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RANDOM SHOTS! Judges Battle Obama, Grandmothers with Guns, Hawaii Nuts, Viagra, and More!


Judges order Justice Department to clarify Obama's remarks on Judicial Authority

On April 3rd, a  Federal Appeals Court struck back at President Obama's efforts to try to intimidate the Supreme Court by so-called "cautioning" the Justices against overturning the health care overhaul.

Obama actually had the arrogance to "warn" them that such an action would be "unprecedented."

A three Judge panel for the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday ordered the Justice Department to explain by April 5th as to whether or not the Obama administration understands that Judges do indeed have the power to strike down a Federal law when it is unconstitutional.

One justice in particular chided the Obama for what he said was being perceived as a "challenge" to judicial authority - referring directly to Obama's latest comments about the Supreme Court's review of the health care case.

The testy exchange played out during a hearing over a separate ObamaCare challenge. It signaled a war between the Executive and Judicial branches of the Federal government.

"Does the Department of Justice recognize that federal courts have the authority in appropriate circumstances to strike federal statutes because of one or more constitutional infirmities?" Judge Jerry Smith asked at the hearing.

Justice Department attorney Dana Lydia Kaersvang answered "yes" to that question.

Judge Smith also made clear during that exchange that he was "referring to statements by the President in the past few days to the effect ... that it is somehow inappropriate for what he termed 'unelected' judges to strike acts of Congress."

"That has troubled a number of people who have read it as somehow a challenge to the Federal courts or to their authority," Judge Smith said. "And that's not a small matter."

Judge Smith ordered a response from the department within 48 hours. The related letter from the court, obtained by Fox News, instructed the Justice Department to provide an explanation of "no less than three pages, single spaced" by noon on April 5th.

The Justice Department had no comment when asked about the exchange. And White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, though, told Fox News that there's no dispute from the administration regarding the courts' authority to strike down laws.

"Of course we believe that the Supreme Court has, and the courts have, as their duty and responsibility the ability of striking down laws as unconstitutional," Carney said Tuesday.

However, and here comes the spin from Carney, he said, the President was specifically referring to "the precedent under the Commerce Clause" regarding a legislature's ability to address "challenges to our national economy."

That is a lie!

President Obama said nothing of the sort. He did in fact say, "I'm confident that the Supreme Court will not take what would be an unprecedented, extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress."

On Monday, Obama arrogantly said, "And I'd just remind Conservative Commentators that for years what we've heard is the biggest problem on the bench was Judicial Activism or a lack of Judicial Restraint, that an unelected group of people would somehow overturn a duly constituted and passed law."

Obama reiterated his stance on Tuesday, saying the court has traditionally shown "deference" to Congress and that "the burden is on those who would overturn a law like this."

Carney said that Obama was expressing the point that on national economic challenges, "there should be due deference paid as a matter of precedent to our democratically elected officials."

That's so much horsespit to you just gots to laugh at it when they try to tell you what you heard with your own ears is really something different than what was said.

Ronald Reagan coined the term political "spin" - which is understood to mean spin is when a politician or their staff decided that they might not agree with something said (for example) and they in turn will put their distinctive point of view, emphasis, or interpretation on something that has either taken place or has been said - no matter how turned around it is.

But then again, I guess that's what Obama's staff does best. They do do a great job providing an interpretation of a statement or event in a way meant to sway public opinion - even if it's a false, incorrect, or outright lie.


Sharp-shooting Grandmas issue Challenge

A report out of Fairbanks, Alaska, is about three "Alaska Grandmas" are encouraging people to head to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game’s shooting range for the "Alaska Grandma Safe Shootin’ Challenge".

Grandmothers Dody Maki, Phyllis Trickey and Wynola Possenti are the women behind the challenge, which tests a shooter's prowess in hunting, pistol marksmanship and rifle shooting, while of course promoting gun safety - and a fun time at the range.

A commercial of the event at a local shooting range has been on local television, and, yes, even YouTube. The advertisement concludes with grandma Dody Maki's unmistakable laugh.

The commercial has done what it has set out to do and has drawn more people to the ADFG shooting range off of College Road. But now, for folks interested in getting in on the fun, there are only a couple of days left to enter the challenge which began back in December.

John Wyman, project director at the department’s range, said that the challenge was created to spotlight the facility and encourage gun safety.

Dody Maki, Phyllis Trickey and Wynola Possenti are the grandmas behind the challenge. Wyman said that the grandmas are great spokeswomen for the challenge because they are safe shooters. They invite friends to the range, are active outdoors, and are also successful hunters, he said.

"They are really good ambassadors," he said. "We thought they would be the perfect spokes-ladies."

Wynola Possenti began shooting long ago but relied on her husband’s help. When he passed away, she found it was much different shooting on her own. Refreshing her knowledge about handling keeps her going, she said.

Dody Maki has been shooting since she was in her 20s, but started going to the range only within the past 10 years. She is the sharpshooter of the grandmas - having hit the bull’s eye of a rapid-fire pistol target 10 times.

Phyllis Trickey said the range is important to her and her family. Some of her grandchildren have taken courses in gun safety, and one attended the range’s conservation camp in the summer. She started going to the range herself after taking a gun safety course, which helped her confidence in shooting, she said.

"I can’t believe how many people still don’t know about the range here," she said.

The actual challenge is two-fold, Wyman explained. Part of it is just getting people more familiar with the range and more involved in its safety courses so that they can do more things outdoors comfortably.

The course of fire is the challenging part. Three targets test prowess in hunting, pistol marksmanship and rifle shooting. Top scorers are kept in the records for the grand finale.

On Sunday, the top 10 shooters, plus a few more, will be invited to the final shoot-off at 4 p.m. The grand prize winner will receive a brand new Ruger .22 caliber pistol from Frontier Outfitters, a $50 gift certificate from Papa John’s Pizza, and an all-summer range pass to the shooting range.

Entrants to the competition should provide their own firearms, a .22 pistol and .22 rifle, ammunition, and must pay for their own lane time. They must also have completed the range orientation and safety briefing and have a range identification number.

The event is open to all safe and responsible shooters, ages 10 and older. The range is open each day of the final days of the challenge.

Wyman encourages everyone to come. "It’s not just for grandmas, you know," Wyman said.

No, it's not. In fact it’s really aimed at teaching safe shooting for all.

So what's better then to go out to the range and plink away with your .22 and enjoy the outdoors and the camaraderie. I know for me, it sounds like pure fun!


Three Arrested For Cattle Rustling In New Mexico

In Carlsbad, New Mexico, the police have arrested three men after a deputy Sheriff  pulled their car over and found a 220-pound calf in the backseat of their car.

The Carlsbad Current Argus reports that the men are accused of cattle rustling. They were jailed on charges of suspicion of larceny of livestock, conspiracy, lack of a bill of sale and exporting livestock. The three are being held at the Luna County Detention Center.

Luna County sheriff's office says a deputy saw the calf in the backseat with one of the alleged thieves after the deputy pulled over their Honda Civic.

Yes, that's right, they had 3 men and a 220-pound calf in a Hondra Civic. They should've been arrested just for using a Honda Civic to steal cattle. Can you say idiots!


Obama's Communist friend Bill Ayers says "I get up every morning thinking ... today I'm gonna end Capitalism!"

Bill Ayers, in a pep talk to a bunch of Occupy Wall Street protesters, said he wakes up every morning thinking about how he's going to end Capitalism.

Then acknowledged that he goes to bed "every night disappointed."

Bill Ayers is best known these days as being a close friend and confidant of President Obama. He was in fact the co-founder of the radical, Vietnam-era Leftist group called the Weather Underground. 

The Weather Underground was an radical leftist group first organized in 1969.

The radical leftist group conducted a campaign of vicious bombings through the mid-1970s, including aiding the jailbreak and escape of Timothy Leary. In 1970 the group issued a "Declaration of a State of War" against the United States government, under the name "Weather Underground Organization" (WUO).

The bombing attacks targeted government buildings, but also targeted several banks.

For the bombing of the United States Capitol on March 1, 1971, they issued a communique saying it was "in protest of the U.S. invasion of Laos."

For the bombing of the Pentagon on May 19, 1972, they stated it was "in retaliation for the U.S. bombing raid in Hanoi."

For the January 29, 1975 bombing of the United States Department of State building, they stated it was "in response to escalation in Vietnam."

Do you see the same pattern that I see?

It was all just a bunch of lame excuses to hurt, maim, and kill innocent bystanders because those jerks were dumb enough to think it's smart to worship at the alter of totalitarian Communism.

Their founding document called for a "White Fighting Force" to be allied with the "Black Liberation Movement" and other radical movements to achieve "the destruction of U.S. imperialism and achieve a classless world: World Communism."

Sgt. Brian V. McDonnell
killed by Bill Ayers group
His group is known to have killed a Policeman and a Security Guard, and crippled another Police Officer.

It was on Feb. 16, 1970, Sgt. Brian V. McDonnell of the San Francisco Police Department was killed by shrapnel from an anti-personnel bomb planted on a window ledge at the force’s Park Station.
The pipe bomb was filled with heavy metal staples, nails, and lead bullet projectiles.

Another officer, Robert Fogarty, received serious wounds to his face and legs, and was partially blinded in the attack.

The Weathermen largely disintegrated after the United States reached a peace accord in Vietnam in 1973, which saw the general decline of what was called the New Left.

The New Left resurgence started with the election of Bill Clinton, picked up fervor during the Bush administration where their hate ran highest, and is now basking in the glow of having elected the first President with Socialist ideological leanings.

In a videotape, Bill Ayers was chatting up what was identified as an Occupy Union Square group this past week in New York City. In the tape, he told the crowd that he doesn't consider himself an optimist or a pessimist.

Rather, he said: "I get up every morning thinking, today I'm gonna make a difference. Today I'm gonna end Capitalism. Today I'm gonna make a revolution. I go to bed every night disappointed, but I'm back again tomorrow. That's the only way you can do it."

He some hypocrite, because that pep talk was coming from a guy who has made a lot of money in our Capitalist system working for Chicago University. Money that has send all three of his children to expensive schools and has bought him an expensive home. Money that was also given to Obama for his 2008 campaign.

Bill Ayers ties to President Obama goes back quite a few years, and it stirred up some trouble for Democratic candidate Obama when he was running in 2008. The two worked closely together on a charitable board starting in the mid-1990s.

In fact, they were such close associates that Bill Ayers once hosted a campaign event for Obama when he first ran for the Illinois Senate - which raised all sorts of money for Obama.

Bill Ayers hasn't done too bad for himself considering he's guy who hates America and loves the concept of Communism where the government owns everything and runs everything and is the master of all while the people are nothing but slaves chained to a life of tyranny - afraid and not free.


Man arrested in North Dakota for shocking Ex-Girlfriend with Cattle Prod

Bismarck police have arrested 37-year-old man Christopher Lee Martin of Bismarck was charged with aggravated assault-domestic violence and a variety of drug offenses.

Bismarck Police Lt. Mike McMerty says the woman told officers that Martin came to her home Sunday and claimed she had stolen $500 from him, and they also argued about a jacket.

A criminal complaint says Martin shocked his ex-girlfriend with a cattle prod  - leaving marks and causing pain. And yes, I've felt the shock that comes out of a cattle prod and it's not very funny.

Officers said they found a marijuana pipe near the man's vehicle, and a search discovered marijuana, methamphetamine and a meth pipe in the vehicle. The assault charge carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison and a $5,000 fine.

I guess losers are everywhere, it doesn't matter where you go. In this case the loser was so gay that he attacked his ex-girlfriend with a cattle prod which puts out an jolt of electricity that hurts like hell!

Sorry to say, but yes, there is a part of me that says someone should connect the Jerkweed to a 220 outlet and have someone flip the switch on and off a few hundred times. Maybe then he'd learn not to do such rotten nasty things to others - espeically women. 


Honolulu Judge restrains a crazed man with a choke-hold for causing a disturbance in his Court

In Honolulu, Hawaii, it got personal for Judge Lono Lee when a man by the name of Steven Michael Hauge jumped up onto his bench, breaking a flagpole bearing the state flag in the process.

District Judge Lono Lee knocked down Steven Michael Hauge and restrained him by putting Hauge in a choke-hold after the man caused a ruckus in Lee's courtroom.

Hauge had been going from courtroom to courtroom in the Honolulu District Court building screaming, State Sheriff Shawn Tsuha said. "He was quite upset about something," Tsuha said.

It was not clear why Hauge was even in the building. Court records show that Hauge has a criminal record dating to 1977 with more than 50 convictions on charges including, burglary, fraud and assault.

After Judge Lee restrained him with a choke-hold, Hauge was escorted out of the court and arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, obstruction of government operations and fourth-degree criminal property damage.

Tsuha said Hauge allegedly broke the flag's staff while swinging it. It must have been an interesting sight.

And no, I don't know what's going on in Hawaii these days - especially when I hear about a man accused of trying to bite a police officer in the place that's supposed to be "paradise".

An un-named 43-year-old man was arrested after police said that the nutcase tried to bite an officer in the face.

It happened in the Kalihi area just before 4:30 p.m., when the officer who was investigating a report of a domestic argument and was attempting to separate the suspect from his girlfriend. That's when, as the police reported, the suspect grabbed the officer and tried to bite him in his face.

The officer was injured during a brief struggle with the suspect. The suspect was subdued and arrested for assault against a law enforcement officer.

I don't think both of these nutcases got that memo that this is not exactly the "Aloha Spirit!"


Viagra Strike in Italy means No Viagra, No Party!

A story out of Milan, Italy, is interesting to say the least.

Understanding that old Italian proverb, "A hard beginning makes a good ending,"  hospital pharmacists are threatening to cut Italian men off from their Viagra unless the government amends its economic plans to reform professions that have high entry barriers.

Markets with high entry barriers have few players and thus high profit margins, not good for the consumer. Markets with low entry barriers have lots of players and thus low profit margins, great for consumers.

Union official Loredana Vasselli said, pharmacists decided to focus the protest on Viagra because it is a sought-after drug whose absence "does not put patients' health at risk."

A major health risk of Viagra is sudden cardiac events, especially if an individual has experienced irregular heart rhythm or has suffered a heart attack or stroke in the 6 months prior to using Viagra. Some individuals with angina chest pain, or with either high or low blood pressure, or eye disorders, have suffered from hypertension, heart attack following use of Viagra .

Viagra is on of those drugs that do not put a patient's health at risk if he doesn't take it, but may if he does take it.

Pharmacists will stage a series of labor actions during April, culminating with the so-called "Viagra Strike" if their complaints are not redressed.

Hospital pharmacists, part of Italy's public health care system, say Italian Premier Mario Monti's economic liberalization plan is unfair because it gives private pharmacists preference for new licenses.

The reform that is making them unhappy calls for opening 5,000 new pharmacies. One very unhappy group of Union pharmacists protested outside of Parliament under the banner "No Viagra, No Party!"

So now, because of the "Viagra Strike", as the little blue pill's sales come to a halt in their country - Italian men could learn very soon what it feels like to go without their Viagra.

No telling how long the "Viagra Strike" will go on before the Italian government softens and bows to their demands.

And yes, that's the way it is.

Tom Correa

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