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Why Is George Zimmerman In Hiding?

Fugitive Slave Hunt

It was night and the free man knew, that though he is free, some still hunt him.

The wind turned inland and a storm approached, there were those who wanted him back in chains, there were those who wanted him dead, some wanted him lynched.

He stood in the shadows and watched as one by one of those filled with hate stepped forward to whip the mob into frenzy for blood. Each called for his capture, each called for his blood, each called for their idea of justice.

Due process was not a witness to the event. And yes, a bounty was placed on his head.

The man had killed another man while fearing for his life, now that event has triggered crowds to form as hate took charge. And yes, it was all because of the color of his skin. 

Fearing for their safety, he left his family. He was alone, homeless, hungry, no hope on the horizon. He went into hiding to avoid being captured by the mob. He was a runaway with a price on his head, and he feared what would happen if he were taken.

Would they return him to where he came from, or would they sell him to those who said they'd pay a bounty if he was brought to them. Unlike many runaways, there was no direction for him to find refuge.

Though all of this sounds like a fugitive slave trying to evade an angry mob, those who have a vested interest in returning the runaway to the chains that they believe he deserves, those who have made a living attacking others based on their color, it isn't about a fugitive slave.

No, George Zimmerman is not a runaway negro slave. But right now, their experiences are ironically similar. He has become a hunted man. Tormented by those who want to see an innocent man behind bars or dead.

Whether people want to admit it or not, it's true, fact is that ever since the attack, Zimmerman has become a hunted and tormented man who has now had to go into hiding afraid for his life.

Picture found on a Website
calling for his death
Zimmerman is going through many of the same things that a runaway went through. The worry, the fear, the depression, the loss of family, the loss of work, friends and even church. And of course, their is the real possibility of a lynching by those wanting an eye for an eye.

I find it ironic that those who want his blood are now no different than the fugitive slave hunters who sought runaway slaves, and yes, believe it or not, there is really a bounty on Zimmerman's head no different than the runaway slaves prior to 1865.

The only difference that I can see is that in the Zimmerman case the modern lynch mob seems to be mostly angry black people headed by black civil rights leaders and black politicians. 

And of course, there seems to be the rub. Zimmerman has value to those who want him caught and put in chains, no different than the slave-owners of years ago.

One can argue as to whether Zimmerman has a monetary value to those feeling wronged, but one thing that can't be argued is that Zimmerman definitely has value to the Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson and the Reverend Wright types out there that make a living inciting violence and keeping America racially divided.

And make no mistake, black politicians have the same vested interest in this case for all the same reasons. They've certainly been on television spouting off about what they want to see take place, even if it's not within the law.

I guess it's hard to be a so-called "Civil Rights Leader", or a crusading black politician hard at work in the Congressional Black Caucus, when the very people you represent have actually achieved the same, complete, unequivocal civil rights as other citizens have.

Those who stir the pot need the storm. They need the discontent. They survive on the lack of harmony between races. They set black against white with rhetoric that inflames the senses. They push the envelope of breaking the law and inciting murder. Then they step back, throw their hands up, and say they do no such thing!

Of course, America is made up of more than Black-African and White-European descendants. Today, America's Asian, Middle Eastern, and Hispanic populations are growing fast. The Hispanic population is growing the fastest.

But still, so-called civil rights leaders do not represent the civil rights of all Americans, the so-called civil rights leaders like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson exclusively represent blacks in our country. Accoding to them, only black people can suffer injustice - don't you know!

And yes, I really believe that black politicians are in the same class as civil rights leaders. They survive by pandering to black Americans. And really, they are no different than the NAACP who only sides with blacks who are Democrats - and the likes of the National Organization of Women who only comes to the defense of women who are Liberals.

A perfect example of this is the recent attack of  a 78 year old white man at the hands of a group of black teenagers.

Even though it is a Hate Crime, it is not being processed as a Hate Crime because the beating was administered by black teenagers no different than Trayvon Martin on a frail 78 year old white man.

So why isn’t the attack of a 78 year old white man by black teenagers a Hate Crime? Whenever a white or Hispanic person commits a crime against a black person, it’s instantly labeled as a Hate Crime and the black community goes into mob mode.

But what happens when a black person commits a crime against a white person? You rarely ever hear any suggest it was a hate crime. Such is the case of a 78 year old man in East Toledo, Ohio.

According to News reports, Dallas Watts, is a thin frail looking 78 year old white man. He was walking home from a nearby convenience store one afternoon when he was confronted by six black teenagers.

Watts heard one youth tell the others to take him down at which time they began to beat him.  When he went to the ground, the black teens hit and kicked Watts before finally stealing the items he had just bought at the store.  During the attack, Watts heard one of the black teenagers say that the attack "was for Trayvon"and then say "to kill the white man."

As for Dallas Watts, it was reported that he intends to buy a gun and apply for a conceal carry permit to carry it with him whenever he leaves his house.  He also said that the incident has completely changed his outlook on humanity.

Because the attack on Dallas Watts involved race, why isn't this considered a Hate Crime? It's because Dallas Watts is white and there is no one out there looking after a white man's civil rights. As screwed up as it is, some people truly believe that no one needs to worry about a white person's civil rights.

And certainly Black politicians, and so-called civil rights leaders have shown that they don't care about white people like Dallas Watts. As I see it, that includes Obama who hasn't come out and said a word about how wrong it is to beat the crap out of a 78 year old man or any color, race, or religion - instead, he has demonstrated that he only cares about what his Attorney General called "his people". 

Their decision to exclusively represent only the black community comes with problems. First, Black-Americans are not as dumb as the Al Sharpton and Reverend Wright types think they are. I really believe that most black people see past their con artist ways and know when they are being used.

Today, blacks account for just less than 13% of the population. Here in California, blacks account for about 7% of the population. Subsequently, they are no less important to America than any other race that is here.

Second, times are changing. I don't think Black-Americans want to be seen in the way that those so-called black leaders are portraying them. Blacks are not the poor, needy, uneducated, unsophisticated people that people like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson like to portray them as.

The vast majority of black people are hard working folks who shake their heads at the way some blacks conduct themselves. They are no different than anyone else in respect to having some bad apples in the bunch. I really believe, after talking with black friends in the past, that most black people see pass the games that those phony civil rights leaders are playing.

Most black folks who I have known understand who the real Martin Luther King Jr was - and they know real well that the Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, Reverend Wright types out there have nothing in common with the ideals and vision of Martin Luther King Jr.. King wanted unity and equality, not what is happening in the News today. Sure not the stuff that Sharpton and Jackson are trying to get going.

One would think that a black civil rights leader may struggle to find work. But not to worry, folks like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton, and Liberal Politicians in general, always seem to keep busy by staying in the News - and cases like the Zimmerman case are just what they hope for.

It gives them a chance to do what they do best - just throw gas on the fire.

With an incident like the Zimmerman case, black civil rights leaders and politicians have again gotten a chance to step in front of the cameras and sit down on News broadcasts. All to suggest or assume the existence of so-called facts, or so-called truth of something as a basis for reasoning, discussion, or their "belief" - when in fact none of what they are saying may be true at all.
It's called postulate, and Politicians and Activists of all sorts do it well.
Recently the Congressional Black Caucus, in a lame attempt "to honor Trayvon Martin," the very man that police agree had in fact attacked George Zimmerman, has actually called for the State of Florida to repeal their self-defense "Stand Your Ground" law.

In the Congressional Black Caucus' resolution, they urge other state legislatures considering a sort of "Stand Your Ground" legislation to "reject such proposals."

They also condemn, "all relevant parties for their roles in proposing 'Stand Your Ground' legislation and similar legislation that compromises public safety and the integrity of the prosecutorial system."

Of course, one member of the Congressional Black Caucus is Rep. Frederica Wilson, Democrat from Miami. She offered up the resolution. But wait, before entering Congress, she was actually among the members of the Florida Senate who approved the 2005 "Stand Your Ground" law in Florida by a 39-0 vote.

Can you say hypocrite? Well, it's no surprise that she now says that she regrets her vote that helped to establish that Florida law.

But then again, the News Media has also had a big part in making Trayvon Martin the victim. They have tried to say that the picture below was a "recent" picture of Trayvon Martin when it wasn't. They, along with many in the black community, have tried to paint Zimmerman as some sort of hunter that stalked Martin until he killed him.

According to the police, this was not the case.

The News Media, black civil rights activist, black politicians, all conviently leave out the fact that Trayvon Martin attacked George Zimmerman, and not the other way around. Zimmerman was just keeping his eye on a suspicious person in his area of responsibility while preforming his duties as security in a neighborhood watch program.

As I've said, ever since the attack, even though Zimmerman did the right thing while protecting his life - he has now become a hunted and tormented man who has now had to go into hiding afraid for his life.

This is Trayvon Martin at age 13
The pictures below were not released to the public. No one in the media wanted pictures of Trayvon Martin four years older and all inked up with all sorts of fight club types of tattoos. They didn't want to sway the public's perception that Trayvon Martin was really just a sweet loving boy.

Trayvon Martin at age 17
Not exactly what the Media is trying to portray -
fight tattoos and all

In the meanwhile, as it was just reported, that Americans are divided along racial lines on the Zimmerman case. Blacks overwhelmingly call it unjustified and want him tried. Whites on the other hand are more apt to either withhold judgment or see Zimmerman's actions during when Martin attacked him as justified.

But either way, this doesn't help the man who fears for his life and has loss everything because one dark night he chose to defend himself and use deadly force when he thought he was in mortal danger by an attacker. He did the right thing to stay alive.

He did the right thing when he needed to. His actions were that of a brave man. Brave in the respect that he did what he needed to do to stay alive.

Even a pacifist like Gandhi believed, "I do believe that where there is a choice only between cowardice and violence, I would advise violence."

If he had died after having his head bashed into the pavement, none of this conversation would be taking place. No one would care. It would only be just another random killing.

What makes this different is that a man fought back against an attacker. Teenager, big deal, it just doesn't matter in a world where teenagers kill with the same fervor as adults.

What makes this different is that the man who fought for his life and won to see another day - is now being put through a living Hell - and that, that just ain't right at all.

So why is George Zimmerman in hiding?

It's because the system caters to some, while dismissing others who followed the law and do the right thing. And that, that's the shame of an imperfect world where people bow to political pressure instead of taking the high road and do - as Zimmerman did - that which is right.

Story by Tom Correa

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