Thursday, November 8, 2012

We Are Not A United States!

Half of us are in mourning, while the other half gloats! 

Yes, that's right, I said we are nothing near being a united country. In fact, I really believe that we are more divided today than ever before.

Yes, I believe that Obama and those in the liberal mainstream media have succeeded in alienating Republicans and Conservatives to a point where cooperation in the future may be non-existent.

Friends, they can't insult degrade and slander Conservatives - and then expect us to celebrate their victory and help them in the future. It's not going to happen!

Sure Mitt Romney was demonized? You bet he was slandered?

Between the liberal media outlets like that of MSNBC and the networks, along with what was coming out of the Obama Campaign, they made Romney look like a killer, a murderer, a crook, a tax cheat, a slum lord, and worse - a man who would bring back Slavery and take always the rights of citizens.

And though he wasn't the only target as they routinely attacked all Conservatives, poor Romney did get piled on mercilessly.

One person wrote me asking how bad do I think it is? How bad is the divide between us and them on the left?

My opinion is that the liberals have shown their hate, their open disdain, their loathing of Conservatives to such a degree that I don't see any chance of reconciliation anywhere in the near future. Not for years!

If I were to compare how divided we are to some point in history, I would have to say that this our worse point as a nation since probably 1860 when the Democrats tore the nation apart and split away from the rest of the country because they wanted to keep their beloved Slavery in tack.

And yes, just like the old Democrat Party Slave Owners of years ago, Democrats today don't have to work for the black vote - they simply assume they own it because blacks "know better" than to vote for those evil Republicans their vote.

Of course the only things the Democrats don't call Republicans today is the term "carpetbaggers," but then again they call them just about everything else that they can get away with.

Sure the joke is always on Republicans. Just watch David Letterman and Jay Leno and the rest of the late night crowd. They take pleasure in making Republicans look like fools.

And please don't think the late night jerkweeds are the only ones on television, the scripts of some of the most popular television shows have been filled with subtle and not so subtle jabs at Republicans and Romney.

Take for example Tim Allen's new television show just the other night. The episode was supposedly about the election and his character's daughter attacked Romney over things that are blatantly false - but are part of the Obama campaign talking points.

And no, no one should be surprised that liberal television writers don't know how to defend Republicans in scripts. They always make Republicans look stupid and out of touch.

The liberal women in scripts are always enlightened and tolerant to the plight of others, unless of course they happen to be Republicans - then the bastards get what they deserve! Or at least that's how liberal script writers see it.

Their depictions of liberal women as always being smart and independent and strong is usually flawed because they never show liberal women as they really are. Mostly they are filled with an angst against men, and usually dumb as a box of rocks. Not very smart or independent really.

If I'm wrong, then someone can write me to explain why the Obama campaign consistently portrayed his women supports as being insecure, stupid, uneducated, dependant on entitlements, and more worried about free condoms and getting abortions - than they are about getting good jobs, having great futures, and maybe starting their own small businesses?

That's what I saw, when they ever they tramped out Sandra Fluke (pronounced "Fluck" at Georgetown Law), they always focused on her need for government condoms.

Not once did any one focus on Sandra Fluke's concerns about anything other than government sponsored birth control. Is she stupid? Can she think? Does she have a brain?

Did anyone in the Obama campaign bother asking Fluke if she was concerned that more women have lost jobs under Obama's economic policies than men have?

Did that jerkweed conservative hater Chris Matthews, or anyone else, ask Fluke if she even cared that we were have put our children's children in unimaginable debt?

Where was Brian Williams, or Maddow, or Sharpton? Why didn't any one of those people who took so much delight at crucifying Mitt Romney every chance they had - just once asked an Obama supporter like Fluke why aren't they concerned about 23 Million people on unemployment, 17 Million more people on food stamps, or if they really think we as a nation can afford to pay for every one's health care needs?

Instead those same people that I mentioned would ask, "So what do you think of Romney wanting to bring back Slavery and taking away a women's right to vote" or some other asinine irrelevant question.

Now the Democrats can gloat. And yes, they truly are. Right now gloating is the name of the game for the Democrats today! Yup, absolutely!

As for arrogance? It's alive and well on the left

One Obama supporter said that the Republicans should get out of the way and let Obama make the changes that he wants. It seems that the Obama victory has cause some sort of mental illness.

Here's an example, in Springfield, Ohio, a news article reported tha an "elated" Frank Hocker, 67, thinks Republicans would get the message to get out of Obama's way. Imagine that!

"There was a backlash," he said. "For this obstructionist House and those tea party people, I hope they learned their lesson. I hope they learned their lesson: Don't stop the progress of this country."

In Chicago, Obama supporter Scherita Parrish, 56, predicted the president will reach out to Republicans but may not get much back. "But the people have spoken," she said. "They need to lick their wounds, get on with it and start working with the president."

Imagine the way thes people think! I guess they've already forgotten that 56 Million Americans voted to stop Obama's agenda!

And thought that's true, I've read all sorts of messages from celebrities and Obama supporters telling Republicans to eat shit and die because they won and we lost!

And no, I wasn't trying to be profane. That's just the truth of what they are saying in tweets and in interviews and such.

But that's OK, because if they are dumb enough to ignore the things that need addressing over bullshit non-existent issues such as abortion and birth control - then it's no wonder that they are so dumb that they can't recognize that the government is in big trouble financially.

They can gloat all they want. But honestly, I don't think they will be gloating when they find out how much they have screwed themselves by reelecting a man who has no idea how to create jobs.

I think their gloating will seem a little stupid when they find out that there is nothing free! Free has a cost!

Entitlements like "free" health care have a cost that will be passed down to all of us. Republicans and Conservatives understand that, Democrats and those who voted for Obama are just too freaking stupid to understand that someone has to pay for the services that are "free".

Obama will raise their taxes and they will take home far less money than they are today. And yes, they will find this out. The liberal media which hid this from them during the election campaign won't be able to weasel their way out of it and blame it on Republicans or Bush or Romney or the Man In The Moon - Obama will have to finally take ownership of the hole he's put us in.

Supposedly, people in the Obama campaign was talking about compromise in the hours after Obama's victory. Gven the reality of divided government, you would think Obama would finally want to meet with Republican in the House -  something that he has not done in months.

Obama's regualr partisan way of acting is one reason nothing has gotten done in Washington. Obama believes that compromise means you do things my way. And yes, someone should tell Obama that that's not how it works.

But don't look to Democratic Rep. Steve Israel of New York for help. He said, "If you refuse to compromise, we are going to beat you." Israel, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, said the election showed "if you are an extremist tea party Republican, you are going to lose."

Now there, that's what I'm talking about when saying that that's not how you get help from Republicans. You don't talk down to them and dictate your terms.

We didn't lose it all. In fact we only lost the race for the White House, we Republicans actually picked up more seats in Congress in the House. We don't have to be dictated to by anyone in the Obama campaign or White House.

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky said pointedly that Republicans will meet Obama halfway "to the extent he wants to move to the political center" and propose solutions "that actually have a chance of passing."

As for Conservatives like me, well a lot of us are in a state of mourning.

Mourning is described as having "grief over the death of someone."  Those in mourning are those most affected by the loss of a loved one. They often observe a period of grieving, and mark it with withdrawal from social events and quiet respectful behavior.

Mourning may also apply to the death of, or anniversary of the death of, an important individual like a local leader, monarch, religious figure etc. State mourning may occur on such an occasion."

I have to say that I was very surprised today over just how many people said they were in "mourning" today when describing how they are feeling after Mitt Romney's loss last night.

I woke up this morning depressed. I went to be not believing it, and I woke up in total disbelief.

And yes, I'm still having a hard time with the fact that over 58 Million Americans voted for Obama after he has gotten us into a worse mess than we were when he took office for years ago. I simply have a hard time accepting that so many people can all have their head up their ass at the same time.

It purely amazes me to think that so many people voted because of non-issues, and not with the real problems in mind.

This morning when I noticed that my wife hadn't gone to a regular class this morning, I asked why she hadn't left. She said she was in mourning and didn't feel like it.

And honestly, I didn't blame her. I wasn't feeling up to doing anything today - everything felt as though it has been lost to some group bent on turning our nation upside down and into something that it wasn't meant to be.

I had to go to the American Legion to meet a beer delivery for the bar there. The driver's name is Brian and he is a nice guy. Usually he's a little more talkative than he was today.

When I asked him how he's doing, he said was feeling down this morning because of the election. At 23 years of age, Brian is pretty concerned about the "more of the same" that we've gotten for the last 4 years from Obama. And no, I don't blame him for being concerned.

A state of mourning seemed to be everywhere today. The clerk at the hardware store, the checker at the supermarket, the guys at the gun store when I when in to look at another rifle.

Every one of those people agreed that we "needed" a business expert like Romney in office to fix the mess we're in. And since last night's results, they all feel a sense of loss today.

That's not all they feel, what's worse is that most who I spoke with today see very little hope for the future.
But we shouldn't lose hope, in fact we should see our situation for what it is - we're in a position of strength.

By the liberals reelecting Obama, Obama is forced to get his ass of the golf course and to work. Part of that means he has to compromise with Republicans.

Sure he's going to try to come off as if he has a mandate from the public, since the vote was split almost down the middle he absolutely does not, and he has to be told that he does not.

Our position is one where we have 56 Million of us American who voted for Romney who are going to make sure that the Republicans in the House don't lose their nerve and become cowards and surrender to Obama's agenda.

Obama and the left may gloat right now, but they will have to come to the Republicans to get anything done.

If the Republicans do what is against our best interest like approving a National Sales Tax, or a Value Added Tax, then let's just that they will feel the wrath of a lot of very pissed off Conservatives in two years.

They must be strong and do what they are elected to do - act as a balance of power and not allow the Obama agenda to go forward.

In the meanwhile, we can try to put aside all of the rhetoric from jerkweeds like Chris Matthews who actually had the nerve to say, "I'm so glad we had that storm last week" - trying to illustrate how presidential Obama appeared in the first few days of the storm.

MSNBC's Chris Matthews saying he was "glad" Hurricane Sandy hit because it helped President Obama shows just how totally insensitive the left is to the problems of Americans in trouble.

They don't see their situation as hurting and in trouble, they see it as a political opportunity!
And yes, I agree that Matthews again only proves himself extremely pathetic for saying such a horrible thing. It's actually pretty sad to know that that's how his deranged mind works.

We already know why that whole mouthy gang at MSNBC who did not once ask a hardball question about Obama's performance for the last 4 years. And yes, all they did was make excuses for him!

So sure, we Conservatives may be in mourning for an America that we tried our best to fight for. And sure those on the left can gloat all they want for now. But friends, though we are tired, the fact is that this battle for the soul of America is not over yet.

One solace for us right now, at this very moment, is knowing that all those jerkweeds on the left who vehemently supported Obama will have a rude awakening soon enough.

You see, they are about to find out all of the real issues of the campaign. They are about to learn about the stuff that was hidden from them during the election. Then we'll see who has the last laugh!

They will find it out and realize that have been screwed over by one of the greatest con men in politics. A man who ran for reelection after failing to do anything for his first four years.

They will find out that there is a bill that needs to be paid for that free lunch they think they're getting. And when it comes due, they will be like that guy who sits at a table thinking that someone else should pick up his tab -  but instead doesn't and now someone makes him pay.

That's what I see happening to those laughing it up and celebrating right now. That's what I see happening when the music stops and they see that the guy they voted for is as worthless a leader as we have ever had the misfortune of having. They will find out that Obama is as useless as skates on a pig!

And don't be surprised when you hear a lot of whining when that check comes due, liberals sound like that a lot - especially when they see that someone else is not picking up the check!

Story by Tom Correa

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