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My Blog, A Class Project?

I receive all sorts of email, some good and some awful. This was one piece of email that I wanted to share with my readers.

A young lady wrote saying that she is a Journalist student from a University.

She had came across my blog when she was searching for a website for an upcoming project for a class.

She asked if she could ask a few questions about my blog and use my answers for her class. I was both surprised and flattered.

Below are the questions she sent, and my answers:

1) When did you start blogging?

My first post was in late December of 2010.

2) Why blog?

I initially started it because I thought I could pass along a good story or two. I spent a lot of time in the Marine Corps, in Security, working horses and cattle while holding various jobs.

I've traveled overseas and throughout the United States, seen most of the country and met a lot of interesting people, so I thought I'd pass along some of what I found - the people, the places, the pulse of America.

Besides passing on a good story or two, I became interested in writing about factual history because it seemed to me that there are people - some who are my close friends - who simply accept Hollywood's version as the truth when it isn't even close most times.

After a while, I found that something else started happening. After a few posts, I found myself defending America and our values, our heritage and traditions, and even our system of government.

Since I'm not a Political Science sort of guy, I think I look at politics more cleanly and unobstructed. I don't deal with theory, just right and wrong.

I look at politics from the point of few of a man who has been a blue collar worker, knows how it feels to have to budget and stretch a dollar, lie to collection agencies, and knows how it feels to be out of work and worried.

I think my opinion on politics is closer to how regular Americans look at politics.

3) What is all about the American Cowboy Chronicles?

The American Cowboy Chronicles has sort of evolved since I first started it. As I said, I wanted to pass on a few stories. Since then, I've written 390 posts. And in an effort to be accurate, some are very long.

The American Cowboy Chronicles is about American virtues, values, pride in our nation, respect for our heritage and understanding how we got here.

It is about dispelling the myth that America is evil and those who blame all of the world's ills on us are justified when they are not.

It is about knowing who the real villains are in history, who are the real heroes of the Old West and who were phony baloney, who is helping our nation and deserves respect and praise, and who is hurting own nation and should be condemned.

It is about spreading news, giving commentary, and passing along good clean facts and information that empower us all.

Whether it's about how to select a horse or gun safety, our Constitution and Bill of Rights and the rights of man or about America's First Principles, about our need to drill for oil in America and the 6,000 produces we use daily that is made from oil or about the way reason that things are the way they are and who should be held accountable for their actions, I'm trying to provide information that people can use.

4)  Motivations to continue blogging?

Right after the election, I felt empty and used up. I had done so much research on the candidates trying to party affiliations aside. I couldn't understand how anyone could vote for Barack Obama since he has been such an utter failure.

For a moment, I was going to give up producing articles on politics and what's in the news. But then, Obama became arrogant and demeaning. Sounding more like a bully and punk, I found lie after lie while he seem to only represent only those who voted for him.

And lately, like never before, he has revealed a contempt for our nation and our way of life. His disdain for Americans is ever present.

So now, I continue to write. And no, not only because I enjoy writing - but also because I have readers that want to hear a voice that calls it like it is.

5)  Do you earn money from your blog?

No, I don't.

I've been part of an Advertising Program but that hasn't paid off at all. I'm probably going to end my association with them because of that.

I do support certain organizations with ads and back-links to help them out because I believe in their cause - like the Marine Corps, the NRA, the Second Amendment Foundation, Stolen Horse International, and others.

I am hoping to get donations here and there, and maybe a sponsor or two somewhere down the road..

6)  How do you manage your blog?

I manage my blog like a blind man with a shotgun. I hear a noise and fire!

And yes, I'm afraid that that's more truth than not. You see, I read a lot of different news agencies. I scan Fox News, NewsMax, The Washington Times, The DailyMail out of the U.K, the US Farm Report, and many others for what's going on out there.

My philosophy is this: While some stories can't be neglected - if everyone is doing articles on them then I'm only part of the Choir. Of course there's nothing wrong with being part of the Choir, but it would be nice if I can do a bit more research on a subject before my blog sounds just like everyone else.

Of course, then there are those stories that others aren't talking about that get my goat. And yes, that's when I fire away! LOL!

I actually have some favorite subjects such as history, guns, horses, the cowboy lifestyle, living in rural America, and of course Conservative politics.

Now as for managing my blog posts? Well, I find that I get fairly good response when I'm doing current events, news, and politics during the week - and I do articles on the Old West, horses, guns and other things on the weekends.

7) Strengths of your blog?

Wow! That really is a loaded question. I really don't know what the strengths of my blog are - or what weaknesses I have other than my articles being too long.

8) Target audience?

Well, again with the shotgun with a full choke. It puts out a large spread of shot.

I want to put my blog out there. I have different subjects for my readers to choose from. I really don't want to make my blog into a purely political Conservative voice.

Some enjoy reading about guns and the Old West, others horses and cattle, some like reading my 9/11 articles to keep in mind what took place just 12 years ago.

There are articles on my blog for Cowboys, Farmers, Ranchers, Gun enthusiast, history buffs, Veterans, Conservatives, as well as students and others interested in reading about things in the news these days.

And yes, I kind of like knowing that its here for them.

9) Statistics (i.e profile views from other peple, followers)

As for my profile views, I have no idea. As for followers, I think I have 26 right now. As for hits a day, I'm averaging between 500 and 600 visits a day these days --which is great to me.

Just prior to the election last November, I was getting around 1,100 visits a day. After the election, things dropped off and I attribute it to depression over the election results.

Now I see my numbers raising again because people are angry at what's going on in Washington DC.

10) Advice to other bloggers.

I really don't know if I qualify as someone who can give advice to other writers. I read a number of blogs, most of which I don't have listed on my site, and I admire other writers a great deal.

Most have a way with words that I have never had. They are brief and to the point like good swordsmen and women. I flounder around writing and rewriting and rewriting and on and on into the wee hours of the morning.

Yes, I really do have a great deal of admiration for other bloggers, especially if they are Conservatives who may feel outnumbered and swimming up stream all the time.

I do find that my disappointment over things going on in the Obama administration helps me write.

Maybe there is something to the notion about writing more when you're unhappy with things around you? If so, then maybe that's the answer why there are so many Conservative Blogs popping up!

You asked who I am?

Well, I am now retired. My wife and I live in Glencoe, California, population 189. I spend most of my time caring for rescued horses and volunteering my time with the American Legion up the road a bit.

Though this is California, a person can leave the doors unlocked here, make an agreement with a handshake, and care for the land and people a lot better than the government can.

There isn't any hustle and bustle or pushing and shoving like in the cities.

The only drawback as to what's happening in this part of Rural America is that as more people move up here from the cities in Bay Area the drivers are getting rude and everyone in the nearby big town of Jackson (17 miles away) are all starting to act like they do in the city: In a hurry while going nowhere.

All in all, I wouldn't trade this country lifestyle for all the tea in China.

These questions are not something that I've really thought about. It was sort of fun examining what my blog is all about.

I hope she does well. In fact, if you're reading this - Good Luck!

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