Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Liberal Journalists Would Not Stand For It!

And for the Liberal Journalist out there, the one who wants to abolish the 2nd Amendment, how would they like it if their First Amendment Rights were treated the same way as they want to treat our Second Amendment Rights?

How about having to jump through hoops before publishing their columns?

They call for the eradication of gun rights, but how about their rights under the First Amendment? Would Liberal Journalists do all of the following to exercise their First Amendment Rights?

What if ...
  • the government advised them that certain topics, subjects, and/or interests, were banned from publication for political reasons just like the government wants to ban certain guns for political reason;
  • the government required that they get a special license to write about a certain topic and that they may censor their article or column at any given moment without just cause;
  • the government required them to undergo a Federal and State background check to see if they are mentally fit to write a column;
  • the government required them to undergo a Federal and State background check to see if they have had a misdemeanor (as in the case of a domestic violence charge) in the past that would make them ineligible to exercise their First Amendment rights;
  • the government required them to fill out and sign a Form 4473, a sample of which would look like the form below which would be a legal sworn affidavit - before being allowed to exercise their First Amendment rights;
  • the government required them to wait for five days to “cool down” before being able to publish anything;
  • the government required them to have the serial number of their column recorded with the author's name and address by local, state, and federal authorities;
  • the government required the author to get fingerprinted by your local police as done in some states;
  • the government required the author to take a mandatory 16-hour Journalism Safety Course to learn writing safety measures so that they learn not to offend or unintentionally injure others with their publication; 
  • the government made their name and personal home address available to the public and published it in the local newspapers or on-line because they applied for a permit to exercise their First Amendment Rights;
  • the government required them to furnish personal information about your "private" life including any "unlawful" drug use before an author would be granted permission to publish an article;
  • the government required an author to keep your published columns locked in a cabinet when not in use, and out of the reach of children who might find and read one of their columns which the government has deemed dangerous;
  • the government limited an author, a writer, a blogger, a journalist, to only one publication every 30 days?
And yes, how would you the Liberal Journalist like to fill out the form below every time you decide to publish a new column - all just so that the government can keep track of what you are publishing for political reasons?

How many Liberal Journalists would be able to publish anything if they had to answer the questions on the form? How many would qualify to do so?

And yes, the bigger question, how would you feel if all it took was one "wrong" answer to make you ineligible to exercise your First Amendment Rights? 

Would Liberal Journalists answer any of the above questions honestly and correctly? I don't think they would. I think they'd cheat knowing that needed to so - just so that they could exercise their First Amendment Rights. I think they'd lie and cheat.

But more realistically, Liberal Journalists would not stand for it!

They would not put up with it for any reason because they see any infringement on their First Amendment rights as a violation of the Constitution. That's right, even if it meant them wanting to publish a how-to column on killing Americans.

To Liberal Journalists, there should be no limitations as to what they can publish - whether it be books, Internet, or videos.

Sure, liberals have been slowed down from publishing Child Porn.

And please remember, while Child Porn may be banned from publication, the subject of Child Porn can be written about and published.

Can you imagine the uproar if there were government restrictions on Liberals Journalist being forbidden from publishing say one of there infamous hate pieces on George W. Bush? 

Case and point, Liberals produced and made public a "how-to video" on how-to kill George W. Bush during his term as president. They found nothing wrong with that.

Can you imagine the anger coming from the Left if there really were topics and subjects and interests which were arbitrarily banned from being published because of political pressure?

They would call it government intrusion and a violation of their First Amendment rights.

Yes, if the government tried to place limitations on them in the same way as the government does to us, they would not stand for it! 

But since it's not them that a gun ban or a federal gun ownership registration would effect, Liberals who thinks they know what's better for others truly believes that any sort of restriction on our Second Amendment rights are just fine.

They sit in judgement of others while never having to walk a day in another's shoes. They are an arrogant bunch! 

Story by Tom Correa

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