Monday, May 20, 2013

Obama Admin say Scandals "Irrelevant"?

The Obama administration is now saying that facts and the law are "irrelevant"? Can it be true?

Well, the Obama administration is now trying to tell the American people that the facts pertaining to the Benghazi scandal are "irrelevant."

Yes, a top White House adviser said it was an "irrelevant fact" where President Obama was on the night of the Benghazi terror attacks.

And believe it or not, if you are looking for justice in the IRS scandal - forget about it!

You see, Obama administration's Dan Pfeiffer said the Obama administration would NOT cooperate with the investigation into the IRS because they see it as a "partisan fishing expeditions."

I know it sounds like I'm making it up, but it's true! Dan Pfeiffer went so far as to say that the law governing the targeting of conservative groups was "irrelevant."

He actually said that the law is "irrelevant!"

Obama administration's Dan Pfeiffer went on five Sunday talk shows where he supposedly tried to do damage control and reverse the damage done to the Obama administration this week by a series of scandals.

On "Fox News Sunday," Dan Pfeiffer tried to hammer home that the president "only heard" about the IRS unfairly targeting Tea Party groups "when it came out in the news."

It doesn't matter that the IRS law breaking was widely reported in the news and was a topic of concern more than a year ago; it doesn't matter that it makes President Obama look like a completely out of touch dunce; Dan Pfeiffer says President Obama only found out about it in the news when you and I found out about it just recently.

Of course, what that means is that you and I must be getting more information than the President because I wrote a blog about the IRS intimidation and targeting Tea Party folks early last year:

IRS Threats - How The IRS Wants Information From Tea Party Chapters? March 2, 2012

But wait, I heard about it on Fox News! Does this mean that President Obama should be watching Fox News?

Is his problem CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, and MSNBC? His information and news outlets are all letting him down.

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., who appeared on CNN's "State of the Union," suggested there was a written policy to target political groups opposing the president but when pressed for proof, he was unable to provide details.

On ABC, Dan Pfeiffer did his best impression of a lying Ambassador Susan E. Rice when he stuck to the White House script and said that the law governing the targeting of conservative groups was "irrelevant."

Even ultra-liberal George Stephanopoulos couldn't believe his ears and asked, "You don’t really mean the law is irrelevant do you?"

Dan Pfeiffer took his cue and attempted to tap dance an answer as he tried to clarified his statement, "What I mean is that whether it's legal, or illegal is -- is not important to the fact that it -- that, the conduct as a matter. The Department of Justice said they're looking into the legality of this. The president is not going to wait for that. We have to make sure it doesn't happen again regardless of how that turns out."

Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner! We can give this week's Foot-In-Mouth Award to Dan Pfeiffer! 

The Foot-In-Mouth Award is presented to a political hack who bravely goes forth and allows their mouths to over-run their ass! In this case, Danny boy doesn't know what he is talking about!

Earlier this week, a Treasury Department inspector general report revealed that Tea Party and other groups that had been critical of Obama received extra scrutiny when applying for a tax-exempt status from the government.

According to the report, IRS agents had not flagged similar liberal or progressive groups.

The incident was traced back to an Ohio IRS office that had singled out conservative groups and held up their applications or demanded information from them like donor information, which is illegal.

Many groups would not or could not provide the confidential information and as a result had to suspend their applications.

And how many Conservatives groups have been targeted by these Obama Nazis? Well, over 500 Conservative groups and no telling how many Conservative individuals have been singled out and targeted by the IRS tax men.

And yes, unless you have been audited - you have no idea how that Gestapo bunch works!   

Then, believe it or not, while he was defending the IRS or how the President's where-abouts during a National Security Emergency does not matter, Dan Pfeiffer took on another subject.

He demands an apology from Republicans for saying that U.N. ambassador Susan Rice was a part of the Benghazi cover-up after the Obama administration did nothing to help the four Americans who were fighting for their very lives for more than 10 hours.

That's right, no help for more than 10 hours and U.S. Marine response teams were only 2 hours away! Imagine that! Ten hours!

Dan Pfeiffer went on CBS' "Face the Nation" to say that the issue of "who" changed the initial talking points on the attack is "largely irrelevant."

Of course, what that means is that the White House doesn't think it matters "who lied" to us about what took place.

The Benghazi emails though did show top State Department officials involved in trying to water down the administration's initial storyline to remove references to prior security incidents and warnings.

So now, let's understand what Obama administration's Dan Pfeiffer is saying when he is speaking for the White House:
  • The Obama White House considers the law governing the targeting of conservative groups was "irrelevant."
  • The Obama White House does NOT consider what the IRS has done as illegal.
  • The Obama White House will NOT help find the criminals in the IRS who broke the law.
  • The Obama White House considers the Congressional investigation into the criminal acts by the IRS as "partisan fishing expeditions".
  • The Obama White House considers "the facts" pertaining to the where-abouts of the President of the United States during a National Security Emergency is "irrelevant;"
  • The Obama White House thinks "who lied" to us about what took place is "largely irrelevant."
  • That "the facts" pertaining to the series of scandals coming out of the White House are "irrelevant;"
  • That the person who man the call and refused aid or to send the Marines into Benghazi is "irrelevant."
  • That all information relating to these scandals are not pertinent to Americans being killed or targeted by an out-of-control Federal Government agency.  
What  Dan Pfeiffer said was that the law is not important; that the facts have no bearing on or connection with the subject at issue; that the actions of the White House are unconnected, unrelated, and unimportant in the managing of government agencies. And yes, that Benghazi doesn't matter.

So get ready folks!

In the next few weeks, the American people are going to be bombarded with the words "inappropriate," "peripheral," "insignificant," "negligible," "immaterial," "extraneous," "beside the point," "unrelated," "unconnected" and "neither here nor there" from the Obama administration. 

The reason is that they are circling the wagons in an attempt to spin the lie that they have nothing to do with the abuse of power and rampant law breaking by the IRS, or the horrible performance of the White House and the State Department when our people were getting killed in Libya.

Story by Tom Correa

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