Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Gas Over $6 A Gallon In California Very Soon

California New Gas Tax Equals More Liberal Greed

In my area, gas is already above $4 a gallon. In other parts of the state, it's well over $5 and heading for $6 a gallon.

Now the Liberals in California's capital in Sacramento want to raise gas by $1.30 across the state.
Californian residents already pay the nation's second highest gas tax at 68 cents a gallon -- and now it will go up again in January 2015 to pay for a first-in-the-nation "Climate Change" law.

I'd like to deport all of the Liberals who come up with this sort of thing.

They raise the taxes on everyone to satisfy their need to address problems that do not exist -- all while not giving a tinker's damn about the consequences their actions have on the rest of the state of California.

Yes, they care about a theoretical problem that may or may not be taking place in the future more than they care about our well-being at this very moment.

Yes, they are of the very same distorted thinking as that of the Obama administration which sees the fraud we know as Global Warming as a higher priory than the threat of terrorism, or the security of our borders, or out-of-control prices, or the crisis of Black on Black violence in our inner-cities.

Yes, these are the same group who believes that "Climate Change" can be managed yet they cannot manage some of the simpler things in the world such as maintaining an honest and ethical government for the people.

Remember, these are the same people who believe that a Dictatorship style of Government should be in-charge of the government -- instead of the people, you and me.

And yes, it's true, I'd like to send them back to Chicago, New York, Washington D.C., Boston, or wherever the Hell they came from.

In fact I'd just like to send them to Europe where they can see the results of their idealism practiced to the point of oppression and limited freedom.

The Europeans tried this. They put a tax on fuel that resulted in staggering inflation and a huge hit on their economy -- and it did nothing for their precious cause of Global Warming which has been proven to be a fraud.

But hey, it seems that Liberals are the last to get the word -- Global Warming is a fraud!

And yes, when gas prices go up, drivers have been conditioned by the Liberal Main Stream Media to blame American oil companies.

But frankly, California residents ought to get there heads out of the sand and complain as loud and often as they can to Sacramento -- California's Capital owned by leftists, and other greedy lunatics who want to see their pockets fill with special interest money, all while the average Californian goes broke trying to make ends meet.

Part of the problem with liberalism is the greed and the insanity.

It is insane to think that you can abuse an entire population with heavy taxation, and be as greedy as any third-world dictator, yet think that you are benefiting those who you are actually abusing.

It is an insanity the like of which is seen in child abusers who believe that if you take a strap to child enough -- that that child will love you and understand later.

And yes, if it is not some sort of distorting thinking, then it is for certain just plain old fashion greed by those in power who could care less what sort of burden is heaped on the residents of this sate.

And please don't kid yourself, this increase in fuel taxes will affect us all!

Don't think so, think again! Say you don't drive so it won't affect you, think again! Say you don't live in California and it won't effect you, think again!

Fuel, gasoline and diesel, powers our economy through manufacturing and food.

At almost $20 dollars a bale of hay, I am looking at getting rid of some of the Rescue Horses than I have taken in.

Friends, my wife shops at the Dollar Stores and the Thrift Stores to help us afford to care for those unwanted animals.

If the rising cost of goods, feed, care, what have you, affects my ability to feed and care for a few unwanted horses, imagine how the rising cost of fuel affects dairies, farmers, and ranchers who have to pay for higher feed bills due to the rise in fuel costs.

If you think that they can "absorb" the cost by simply passing it on to us -- some can and some can't.

While the big corporate farms and ranches, the big dairies and other agriculture producers do in fact have some subsidies to help them weather the high prices -- family farms and ranches don't and many will have to close up because of the government, in this case the greed on the part of the state of California.

Other than food, how will the rise in fuel costs affect us all?

You say it won't affect you because you live in San Francisco and use mass transit? And no, you don't think the higher cost of fuel to tote your butt from one end of the city to the other is not going to go up? You are obviously one of those who think we can tax everyone into poverty.

As the most highly populated state in the United States, California is the nation's leading industrial state, ranking 1st in almost every general manufacturing category -- including number of establishments, number of employees, total payroll, value added by manufacture, value of shipments, and new capital spending.

California ranks among the leaders in machinery, fabricated metals, agricultural products, food processing, computers, aerospace technology, and many other industries.

Friends, that will all be affected by rising fuel costs.

Since everything has to be transported, either as raw material or a finished product, either as feed to feed cattle and hogs or as the meat that goes to your neighborhood stores, fuel costs will effect us all.

And yes, as for California's ability to compete with other states who will certainly pull more of California's manufacturing out of California, they will have an edge when it comes to drawing businesses to their sate.

And yes, that will as long as they do not allow the insanity and the greed to take over their states as it has here.

Folks, there is a reason that California is losing more businesses and taxpayers than any other state -- people are tired of the abuse that seems to be Sacramento's ideal of governing.

Instead of inspiring growth, they limit it! Instead of making it easier for businesses to hire more people or give better benefits, they push businesses into closing their doors or moving.

Liberal Greed!

So now, let's tale about California's Liberal greed.
The tax on carbon already raised about $1 billion in revenue by requiring manufacturers and utilities to buy credits for each ton of carbon emitted into the atmosphere.

At the beginning of next year, the law will also apply to oil and gas. Refiners and distributors say they will pass another $2 billion in costs on - which they admit will be carried on the backs of consumers.

"Ultimately it hurts the consumer," said California Independent Oil and Marketing Association spokesman Mike Rohrer.

"It is going to affect anyone who has a vehicle. Be it a motorist that is commuting back and forth to work or a trucker just moving goods throughout the state of California, the cost is immediately going to increase because whatever we have to pay for in carbon credits ultimately we have to pass through to the consumer."

The California Air Resources Board, the Golden State's premier anti-pollution agency, wants the new "Climate Change" tax to be anywhere from 80 cents to $1.30 per gallon.

Yes, the Liberals in charge of the California Air Resources Board want to increase the price of gas ultimately to $1.30 per gallon over the 68 cents a gallon the state gets now.

A prominent state senator who helped author the bill estimated the cost at 40 cents a gallon, but everyone say that is a low estimate of the initial tax.

And no, not surprisingly, Environmental activists downplay the ramifications of the tax and hail it as "progress."

Yes, taxing the shorts off of residents is their idea of "progress!"

A leftist organization who contributes heavily to the Democrat Party is the organization called Climate Resolve. Their executive director Jonathan Parfrey said, "We're going to now tackle probably 40 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in the state that are emitted mostly through transportation - oil and gas use."

But folks, he cannot prove anything he is saying. It is all conjecture on their part using models that have been proven to be false and unreliable -- a fraud.

The cost of the climate change law was never spelled out in the original bill in 2010, which did not even include transportation fuels.

But according to the Liberal crazies in Sacramento, any meaningful climate change law would have to address all driving.

By raising the price, California officials hopes to reduce the number of miles driven as consumers are forced to consider options.

Yes, it is all an effort to get you out of your car or truck. And the fools do not understand that we do not all live in the city where mass transit, buses, trains, and taxis are available.

They do not see the need of any of us to drive to work or the grocery store or deliver goods to a market.

But remember, they don't want to talk about how Europe tried a "Cap and Trade" program in the last decade and pollution levels still increased dramatically while their economy was thrown into a trash heap.

Not surprising to anyone here is the Liberal controlled state of craziness, California is the only state to extend the idea to gasoline.

Remember that greed we've been talking about, well by the end of the decade the state is expected to collect $5 billion in revenue by charging businesses and consumers for the right to pollute.

So far the state collected $833 billion by selling so-called "carbon credits" to businesses.

And by the way, where has all that money gone?

"They have generated close to a billion dollars in revenue just from the carbon tax credit auctions that have been going on for over a year. Where has that money gone?" asked California Independent Oil and Marketing Association spokesman Mike Rohrer.

"And why do we have to tax the consumer to make this happen for clean air? Everyone is for clean air but let’s not hurt the consumer in the process and not giving them a full explanation of how this exactly works and why."

The reason Liberals don't explain it is because they can't explain it -- all while they use the funds not for clean air but for social programs.

Democrats are stealing from the fund to use for their campaigns and special projects.

Think I'm kidding about the Democrats who control the state redirecting funds to use on other things than what they were meant for?

Example: Last week California sold all of the nearly 22.5 million carbon credits it offered this year. All of the revenue from the auction is deposited into California's greenhouse gas reduction account.

The collected funds have not been used to reduce emissions or the cost of pollution controls for business, but instead have been used by Democrat politicians who have built low-income housing near mass-transit hubs and support construction of the state's high-speed rail project which is highly unpopular with residents.

Democrats is Sacramento could spend the almost $One Trillion collected directly to reduce emissions from industrial sources, but they have not.

Instead, the fund acts more as a pot of money for state Democrat politicians to fund their campaigns and build projects in their district for residents.

Yes, Democrats see the fund as a more money to stay in power. They are using the funds on things that have nothing to do with Climate Change.

Now, let's say you're reading this in Ohio and think it doesn't effect you.

Well, guess what, the Obama Administration is looking into doing the very same scam on the entire nation and is using California as it's model.

So yes, it does effect all of us and should be shot down!

And yes, that's just the way I see it.

Tom Correa

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