Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentine's Day Card To My Wife!

Today is a day when my wife woke early to color her hair.

It is a day that I have to drive the 17 miles to get to town to find flowers and maybe a gift. It is the gift that weighs on my mind because I've been so busy with other things that I've done what many men do - and yes, that's waiting to the last minute to get something for the women he loves.

Today is hectic, rushed, and will not slow down until after the movie and we are home tonight. It is that way because I care so much about her.

She is a good woman. She is also hard-headed, ornery, and yes, sometimes so stubborn that I quit trying to explain my point - Thank God that those times are far and few between around here.

As I said, she is a good woman. She has been a great friend and companion. She is exciting and her laughter fills a room - it echoes in my heart.  She is half crazy sometimes, and yes, I've found that this is keeping me younger and happier than I've been in forever.

I know that it might seem to you folks reading this that I'm only concerned about what she does for me. And I guess that's a part of love, isn't it? Doesn't a lot of love have to do with what the other person does for you?

Love is not about cooking and that sort of thing. It is about that feeling, that wonderful emotion called love that the other person brings out of you - yes, that's what my wife does for me.

I certainly hope and pray that I do that with her. Because friends, this is my Valentine to my wife, and yes, I love her!

Yes Deanna, you are special and funny and clever and cute. You are witty and sensitive and caring, and yes, you are sassy!

You are a self-made cowgirl and the best part of my life. And I, well, I thank God everyday for the person you are.

I love you! Would you be my Valentine?


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