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RANDOM SHOTS - Philly's Black Or Brainless Vote, ObamaCare, 6.6 Million Voters Don't Show Up, And More!

Philly's Black And Brainless Vote Goes 100% To Obama

It was reported yesterday, November 12th, 2012, that Pennsylvania election officials say they are not going to investigate the obvious corruption dealing with the vote totals that President Obama got from parts of Philadelphia last Tuesday.

Folks, I've been to Philly. And from what I know about that city, what took place there on Election Day was impossible!

Even if the people who I knew there moved out, mathematically it's impossible. There should be at least one!

But still, no matter how fishy it looks - the crazy Third World country sort of election results out of Philly are just not going to be looked into at all.

What am I talking about? Well, the Philadelphia Inquirer first reported this story last week. It was strange then, but I didn't think no one would look into this.

What happened was that 59 of Philadelphia's 66 wards handed the president victory shares of 100% for Obama! Not a single vote for Romney.

The Inquirer reported that in 59 voting divisions in the city, Mitt Romney received not one vote. Zero. Zilch. Nada single vote out of over 19,605 votes supposedly submitted by voters.

"I don't find it hard to believe that there are neighborhoods in the United States where President Obama got 97 to 99 percent of the vote - basically all African-Americans," said Michael Barone, a Fox News contributor who is the longtime editor of The Almanac of American Politics. "There are such neighborhoods, and you can see them in central-city, black ghetto (areas)."

However, Barone noted that turnout rates in these areas was sometimes reported to have exceeded 90 percent, a level of enthusiasm that he said should arouse suspicion. "Philadelphia's been a place that's had some pretty irregular election procedures in the past," he said.

State Rep. Sam Smith, the Republican from the 66th District who serves as speaker of the Pennsylvania House, called the results "questionable." Imagine that?

"In some precincts in Philadelphia, I think you're going to see, as they finish the official count, places where there are more people voting in a precinct than actually signed in at the poll book," Smith told Fox News.

Asked what gave him that idea, Smith cited the electoral history of the city and said he thought it would be "predictive" this time around, as well.

Former U.S. Rep. Joe Sestak, a Democrat whose congressional district abutted Philadelphia, said he has seen firsthand "the machine" at work in the city's politics, but he did not question the president's vote totals.

"The polling across the nation showed that the African-American community was supporting the president by about 98, 99 percent," Sestak said. "I think the people voted the way they believe in." Not a surprising comment coming from a Democrat.

But there might be some fact to what he and others are saying. After all, racial bigotry and corruption are widespread in the cities.

In 10 of Chicago's 50 wards, for example, the Obama-Biden ticket captured 98 percent of the vote or more. In six of those wards, the figure climbed to 99 percent.

When I heard about this, my first thought was "Wow, talk about being fixed! But you would think they'd make it look better then that."

I have to tell you folks about the time my grandfather wanted to put in a contract to do some work for the City & County of Honolulu. Two days before the bids were to be put in, my grandfather got a phone call telling him that the jobs were already awarded to friends of the Mayor.

My point is that "the fix," as my grandpa once called it, can take place anywhere over anything. From contracts to elections, it's hard to buck the system when it's rigged in someone else's favor.

So OK, I can hear someone say how do I know it was rigged? Well, I don't.

But if it was indeed a straight ballot and "the machine" didn't have anything to do with the crazy results, then I have to say that I would have never thought so many people - African Ameircans or whatever - could be so stupid as to all drink the Kool-Aid that the Obama campaign was handing out.

Since some of you have written and asked, which tells me that you might be a little too young to remember, allow me to explain the "drink the Kool-aid" reference.

"Drink the Kool-aid" is a reference to the 1978 cult mass-suicide in Jonestown, Guyana.

"Drinking the Kool-Aid" refers to a person or group holding an unquestioned belief, argument, or philosophy without critical examination. It refers to people having blind loyalty while acting like brain dead Zombies.

The phrase typically carries a negative connotation when applied to an individual or group. The basis of the term is a reference to Rev. Jim Jones and the Jonestown Massacre which took place in November of 1978 when his followers who were all members of a church that Jones himself created, the Peoples Temple, committed suicide by drinking a grape-flavored Kool-Aid type drink.

The drink was laced with cyanide, but that didn't stop those fanatics from brainlessly following Rev Jim Jones. They say he had charisma and was a great speaker. And yes, he must have been hypnotic to the fools.

When Jones ordered his flock to commit suicide, all but a few did without question. The few who refused were either shot or escaped. Those few got away to tell the world what took place.

In what is now commonly called "the Jonestown Massacre", 913 "followers" drank the Kool-Aid and died.

This really does amaze me. To me, there is no justification for all African Americans in those 59 wards to vote for Obama if they did it strictly because of his race.

I've never claimed to be some sort of political expert, I'm just an American like you who reads and listens and tries to make sense out of what's going on in our nation.

If political experts, like Michael Barone, say that every African American voted for Obama because of the president's race - then I can't help but wonder what else they would do over race? What would they let others of their race get away with?

Would they follow a Judas goat to slaughter just because he were black? Maybe they would? And no, I wouldn't put it pass them.

Someone said that the absence of a voter-ID law this is what happens, but I don't think it matters, because one way or another either through corruption or racial bigotry, Obama took 100% of the vote.

The idea that not one African-American in those 59 wards, almost 20,000 people, voted for Mitt Romney is amazing. That means that the people in that area - either voted because Obama is black or because they are brainless!

Good job Philly!

Allen West  challenges results as Florida declares vote-tally over amid recounts and irregularities

Florida Republican Rep. Allen West continues to challenge election officials' tallies that show he has lost his re-election bid.

The reason for his challenge? Florida election laws being broken, improprieties during count, wild ballot swings, and a partial recount needed because of voting-machine problems.

The Tea Party-backed West demanded a recount after the swing of votes on election night, leading Democratic challenger Patrick Murphy by roughly 2,000 votes, then trailing by 2,400 votes about 35 minutes later.

Officials said Saturday a final tally in the state’s 18th Congressional District shows Murphy had won by enough votes to avoid a full recount.

But they then agreed to a partial recount of early votes in St. Lucie County after acknowledging some votes had been counted twice. That recount resulted in a minor changes in the numbers, with West still behind.

West and his campaign, though, objected to just a partial recount of votes cast Nov.1-3, arguing the irregularity calls for a full audit.

“If people are that adamant about getting rid of me, that’s fine,” West told Fox News on Monday. “But don’t do it at the expense of the integrity of our electoral process. That’s what disturbs me the most.”

The West team is singling out County Supervisor of Elections Gertrude Walker and requesting a comparison of voter signatures from all polling places with the total ballots counted because the numbers do not appear to match.

Officials have “already stated they had a 141 percent voter turnout, which I think should cause everyone alarm,” said West during an interview on Fox News.

He also said Murphy officials were allowed to observe the Sunday recount, but West’s were not.

St. Lucie County Assistant Attorney Heather Young told NBC-WPTV that the recount was related to computer memory cards that record the ballots when fed through voting machines.

Officials said Saturday that West lost by 2,442 votes. The partial recount changed the final tally by several hundred votes. But officials have not changed the final but unofficial outcome and say the new tally is not enough for a full recall election.

However, Jeffrey Scott Shapiro, a volunteer lawyer for West's campaign, thinks a full recount of early votes would give the congressman the extra votes needed to trigger an automatic recount.

"We're close, very close," said Shapiro, a member Democratic Sen. John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign team. “It would be irrational at this stage to concede without making sure that every single vote is counted and that the democratic process is preserved."

Officials also allowed for additional vote counting in Palm Beach County before issuing the tally Saturday.

West's only option now appears to be through the courts - which he has stated he will do if things are not above board.

To my way of thinking, instead of voting getting better and easier in America, 20012 proved that our election system of counting votes is perfect for those wanting to commit fraud. Fraud seems to be the game in politics these days, and conservatives only have two years to figure out how to get things legal and monitored.

Jesse Jackson Jr. Plea Deal Would Include Jail Time

Jesse Jackson Jr. is currently being treated for health issues and while some have questioned whether he could ever return to Congress, a plea deal on charges of misuse of campaign funds may guarantee he does not return to Washington.

Instead, he may go to jail for a while.

The just-re-elected congressman is negotiating a plea deal for misuse of campaign funds that would include resigning his seat in Congress, repaying the money, and spending time in jail, reported CBS Chicago.

Since June, Jackson has been on leave while receiving treatment for bi-polar disorder. He was re-elected last Tuesday despite not campaigning while taking care of his health and fighting criminal charges.

I can only guess how he didn't campaign, yet win his seat. Was it all about race? Maybe?

Illinois Congressman Danny Davis told Reuters in October that Jackson appeared frail and emotional when he saw him and there was no way to know if he would be able to return to his seat in Congress.

The plea deal, currently being negotiated, would include Jackson resigning for health reasons, pleading guilty to misuse of campaign funds and repaying campaign contributions that were allegedly used for personal items. Then, based on similar cases in the past, he will likely serve some jail time.

And for the record, yes, I think there will be many people who donated hard earned money to his campaign who will be OK with his criminal act of using those campaign funds in things not related to his campaign.

The first reason is that his constituents like him. They do.

Secondly, they won't care because he's black. And yes, I really think those who gave his campaign money will look the other way - even though he broke the law - even though he stole from them.
It just doesn't matter to them, and I don't get it!

Estimated 6.6 million fewer white voters showed up to vote in 2012

Election "demographics" is the big catch phrase that came out of this election.

So what is demographics? Since I'm not very smart, I looked it up.

Demographics are current statistical characteristics of a population. Demographics include gender, race, age, disabilities, mobility, home ownership, employment status, and even location.

The term "demographic trends" describe the historical changes in demographics in a population over time (for example, the average age of a population may increase or decrease over time). Understanding the demographics of an area is very essential when making public policy and marketing decisions.

It tells you all about the population of a region and the culture of the people there.

Demographics right now point out how white voters simply didn’t show up in 2012 as they did in 2008. It is estimated that up to 6.6 million fewer white voters showed up at the polls this year.

Why? Well some experts dismiss the idea that it was simply a matter of white evangelical Christians refusing to vote for a Mormon – pointing out substantial voters in the South with high evangelical populations.

Instead, most are looking at the lack of turn out as a result of negative advertising. Let's face it, there were a lot of out and out lies about what Romney would do if elected.

He was painted as being a tax cheat, a man who puts people out of work, that he'd cut Social Security and Medicare, do in Seniors, gut the military, and even eliminate Department of government that he saw as essential.

In the end, 56 Million Americans said they were unhappy with Obama and want change. Of course 58 Million Americans believed the negative ad campaign that relentlessly emphasized Romney’s wealth, his tenure at Bain Capital, and the lies.

Besides 6.6 Million white voters not showing up and Democrats swallowing what the Obama campaign dished out hook line and sinker, Obama’s popularity among Democrats brought out his supporters in important states where Republican governors are making life better.

And yes, there is also the point about Latinos and other demographics that really doesn't seem very important to Republicans.

As Megyn Kelly explained to Karl Rove, "Obama still won – thanks to a boost of non-white and young voters in important states."

It is a fact that Republicans better understand and get used to very quickly. Fact is that the Hispanic vote has steadily increased from 2% of the electorate in 1980, to 7% in 2000, to 10% in 2012.

Like or not, whether that are all legal or not and subsequently aren't supposed to be voting, they are by large numbers.

I honestly don't understand how jerkweed judges can say it's not OK to ask for an picture-identification to determine citizenship, but that doesn't matter when Unions back Democrat candidates by running around town and pickup illegals to vote on election day anyways.

As for the lack of white voters showing up to vote, well that's just demographic data. As far as I'm concerned, anyone of any color who is of age and registers to vote but doesn't take the time to show up and cast a ballot - deserves everything he gets in as far as a rotten government more concerned with obtaining power than doing good for the people.

One writer said, "It is shocking to discover that when given the choice to vote for or against President Obama, a large group of white voters simply chose not to participate in the elective process.

Perhaps it serves as an additional warning to the Romney campaign and Republicans. Not only did they fail to properly defend their candidate, they were unable to make their party platform appealing enough to attract the same amount of voters as they did in 2008."

And yes, he has a great point. Something is definitely wrong when folks who are registered to vote instead opt out to stay home. Especially when their ballots could have made the difference in getting rid of some low life like Obama.

GOP should let Obama deal with ObamaCare mess

In an opinion editorial, someone came up with the idea that since the Supreme Court upheld the individual mandate in President Obama's national health care law, and the mandate makes possible an expansion of Medicaid and the establishment of subsidized health insurance exchanges, let Obama deal with the mess he created.

Those two provisions will be responsible for $1.7 trillion in spending over the next 10 years, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

Together, they are expected to provide insurance to 30 million Americans and create the infrastructure that liberals hope to use to push the nation, over time, into a fully government-run health care system.

I believe it will resemble Great Britain's two-tier health care system where the poor get lousy government medical service while the rich buy their own expensive private medical.

It will turn take the store front neighborhood ghetto clinics and spread them all over the nation. And yes, all with the same quality as that found in the ghettos.

And friends, we are stuck with it!

With Obama re-elected, repeal ceases to be an option for at least the next four years. So 30 Republican governors will have to make a decision about whether they want to help the federal government implement ObamaCare, or leave the onus on the Obama administration.

One of the silver linings of the Supreme Court decision is that it lets states opt out of the Medicaid expansion. As many might be unaware of, Medicaid is one of the programs that is crushing state budgets.

If implemented as intended, ObamaCare would add 18 million beneficiaries to the program's rolls. Though the federal government lures states with a carrot saying they will cover all of the expansion in the short term through 2016.

The liberals don't say that by 2020 the states will be asked to kick in 10% of the cost of ObamaCare which will amount to billions upon billions of dollars of spending imposed on states nationwide each year.

It would be a benefit to state governors in the long term to opt out of the expansion as soon as possible.

The ObamaCare health care law was designed to coerce governors into starting exchanges on which individuals will be provided with federal subsidies to purchase insurance.

If a state doesn't establish its own exchange, the law specifies that the federal government will step in and set one up for them.

Given that Republicans typically favor more state and local control, there's a clear temptation to create the exchanges themselves. But they should resist that temptation and let the Feds do their own dirty work.
If for any other reason, it will demonstrate how useless the government is when it comes to creating a one size fits all health care plan.

Though the law creates the veneer of state flexibility on the exchanges, the reality is that all of the major decisions will be made from Washington. That includes the broad structure of the exchanges as well as the details of what kind of health care plans will be offered in them and how they will be marketed.

A careful reading of the law finds that all of the sections about state "flexibility" are filled with caveats that render them useless in practice, because Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius will be running the show.

For instance, ObamaCare specifies that, "The Secretary shall, by regulation, establish criteria for the certification of health plans as qualified health plans."

In other words, Sebelius will get to decide what type of health care plans can be offered on these state exchanges. Then, there's this:: "An Exchange may not establish rules that conflict with or prevent the application of regulations promulgated by the Secretary under this subtitle." What kind of flexibility does that offer?

Given that governors will have no real control over the exchanges in their own state anyway, they should let Obama administration officials sleep in the bed they made for themselves.

It's highly doubtful that the same administration responsible for the failed economic stimulus package will be able to operate dozens of exchanges competently. They have shown themselves to have an aversion to work.

Republican governors should allow the feds to live with the mess they created rather than clean up for them.


Arizona woman allegedly runs over husband with car after learning he didn't vote

A pregnant Arizona woman was arrested after allegedly running over her husband with her SUV upon discovering he did not vote in last week's election.

Police say 28-year-old Holly Solomon was enraged when she discovered her husband Daniel did not vote because she believes President Obama's re-election will bring hardship to their family.
Witnesses say Daniel Solomon attempted hiding behind a light post to escape his wife's wrath and was running away when he was struck. He is now in critical condition at a local hospital.

Holly Solomon, who is six month pregnant, reportedly told officers she was only trying to scare her husband but accidentally hit the gas instead of the break.

She was arrested for domestic violence and aggravated assault.

Sure what she did was extreme! Was it wrong? Absolutely! If I believe what she said, does it sound like a bad joke gone wrong? To me it does.

But then again, it was reported that million of registered Republicans didn't love America enough, didn't find it their duty as responsible citizens, didn't see Obama's agenda as a big enough threat to our nation, to get off their dead ass and vote!

So yes, there really is a part of me that can understand her frustration. And honestly, if I could, I'd love to be in a position to help her with her bail!

Story by Tom Correa


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