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Remington Arms Takes On NBC's Anti-Gun Agenda

Remington Arms Company, LLC, headquartered in Madison, North Carolina, designs, produces and sells sporting goods products for the hunting and shooting sports markets, as well as military, government and law enforcement markets.

Remington was founded in 1816 in upstate New York, and yes, the Company is one of America's oldest continuously operating firearms manufacturers.

Remington is the only U.S. manufacturer of both firearms and ammunition products. And yes, it has been producing both going back to the mid-1800s.

Remington is one of the largest domestic producers of shotguns and rifles. Remington Arms Company had revenues in 2004 of approximately $393 Million and it distributes its products throughout America as well as in over 55 foreign countries.

Though this American Company has been a huge part of American History in so many ways, that has not
stopped NBC and the Anti-Second Amendment Movement from attacking Remington Arms.

But friends, Remington is not taking it lying down and is standing strong against NBC's Anti-Gun Political Agenda.

It's true, Remington Arms is standing its ground against NBC, which has been going after the firearms manufacturer for what it deems are flaws that allow Remingtons to be fired without the trigger being pulled.

Despite the fact that Remington and the one lone plaintiff who had a problem came to an agreement, NBC keeps pressing the issue in an attempt to falsely say that Remington is hiding something.

First it was in 2010, NBC made false accusations against Remington for its Model 700. accusations that were ultimately proven complete untrue. Now again NBC is on their Anti-Gun bandwagon.

As recently as on April 11, 2012, Brian Williams again used NBC’s powerful media influence to spread its Anti-Gun Agenda. This time with the claim that the Model 870, Model 1100 and other Remington firearms have a design flaw.

But wait, before NBC aired its latest thinly veiled Anti-Gun Agenda attack, Remington came out with this statement:

"In yet another unwarranted attack on Remington and the firearms industry, NBC will soon air a report about Remington Arms and several of Remington's most popular shotguns and rifles.

In this upcoming story, NBC is using the same producer and reporter who, in 2010, attempted to denigrate our Company and the Model 700, the most popular bolt-­action rifle in the world.

Now they are at it again, only this time they have set their sights on the most popular shotguns in the world, the Remington Models 870 and 1100.

First, they went after 5 Million lawfully owned firearms.

Now, they’re going after over 20 Million firearms.

Gun owners and shooters are all too familiar with NBC’s long history of Anti-Gun reporting.

The Network proved its proclivity for sensational reporting and its aggressive Anti-Gun Agenda in its baseless attack on the Model 700, and its suggestion that the Consumer Product Safety Commission should control the firearms industry.

The previous CNBC story was based on rumors, unsubstantiated claims and misstatements, rather than factual evidence of the reliability and performance of the more than five million Model 700 bolt-­action rifles produced over 50 years.

The misinformation and sensational allegations were clearly addressed by Remington in a point-­by-point rebuttal, to which CNBC never bothered to respond.

We expect the same disregard for the facts and Anti-­Gun sentiment to be repeated in the upcoming NBC story.

Unfortunately, NBC continues to push the agendas of plaintiffs' attorneys and Anti-Gunners, relying on their clearly biased assertions, and upon paid so-­called "experts."

These "experts" have been repeatedly hired by plaintiff’s attorneys to testify against Remington, as well as at least 16 other firearms manufacturers, to suit their own personal and economic agendas.

Model 870 and 1100 owners know the truth.

These shotguns are used extensively under the most demanding conditions.

Tens of billions of rounds have been fired through these firearms, which are valued for their performance and durability by tens of Millions of hunters, shooters, law enforcement and military personnel who have relied on these firearms for over 60 years.

The experiences of these users stand as a sophisticated and time-­tested proof, to the quality and reliability of these firearm platforms.

The facts show that the Model 870 and 1100 are two of the most reliable shotguns ever produced.

Despite the efforts of plaintiffs' attorneys to drum up business against these popular firearms, no litigation is pending against the trigger mechanisms of these firearms and only one such lawsuit has been filed in the last seven years.

When contacted by NBC about this story, Remington provided the Network with a vast amount of information about the true facts of these iconic American firearms and the so-­called "expert" witnesses employed by plaintiffs' attorneys.

Given NBC's long standing relationship with plaintiffs' attorneys and their paid experts, Remington is not surprised that NBC has once again chosen to ignore the facts to push the Network's Anti-­Gun Agenda.

In light of NBC’s inherent bias, Remington declined to participate in an on-­‐camera interview, which would have exposed Remington to NBC’s questionable editing processes.

No biased and sensational media story can diminish the pride that Remington employees take in our Company and its products.

It is disappointing that NBC continues to choose sensationalism over American industry.

Remington's parent company employs nearly 3,000 proud Americans across 11 states, producing firearms and ammunition, 99% of which are Made in the USA.

Hunters and shooters pump approximately $25 Billion annually into the U.S. economy, supporting close to 600,000 domestic jobs, in addition to contributing approximately $2.9 Billion annually directly to wildlife and habitat conservation.

These agenda-­‐driven, sensational stories should be a warning to all lawful and responsible hunters, shooters and gun-owners to remain vigilant and steadfast in defense of our Second Amendment freedoms and the right of all Americans to safely hunt, shoot and protect ourselves and our families."

U.S. Marine in training
armed with a Remington Model 870 Shotgun

After NBC's Anti-Gun report which tried to again assault Remington Arms and its products, Remington came out and responded to say it like it is.

And yes, many agree that it is much more than NBC's so-called concern about gun safety that makes them use the very same witnesses and very same reporters and producers to do their "hit piece" on Remington. It is very apparent that NBC has an Anti-Gun Political Agenda. And though they may try to disguise it, they can't hide their true intentions. It's just too obvious.

Remington's response to the April 11, 2012, NBC attack:

"NBC continues to attack Remington and the firearms industry through sensational and factually inaccurate reporting. On April 11, 2012, Brian Williams again demonstrated NBC’s anti-gun agenda with the claim that the Model 870, Model 1100 and other Remington firearms have a design flaw.

That claim is demonstrably false and Remington stands fully behind the safety and reliability of the most popular shotguns in the world.

It wasn’t enough for NBC to attack over 20 million Remington firearms; they also called the Second Amendment into question by suggesting that there is a need for increased government regulation of firearms.

Model 870 and 1100 owners know the truth – these shotguns are used extensively under the most demanding conditions. Tens of billions of rounds have been fired through these firearms, which are valued for their performance and durability by millions of hunters, shooters, law enforcement and military personnel who have relied on Remington.

As the basis for its attacks, NBC continues to rely upon paid 'experts' who have been repeatedly hired by plaintiff’s attorneys to testify against Remington and at least 16 other firearms manufacturers.

The facts show that the Model 870 and 1100 are two of the most reliable shotguns ever produced – only one lawsuit has been filed in the last seven years and no litigation is pending against the trigger mechanisms of these firearms.

Deceptively editing and ignoring readily available documents and video evidence to drive NBC’s agenda is an all too familiar tactic. Remington stands by the reliability and safety of its firearms and will fully respond to
NBC’s attempt to disparage these iconic American products."

For me, I've had extensive experience with Remington Arms. I've owned a Model 870, a Model 1187, and a Model 740 Bushmaster for years - and yes, I can swear by their reliability.

Back in 2010, we at the American Legion in Glencoe were going to buy a Remington Model 700 rifle to raffle off. As everyone knows, non-profit organizations like the American Legion tries to raise needed funds through raffles and special events.

In 1962, Remington introduced the Model 700 bolt-action sniper rifle.

The rifle instantly became one of Remington's most successful firearms, and quickly lent itself to developments of many sub-variants, including the Remington 700 BDL, Remington 700PSS for police and law enforcement agencies which later renamed 700P, is very popular among law enforcement agencies, and of course the military M24 SWS which was the USA Army standard sniper rifle between 1988–2010 and still serves among other armed forces around the world, such as the IDF.

Other firearms companies designed and manufactured sniper rifles based on the reliable and accurate Remington Model 700 action.

While we, at the Legion, talked about raffling off a Model 700 rifle, one member who is really not very knowledgeable about firearms at all advised us about the NBC report which said the Remington Arms Model 700 was unsafe.

To many of us who know the history and reputation of the Remington Model 700, we figured that this NBC report must obviously be misleading for some reason - and knowing the liberal bias of NBC, it didn't surprise many of us when we talked about it. It is not unusual for the liberal controlled News Media to attack American firearms manufacturers.

Because that uninformed member believed that NBC report, which is commonly known as a "hit piece," we did not raffle off that rifle. Instead, someone very knowledgeable about firearms bought it from us. He made out because the rifle is truly a great rifle.

My example demonstrates what can take place when someone, even an Air Force Veteran who doesn't know much about guns in general, believes what they see on television.

And of course, that goes to the matter of honor and responsibility!

NBC has unlimited access to steer public opinion. With their power comes responsibility. It has a responsibility to not yell "fire" in a crowded theater. It has a responsibility to get its facts right. It owes the public, its consumer, a sense of understanding right and wrong when reporting something to the public.

Unlike makers of prescription medications which are held to FDA standards, unlike cattle producers which have to meet USDA standards, unlike our nation's airlines which have to meet FAA standards, the News Media does not have to meet any standards of any organization. The News Media is not regulated, so content is whatever they want it to be.

Because of that, we the American people, the public, their consumers, only have their promise of "self-regulation" and their sense of honor to do the right thing and report honest, true, factually, and responsibly.

To do a report with a political agenda in mind is using its capabilities as nothing less than a malicious and criminal propaganda machine.

And yes, NBC just proves beyond question that the Liberal Media is definitely complicit in the Anti-Gun Agenda.

Story by Tom Correa


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  2. For those of you that are unaware, Remington Arms bought out both Marlin and Harrington & Richardson. They are the ones responsible for the new target models that are coming out each year. In my opinion, they are one of the very best besides Colt. But as for long they will be around, I just don't know. We'll have to sit back and see what happens.


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