Monday, April 15, 2013

An Educated Democrat

This is a great example of an educated Democrat.

Here is someone who not only believes everything he or she is saying, but the scary part is he or she also votes and reproduces little Democrats just as intelligent.

So take a real look at what we're up against, and have a good laugh. See what's out there supporting Obama and the Democrat Party, their agenda, and the taking away of our rights.

Take a look at a prime example of liberal ignorance. But no, don't even think about trying to change the mind of someone like this. They know it all and have no desire to learn anything from anyone who doesn't believe the same things.

In the case of this writer, I really don't think that we can talk sense into someone like this. After all, it is true that sometimes you just can't fix stupid!



  1. Oh dear Lord...I just about lost it when they brought up C-sections. It is also much funnier if you read this in a stoned-out hippie voice, because that is probably what the "Proud to be a Democrat" writer of this actually is.

  2. How much you wanna bet that most of these Democrats are total Karens? LOL


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