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Random Shots! Cruise Ship Passengers Robbed, Obama Not Welcome, and More!

First Shot!

President Obama Not Welcome In Southern California?

It seems that President Obama is not as welcome across the country as he thinks he is.

One report says hundreds, while another puts the number at a few thousand, protesters lined the Pacific Coast Highway to give Obama at least a little of what they think is going on. 

Unlike at violent liberal protests, such as the Occupy protests, there were no signs of hate or racism. This was all business. Yes, business!

Business, you ask?  Well, a peaceful protest is like a simple non-confrontational discussion between and Employer and an Employee. And yes, contrary to what the Politicians think, they are not "Royalty" but instead are simply employees.

Whether its in our Nation's capitol in Washington D.C., or for us out here California' state capitol in Sacramento, the Politicians who work there are supposed to be working for us. 

I know it seems odd. The employer, us, having to hold rallies and carry signs to get them to notice what we are not happy with - might seem odd. And of course adding to the scene is our employee, in this case the President, rolling by in his bullet proof Limo - and that also might seem odd.

But really, he works for us! And although I know it doesn't look like it, I believe that that rich guy in the Limo really does work for us. Well OK, so maybe I'm wrong? But I sure hope not!

I'm angry that at a time when gasoline prices are at record highs, and yes, today I paid $4.29 a gallon to get home from town - the President is off raising Campaign money instead of doing his job!

You would think the Jerkweeds that we have in Office would be hard at work figuring how to give the American people some relief at the pumps!  Instead the President plays golf, raises money, and sings with BB King! And yes, the Congress sits on their ass doing nothing because its split between Democrat and Republican control.

So the result is that the Actor & Chief does nothing and laughs about it, the Congress remains on its ass, and we suffer having to make the choice between food and gas, or work and gas, or the mortgage and gas, or simply not being able to hold a job because you can't get there because you can't afford to buy gas.

Second Shot! 

Fund Raisers! Why Are There So Many Wealthy Liberals?

This has a lot to do with Obama, His Royal Self, at another Fund Raiser. This time in Newport Beach.  

Total monies raised from the fundraising stop in Southern California were not released, but a ticket to hear Obama read his teleprompter costs a lot of money. Those tickets ranged from $2,500 to a whopping $38,500!

Imagine that! So answer me this, where are all of these Rich Liberals getting their money from? The media is always talking about "Wealthy Republicans," but the fact is that it seems that the Liberal Left is the real Wealthy in this country!

It's true, it is statistically a proven fact. Yes, the majority of rich people in the United States are not Republicans or Conservative - but instead are Liberal far-left Democrats.

I'm sorry to say that that Red & Blue State Map shows more than just Democrats and Republicans. Those Blue States are places like New York and Hollywood and San Francisco and Chicago and Silicon Valley. And friends, that's not what I'd call Conservative areas of the country.

Fact is that most of the richest Congressional Districts in America are represented by Democrats. And yes, from everything that I've read, most of the richest people in the United States Congress are Liberals.

Don't believe me? Well, ask yourself this, who are the Conservative equivalent to Liberal Millionaires and Billionaires like George Soros, Tom Hanks, George Clooney, Arthur Blank, Warren Buffett, Barry Diller, Michael Eisner, David Geffen, Charles Gifford, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Norman Lear, John Kerry and his wife, Ted Turner, Penny Pritzker, Steven Spielberg, or even Oprah Winfrey?  No one!

Liberals in America are the Super Rich. But why do they have the money to throw at politicians? Why can't Conservatives match their wealth?

And honestly, I'd really like to know why there are so many extremely rich Liberals? Especially when they're always talking about helping people in need, yet they don't. 

How come the majority of the money given to relief victims in national emergencies, like to who were affected in Hurricane Katrina, come from Conservative Americans and not extremely wealthy Liberals?

How come they support things like the Occupy protest riots? And really, how come there are so many filthy rich Liberals across the nation who can afford $38,000.00 for breakfast with the President?

I'm sorry, but their hypocrisy stinks!

Third Shot!

Cruise Ship Passengers Robbed.

The Los Angeles Times reported on Sunday that hooded bandits robbed 22 Carnival Splendor Cruise Ship passengers at gunpoint.

The robbery happened several days into their cruise while the passengers took part in one of the excursions from the ship when it pulled into Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

The passengers, who departed Long Beach, California, on February 19th and returned Sunday, were traveling on a bus after going on a nature hike Friday when the bandits struck near the Mexican port city.

The gunmen, armed with fully automatic weapons, stole the passengers' valuables which included their cameras and money. No one was reported to have been hurt during the robbery.

"Carnival sincerely apologizes to its guests for this very unfortunate and disturbing event and is providing its full support and assistance," the Miami-based company said in a statement.

"Carnival is working with guests to reimburse them for lost valuables and assist with lost passports or other forms of identification."

The company has suspended the nature trail tour from its list of activities for cruise passengers.

For me, this is too close to home!

You see, many years ago, I took the opportunity to take an excursion that was offered as an activity when I was in a foreign port - and something very similar happened.

It was when I was a young Marine. The ship that I was on pulled into port in Subic Bay in the Philippines. It was an American base so it was OK on base. Outside of the gates was another story. In those days the Philippines were under Martial Law, and the local police had way too much power.

As something to do, a friend and I signed up for a bus trip up to Bagio City. It was going to be my second trip to Bagio.

We had to take the Liberty Bus to travel up there from Olongapo.

If you have ever seen the movie "Romancing the Stone" and saw the bus that Kathleen Turner was on in Colombia. The wrong bus she took to Cartagena. Well the Liberty Bus was a lot like that. It was a mix of local folks who also had with them their chickens and pigs and produce.

The locals were pretty understanding of us tourist. The year was 1975. 

Along the way, the bus stopped at a Police Check Point. The Police in the Philippines are called the Constabulary. They were all armed with fully automatic weapons had ordered everyone to get off the bus.

They separated the men from the women, and moved the women around the back of the bus. For my friend and I, along with two other Americans, we and the other men were told to kneel with our hands behind our head. We did so without resistance.

The Philippine Constabulary is part of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. I knew there reputation to shoot first and ask questions later, so I did as I was ordered and knelt there with my hands behind my head.

One Constabulary officer, who was positioned behind us, kept walking back and fourth behind us. He would laugh and tell us that he was going to shoot us. He would now and then put his rifle's muzzle to the back of my head and tap my head forward.

I can still remember keeping my head up and looking forward. I can still remember feeling like a Prisoner of War (POW).

They took our money, rings, watches, and some of our clothing. In those days, I traveled with my ID in my socks and only carried a my money in my front pocket - so all in all they got my money but not my ID.

For a moment when the Constabulary was arguing behind us, I have to say that I really thought that they were going to kill us Americans. Once they drove off, we all got back into the bus and headed up the road to another small village. Since we had no money, we went back to Subic.

I've always found it interesting that the things that happen to us - always stay with us. I remember being stopped once for a speeding ticket by a California Highway Patrol years later.

He ordered me to kneel and place my hands behind my head. But I refused and told him that he could cuff me and take me in to be booked - something that I've never had done to me yet - but I told him that I do not kneel like that.

I am not a POW!

I think he was sort of shocked because I was cold sober and refused to be treated like a POW. Instead of pushing the issue, which I'm sure he could have very easily, the Officer gave me a warning for speeding and let me go. 

Last Shot!

Scientist Now Think They Know What Caused The Collapse Of The Mayan Civilization.

Bottom line, they still don't know. Its all conjecture. Fact is that there is no universally accepted theory to explain their collapse.

Personally, I think they screwed up their calender the same way they screwed up their civilization. Their downfall came in 900AD, but they did not disappear.

But wait, if you listen to the so-called scientist - they give you the idea that the Mayans are gone. Well, they're not.

After the human sacrifices stopped and the Spanish came in to take over, they simply blended into the culture that followed theirs.

Fact is that the Maya peoples never disappeared, neither at the time of the Classic period decline or with the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors or with the subsequent Spanish colonization of the Americas.

Today, the Maya and their descendants form sizable populations throughout the Maya area and maintain a distinctive set of traditions and beliefs that are the result of the merger of pre-Columbian and post-Conquest ideas and cultures.

Believe it or not, many Mayan languages continue to be spoken as primary languages today.

Pretty enlightening stuff huh! Have a great day!

Story by Tom Correa

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