Thursday, May 2, 2013

Empowering Women

This short video was sent to me with a request to post it here.

After watching this video, I am very honored that I was asked to make this available to my readers.
The folks over at the NRA put this great video together. It's short but very well done.

And yes, it speaks to the concern of American women because they will be the most adversely affected if Obama and the left take away guns from law abiding citizens.

I'll let the video speak for itself. 

This new NRA Women short is exactly what we need to see. Too bad the main stream media won't present this to women out there.

If a woman is harmed because her ability to defend herself is impaired by anti-gun liberals, then those anti-gun liberals are to blame as if they were the attackers themselves. They are as guilty as her attackers.

Besides the fact that a defenseless woman is a step back in women's rights, it is unconscionable conduct of those in the government to allow anyone to be vulnerable -  a prey to those who would harm them or their families.

We need more women like these out there talking about gun ownership for women. These women understand that they need protection and will do what it takes to protect themselves and their families.

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