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RANDOM SHOTS - Obama Wins & America Loses - Election Day 2012

Obama Wins & America Loses!

I have had to re-write this post. Something that I really did not want to do.

Before leaving to take my Mom to dinner for her birthday tonight, I hurriedly posted what I thought would take place. I stated:

"Election Day 2012 will go down as a day of redemption. In short, it is our chance to get back what is being squandered. It is our chance to redeem what is good and great about our nation.

It is our opportunity to renew our word, and uphold an obligation, to those who came before us.  We gave our word to fight all enemies foreign and domestic. And now, we must uphold our obligation to fight for freedom and liberty where and when it is being threatened.

Foreign money being given to the Obama administration for his campaign has had a huge influence on decisions from the Obama White House.

Their lobbyist have succeeded in getting oil permits cut in half, the Keystone XL pipeline halted, and increased regulations on American energy producers, agriculture, and manufacturing.

Domestic changes brought on by Obama have been horrible. Obama has tried to "change" America by initiating a socialist medical program, radical environmental proposals like Cap & Trade, and anti-Christian mandates such as forcing Catholics to support abortion.

Obama has proven himself power hungry while increasing the power of the state over the lives of we the people of the United States. He has done this by using departments and agencies of government to intimidate, threaten, and attack Americans throughout our nation. 

Obama had become a threat to America and needed to be defeated at the ballot box! Today he was!

Against the odds. Against the mainstream liberal media, against Conservative voter suppression, and against threats and intimidation by Obama surrogates, Barack Hussein Obama was defeated at the ballot box today.

And with his loss, with the discontinuation of his policies, we the people have won.

We beat him by fulfilling our obligation to our founders. It is the obligation that we all have to change our government whenever it becomes oppressive. And yes, that took place today at the ballot box." 

Now I have to admit that I was wrong about Obama losing, but I am correct about everything else I said.

He is in charge of an oppressive government. Foreign money given to the Obama administration for his campaign has had a huge influence on decisions from the Obama White House.

Their lobbyist have succeeded in getting oil permits cut in half, the Keystone XL pipeline halted, and increased regulations on American energy producers, agriculture, and manufacturing.

Domestic changes brought on by Obama have been horrible. Obama has tried to "change" America by initiating a socialist medical program, radical environmental proposals like Cap & Trade, and anti-Christian mandates such as forcing Catholics to support abortion.

Obama has proven himself power hungry while increasing the power of the state over the lives of we the people of the United States. He has done this by using departments and agencies of government to intimidate, threaten, and attack Americans throughout our nation.

Obama had become a threat to America and needed to be defeated at the ballot box!

That's my opinion of what kind of president Obama has been. Yes, I believe all of that and more.

Did I want Mitt Romney to win? Sure I did! I expected Mitt Romney to win the Electoral Vote where it mattered most. Sure, I expected him to become our next president because of many factors.

Among those factors are that we need a man like Romney who understands business and would not try to impose a leftist ideology on the American people. I believe that Barack Obama is a Leftist, and that Mitt Romney is not a Leftist.

For you who have heard me use the term Leftist to describe Barack Hussein Obama, and wonder how I can say such a thing? Please understand that I'm simply going by what I've been taught.
Leftist refers to someone on the far left side of the political spectrum.  A leftist supports collectivism, more government control of the economy, direct government control over social policy -  including Federal control over education and personal liberties at all levels - lower military spending, censorship of religion, a so-called living constitution, same sex marriages, a more unisex society, globalism, trans-nationalism, taxpayer-funded abortion, censorship of Christianity in public places, the authority of the United Nations over United States sovereignty.

I expected Mitt Romney to take the place of what I see we're in store of - more leftist policies.

I wanted him to win because he is in favor of independent freedoms, liberties, and wouldn't surrender America's sovereignty to the United Nations like Obama would.

As a Moderate/Conservative, I expected Romney to be someone who rises above his personal self-interest and promotes moral and economic values beneficial to all.

He'd want an oil independent America. He'd have built on our coal and oil and natural gas reserves to create more jobs and free us from the bondage of Foreign Oil rich nations that support folks like Obama and radical environmentalist.

I expected the EPA to be brought into line and the costliest social program in human history ObamaCare to be repealed.

I was right about who he was, but I was wrong about him being elected. And no, I'm not trilled at all with the aspects of what's coming for us now from a president that believes in revenge and enemies lists and leftist ideals.

Have you bought a gun lately? You should before you won't be able to. Obama wants to bring back the Gun Ban that ran out years ago. And no, it doesn't matter if homicides are at their lowest in 40 years - after this election, Obama will declare a mandate to make changes that we don't want.

Have you bought a car lately? You should before you won't be able to, because he wants a National Sales Tax, or VAT tax, to fund his famed ObamaCare.

Schools reform, manufacturing slow downs, social policy that take away our liberties, restrictions on Christians practicing their religion, standby for the mandates that he thinks he now has.

And what else was I right about? Well, if there is any solace to the crap that coming at us for the next four years, I was right about the many of us who met our obligation to fight him and the liberal left in our country.

More than 53 Million of us enabled Mitt Romney to come extremely close to winning the popular vote. And yes, though that may not be a whole lot of solace right now - please know that your vote counted. And that, that is something to be proud of.

It is something to say later when people will ask why didn't we stop Obama when we had the chance.

Yes, if you voted for Mitt Romney, you can feel good knowing that you tried to stop what's coming in our near future.

Poll Worker Tells People to Vote Democrat

Democrats will stoop to anything to get Obama re-elected. Intimidation, threats, and even last minute campaigning inside a poll!

A poll worker in North Carolina has been accused of telling people to vote Democrat.

Ken Sharpe, of High Point, NC, told Fox News that he was waiting in line to vote when he noticed a poll worker approach a woman who needed help. The incident occurred at the Springfield Friends Church polling station in the city’s third ward.

Sharpe said he watched as the worker showed the woman where the Obama button was – along with all the other Democrats on the ticket.

“She was pushing the buttons he told her to push,” Sharpe said. “This is pretty shady.”

When it was his turn to vote, the poll worker did the same thing, he said.

“I went up there to vote and he came over and set up the machine for me,” Sharpe said. “He said, ‘If you want to vote straight Democratic ticket mash this button.’”

“I said, well, what if I want to vote a straight republican ticket? He said ‘Oh, you can do that, too.’”

Sharpe said the poll worker’s attitude and demeanor changed once he said he wanted to vote for a Republican ticket.

“This doesn’t set right,” he said. “I think they were trying to shift people’s minds and try to sway any undecided voters at the last minute (to vote Democrat.”

As soon as Sharpe returned home, he called the FBI’s voter fraud switchboard and filed a complaint.

“Voters beware of who you are voting for and don’t be swayed by anyone trying to make decisions for you,” he said.

Mr. Sharpe is a great American for standing up to jerkweeds like that person at the poll - and for calling the FBI! Good job, Mr Sharpe!

Obama mural greets voters at Philadelphia polling site

Mural of President Obama overlooks voting at a school in Philadelphia -- a violation of the state's voting law prohibiting campaign materials inside polling sites.

Poll worker papers over Obama mural at school in Philadelphia used for voting after judge ordered the image covered while polling station was open.

While judge ordered the image covered, it's still pretty clear whose image is behind the paper, along with a visible campaign logo. A quote from one of President Obama's speeches also remained visible to voters.

Workers at a Philadelphia polling place, after being ordered by a judge to cover up a mural of President Obama "in its entirety," slapped up a few pieces of paper that only partially covered his image - while leaving the Obama campaign logo and a quote from the current president in full view for voters.

It is obvious that those there do not understand English or at the least the phrase "in its entirety!"

A Fox News viewer, who asked not to be identified, said it appeared to be a case of political shenanigans and noted there was not a similar portrait of Gov. Mitt Romney.

"I had been under the impression that things like that should be cleared from polling centers — to not influence any voting," the viewer said.

"Shenanigans" must be another word for more Obama campaign "Bullshit!"

Republicans keep House, Democrats the Senate

After months of furious campaigning by hundreds of candidates, the balance of power in Congress remains the same.

Republicans fell short Tuesday in their effort to win the Senate and take full control of Congress, losing practically every key race in a grand plan that started in a wave of optimism and ended in a series of frustrating losses.

Democrats also fell short of their goal -- picking up 25 House seats to give them control of the 435-member chamber.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor defeated Democratic challenger Wayne Powell to serve a seventh term in Virginia's 7th District. And Rep. Paul Ryan, House budget chairman and 2012 vice presidential nominee, retained his seat in Wisconsin.

"I'm humbled to be trusted by Americans," said House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio. "We will never let you down."

The makeup of the Senate early Wednesday morning was 52-44 for Democrats, and 211-155 for Republicans in the House, according to the website RealClearPolitics.

Republicans needed to win only a handful of Senate seats to take control of the upper chamber, a task they considered well within reach considering how just two years early they overwhelming won the House with the help of the fledgling but forceful Tea Party movement.

Yet two candidates with some of the strong Tea Party ties unraveled and eventually lost close races after comments they made about rape and pregnancy.

In Missouri, Republicans made incumbent Claire McCaskill a primary target, trying to portray her as a rubberstamp for President Obama’s spending.

However, challenger Rep. Todd Akin’s controversial remark about rape and pregnancy this summer took away his support from National Republicans and more middle-of-the-road Missouri voters.

In Indiana, Democrat Joe Donnelly defeat Republican and Tea Party-backed candidate Richard Mourdock in the race for the seat of long-time Republican Sen. Richard Lugar.

Mourdock upset Lugar in the primary but has struggled in the general election after making the comments that Democrats used against him.

Thirty three Senate seats were up for grabs - 23 for Democrats and 10 for Republicans.

One of the lone highlight Senate Republican highlights was in Arizona where Rep. Jeff Flake defeated Democrat Richard Carmona for the open seat of Republican Sen. Jon Kyl.

Harvard law professor and Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren defeat first-term Republican Scott Brown in heavily Democratic Massachusetts, ending a race that was too close to call through much of the election cycle.

In Connecticut, Democratic Rep. Chris Murphy defeated Republican and former pro wrestling executive Linda McMahon for the open seat of retiring independent Sen. Joe Lieberman.

This marks the second Senate loss in two years for McMahon who spent million to the races. Despite being a much-improved candidate since 2010, McMahon faced tough odds in the Democrat-leaning state and struggled in the debates, according to political analysts.

In Florida, Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson won a third term, defeating Republican Rep. Connie Mack.

Democratic incumbent Bob Casey held on to his Senate seat in Pennsylvania. The first-term senator defeated Republican challenger Tom Smith.

The open Senate seat in Maine will be filled by independent candidate Angus King, who beats out Democrat Cynthia Dill and Republican Charlie Summers to take over the seat being vacated by retiring Senator Olympia Snowe, a Republican.

So-called Independent King is expected to join the Democrats but hasn't officially announced that yet.

In Virginia, Democrat Tim Kaine defeated Republican George Allen. The former governors were running for the open seat of outgoing Democratic Sen. Jim Webb.

Liberal Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, an independent who caucuses with the Democrats, turned back a challenge by Republican John MacGovern.

In West Virginia, Sen. Joe Manchin, a Democrat who has distanced himself from Obama’s restrictive coal regulations, defeated Republican challenger John Raese.

Anyone out there think Democrat Joe Manchin is going to distance himself from Obama now that the president has won re-election? I doubt it!

My Marine Training Is Proven Right!

Early this evening it was reported that a Poll Watcher was threatened with a gun and another voter was punched.

With help from the mainstream liberal media, with the use of Conservative voter suppression, and threats and intimidation by Obama surrogates, Mitt Romney was defeated at the ballot box today.

It was a battle between the crooked and the right. By the end of the day, we on the right did not prevail.

And yes, it goes along with any sort of fight really. The lesson learned is that the crook and the cheat wins, and those playing fair are dumb to do so.

In Detroit, a legally credentialed poll watcher was threatened with a gun at a polling precinct — an incident that state Republican leaders are calling an act of “outlandish” intimidation.

The poll watcher, a lawyer, was confronted by a voter who demanded that he show his credentials. The poll watcher complied with the request –but the voter objected and allegedly brandished a gun and badge and ordered him to leave the precinct.

The GOP observer was reportedly chased away by the unidentified gun-wielding individual.

The Detroit Police Dept. confirmed they are aware of the alleged incident and are currently investigating.

“Poll watchers, precinct workers and voters should not be put in danger when performing their duties,” said Bobby Schostak, chairman of the Michigan Republican Party. “Our Republic requires free and fair elections.”

Schostak called the incident “outlandish, reckless and dangerous.”

There are also reports of an incident at another Detroit polling place where a woman was punched in the face by an Obama supporter.

Detroit Police tell Fox News they are not aware of that particular incident.

Now really, that's no surprise!

My training as a Marine tells me that you should understand your opponent, your enemy. It taught me years ago that you go into a fight wanting to win at all cost.

So why was a man with a gun and badge not "outed" right there on the spot, and called on it then and there in front of witnesses?

And yes, there is the other question, why weren't we armed knowing that threats had been made? Why is there this attitude among some Republicans that playing fair is what matters when confronted by an enemy that wants to win at all cost?

Why haven't some Republicans out there learned that elections are war and not for the weak at heart? If we Republicans expect to win. We may have to adapt to the techniques of the Democrats.

Remember, Democrats are fierce when assaulting other Americans. It's going to war over America against enemy nations that they have problems with.

They are devious cowards who can't seem to win a fair election. It appears they know they have to cheat to win, and they will without hesitation.

While no one is advocating lying, cheating, stealing, or threatening others like the Democrats do so well. I do believe that some Republicans out there can learn something from the way Democrats fight. If anything, we can remember exactly what kind of opponent they are - and what they are capable of doing.

Motto Of Obama 2012 Exposed!

In 2008, it was "Yes We Can!"
In 2012, it's been "Lie, Cheat & Steal"

Someone sent me an email saying that apparently "Lie, Cheat & Steal" has been the Obama 2012 unofficial motto. It was supposedly taken from a political simulation game in which the players are trying to be elected to public office - but do so by any means.

Unlike most political simulations which are based on how elections are supposed to be run, "Lie, Cheat & Steal" uses liberal political methods of vote buying, money from unknown foreign sources, and under the table deals to gain at an election and then re-election.

West Point's Cadet Honor Code simply reads, "A cadet will not lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate those who do."

Supposedly, the Cadet Honor Code was turned upside down by the Democrats working for Obama and used as an unofficial ethics code.

Supposedly, where the Honor Code expresses four succinct prohibitions on a behavioral level, the Obama 2012 saw The Honor Code as a hindrance to those working for the Obama campaign.

The Code represents a simple standard, and expects all  to strive to live far above the minimum standard of behavior and develop a commitment to ethical principles guiding moral actions.

It sounds as though Obama 2012 needed more than that to win.

Here is some of the merchandise associated with the twisted sense of right and wrong.  

I don't know if what the email stated is true. It only goes along with what was seen on the campaign when the president appeared too eager to alter the truth to fit his needs. And yes, it worked!

Story by Tom Correa

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