Friday, May 31, 2013

The IRS Wants To Know What's In Your Prayers

Beings that I have been brought up Catholic, I was thought to pray using the Lord's Prayer, also known as the Our Father, the Hail Mary, and the Rosary.

Since those days of my youth, God and I have become a bit more personal. These days, I don't always hold to an Our Father, or a Hail Mary. I'm more comfortable talking to Christ my savior one on one.

Today when I pray, I talk to God about all sorts of things. I ask for God to help me with my problems, find answers when trying to help others, and even make sense of the world that we now live in.

I've asked God for forgiveness because I'm unable to forgive those who are attacking American traditions and cultural ways. I've asked for help in understanding Liberal Leftists and Communists in America.

I don't understand how they've become so powerful and in control of so much in our society. From setting up our schools as indoctrination camps to steering government today, their socialist doctrine is spreading like a plague.

I don't like people who need to control others. I don't understand how they can be so dependant on others and have others do for them instead of doing for themselves. Yes, I don't understand the Democrat Slave Owner mentality.

I've prayed when friends and family have been ill or have needed guidance.  I've even been known to say a small prayer or two asking the angels and saints to look out for relatives and loved ones.

My niece's daughter had surgery and I prayed hard then, just as I did when my brother underwent heart surgery.

I remember praying when my first marriage was in trouble and my ex-wife was cold and indifferent. I remember praying when my horse Murphy took ill with colic and I wanted him to get well - which he didn't.

I've talk to God about my grandfather and my dad who have both passed on, my mom who is getting up there in age, and my brothers and sisters.

I've asked God to give me strength during tough times, and I've prayed for God to help those in Oklahoma who need all sorts of help right now.

I've prayed for our troops overseas, for those wounded, and for those who have fallen. I remember praying for those who lost their lives in 9/11, and for President George W. Bush because his burden was great.

Looking back on my life, I'd say that I've done my share of praying over the many years. Maybe not as much as I should have, and maybe only when I needed help, but all in all I can say without hesitation that I have prayed with all my heart and soul at times.

That's the point, prayers come from our hearts. To my way of thinking, I believe that there is nothing more personal to anyone alive than the content of their prayers.

What's in our prayers goes to who we are. It is purely ours, and definitely not something to be governed by an out of control intrusive government.

What am I talking about?

Well friends, I never thought that I'd see the day when an part of the U.S. Government, our government, would want to know the content of our prayers. But yes, that day is here.

And yes, though that sounds so absolutely ludicrous, its true. As scary as that is, it has actually taken place in America today.

On May 17th, 2013, the IRS reportedly grilled a pro-Life group about the "content of their prayers."

Believe it or not, questioning during a House Ways and Means Committee hearing revealed that the Internal Revenue Service actually asked a Pro-Life group applying for a 501(c)(3) "to detail the content of their prayers."

As absolutely insane and completely intrusive as that sounds, that is what was reported by the Washington Examiner.

During his questioning of outgoing IRS commissioner Steven Miller, Rep. Aaron Schock, R-Ill., made reference to a report by the Thomas More Society - a national public interest law firm for religious liberty - which details the possible targeting of the Coalition for Life of Iowa.

Rep. Schock asked the question, "Please detail the content of the members of your organization's prayers, had been asked by the IRS to the Pro-Life group. Would that be an inappropriate question to a 501(c)(3) applicant?"

Rep. Schock asked, would it be appropriate to question "the content of one’s prayers?"

Outgoing IRS commissioner Steven Miller's answer was inconclusive, "It pains me to say I can't speak to that one either."

Imagine that! He can't "speak to that". And this. this from a head of the government agency who will be responsible for administering the largest social program in history - ObamaCare.

Besides the concern that the IRS is out of control politically, we should be asking how much lower can pro-Obama Liberals go when prosecuting Conservatives? They have no shame. No shame at all!

It seems that there is no limit to the extent in which Liberals will stoop to attack Conservatives - including wanting to know what's in your prayers.

And just for the record, if the IRS needs to know what's the content of my prayers? Well, they can take what I wrote in the first half of this post - then they can shove it!

After all, though this administration thinks they own us, they do not own what is in my prayers.

Story by Tom Correa

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