitivity but decisiveness.
  • Wise enough to bring in a team of intelligent, dedicated people who can support his/her ideals and stand of for this great nation.
  • Prayerful. I know that when 9/11 occurred, President Bush hit his knees and prayed. It means something to me that a president have the recognition that there is a higher power from whom he or she should seek guidance.
Of course, with this said, s/he also needs to be able to beat Obama in a race for the White House.
This is who I am looking for and the yardstick I am holding up to every candidate. I am not sure that the kind of person who can beat President Obama and adhere to the above principles is in this race.
With that said, ANYONE who gets the Republican nomination, can beat Obama, and have even a portion of these qualities will most likely get my vote.

Posted by Rebecca
October 24th, 2011

To visit her website and see all of her offerings of wisdom and insight, go to:

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  1. Tom, thanks so much for noticing the blog and for your kind words. This is such an important election...I hope someone arises that fits the bill!


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