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Democrats Lie about NIH and CDC Budgets while Covering Up Waste

First the Democrat Lie

Democrats and their stooge groups are spreading claims that the Ebola response is suffering from a budget crunch that is all the fault of the Republicans.

Of course, independent fact-checkers are now taking the Democrats to task as openly lying to the American public.

One of the reasons that independent fact-checkers are looking into the Democrat claims is because on October 16th even ultra-Liberal Democrat of San Francisco House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who was the Speaker of the House and still has the record for wasteful spending while heading Congress, demanded that Congress return to Washington DC to increase the budget for the National Institute of Health (NIH) and the Center of Disease Control (CDC).

The Pelosi lie follows the rest of the Liberal establishments propaganda, as follows: "The Appropriations Committee should return to Washington immediately and convene hearings to discuss and debate the issue of funding levels for NIH, CDC and related agencies in light of the public health challenges posed by the Ebola virus."

Yes, she actually had the nerve to make the lie sound like an emergency situation that must be looked at with extreme urgency. And yes, she even put this in a statement that her office released.

Other Liberal groups don't beat around the bush and openly blame Republicans with the lame Ebola response by the Obama White House.

For example, on October 12th, an ultra-Liberal political propaganda group called the Agenda Project Action Fund released a political ad called "Republican Cuts Kill."

No kidding, that group is actually saying that Republicans are responsible for Ebola deaths.

Believe it or not, the Liberal propaganda group is to air their lies in Kentucky, North Carolina, Kansas, and South Dakota – all states with high-stakes Senate elections in November.

The ad juxtaposes pictures of dead bodies and body bags in West Africa with Republican lawmakers like Sens. Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul.

They go on to say, "Like rabid dogs in a butcher shop, Republicans have indiscriminately shredded everything in their path, including critical programs that could have dealt with the Ebola crisis before it reached our country."

The ad is a no shame way of saying that Republicans McConnell, Cruz, and Paul are directly responsible for the dead bodies in West Africa.

The ad producer is a woman by the name of Erica Payne, who is the founder of Agenda Project Action Fund.

While I'm sure she wished she had thought of such bullshit on her own, the Liberal claims are all part of statements made by National Institutes of Health Director Dr. Francis Collins to The Huffington Post on Oct. 10th, 2014.

As unbelievable as it sounds, Dr. Collins said, "Frankly, if we had not gone through our 10-year slide in research support, we probably would have had a vaccine in time for this that would've gone through clinical trials and would have been ready."

Collins added that some therapeutics to fight the virus "were on a slower track than would've been ideal. ... We would have been a year or two ahead of where we are, which would have made all the difference."

Why do I say, as unbelievable as it sounds when addressing Dr. Collins statement? Well, because it is completely false and criminally misleading.

Facts Disprove Their Lies

Fact-checkers and number-crunchers do not agree with the ultra-Left Agenda Project Action Fund or the politically appointed Collins.

On July 8th, 2009, President Barack Obama nominated Collins as Director of the National Institutes of Health, and the Senate unanimously confirmed him for the post. He was sworn in by Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius on August 7th, 2009.

Facts show that the actual budgets do not bear out claims that Republicans have starved research for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and NIH through the Obama administration.

"Claims that CDC and NIH have not had enough funding to do Ebola research are nonsense," said Chris Edwards, director of tax policy studies at the Cato Institute.

At the CDC, funding has remained relatively steady.

In fact, Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler notes that the CDC budget has "bounced around" $6.5 Billion for every year of the Obama administration.

The lie is proven even worse when findings show that, in both 2013 and 2014, the Republican controlled Congress actually boosted the funding after the administration had proposed scaled-back budgets.

According to reports, when the 2014 budget was passed in January by the Republican Congress, the CDC’s budget was raised to $6.9 Billion.

Remember, Dr. Collins said, "Frankly, if we had not gone through our 10-year slide in research support, we probably would have had a vaccine in time for this that would've gone through clinical trials and would have been ready."

But wait a minute, the CDC was raised by $567 Million more than it received in 2013.

And yes, that was more than Half a Billion Dollars more than the agency anticipated since the Obama White House only requested $6.6 Billion.

While it appears stagnant from 2009 numbers, it is still double the budget the CDC was getting in 2000 ($3.4 billion), the Cato Institute points out.

With the National Institute of Health (NIH), facts show that their budget number was also increased under the Republican Congress.

The NIH budget was raised from $28.5 Billion in 2006 to $30.14 Billion in 2014.

The NIH was given an extra $10 Billion in stimulus funds in 2009.

So where is this slide that Dr. Collins was talking about? There has been no slide. The NIH and the CDC have have huge increases of the last 6 years for certain.
The Washington Post fact-checker gave the Democrat allegations that Republican budgets are at fault for the poor Ebola response four “Pinocchios,” and called them “absurd.”

Chris Edwards from the Cato Institute said a better way to connect the budgets with the Ebola crisis is to look at how the money is being spent.

Republican Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal complained in a recent op-ed that “in recent years, the CDC has received significant amounts of funding. Unfortunately, however, many of those funds have been diverted away from programs that can fight infectious diseases, and toward programs far afield from the CDC’s original purpose.”

And really, how is the CDC and the NIH spending the Billions of Taxpayer Dollars they have gotten a year?

Now that we know that the Democrats are lying about funding cuts, how are they spending the money they have gotten -- along with the budget increases?

Independents and Republicans are trotting out various NIH funding projects they say show questionable – even wasteful – spending.

"It’s funny that the Democrats are quick to point fingers when it’s been this administration pushing the CDC to spend time and resources on bike lanes and farmers markets instead of prioritizing national security and the health of Americans," Republican National Committee spokeswoman Kirsten Kukowski said.

The Washington Free Beacon rounded up several projects that the CDC and NIH has spent funds on instead of spending those funds on Biological threats to America.

Want to know why else the Washington Post and others are calling the Liberal Left’s argument blaming budget cuts on the GOP as "absurd," check these out:

$53,202 to study: Sighs. Yes, sighs.

$39 Million developing Origami Condoms.

$544,188 to study "how to convince young girls to get the HPV vaccine."

The NIH did research on Drunken Monkeys at a cost of $3.2 Million.

OK, since I wrote about my experience with a Drunk Monkey in my non-fiction Tale of a Drunk Monkey, I think the NIH owes me a great deal of money since my research was years ahead of theirs.

Whether or not the NIH will send me a check or not, believe it or not, it is true that the NIH spent $3.2 Million getting monkeys drunk just to see what would happen.

While I spent less than $20 to get a monkey drunk back in 1975, the NIH spent $3.2 Million!

While I only got that one animal drunk, I have learned that the NIH has quite a fascination with excessive drinking.

The NIH has in fact "doled out money in recent years for research on binge-drinking mice, inebriated gamblers and pilots seeking the sensation of flying drunk," according to The Washington Times.

The CDC spent $15 Billion to Tell Taxpayers How to Eat.

Yes, in a massive overstep of government power, the great folks who run ObamaCare gave more than $15 Billion to the CDC so that they would convince Americans to make "healthy" choices through "Community Transformation Grants" (CTG).

The CTG program "supports efforts to modify behavior through anti-obesity campaigns, as well as anti-smoking and pro-sin tax regulations and legislation" at the state and local levels, according to the bipartisan Citizens Against Government Waste.

The NIH awarded $90 Million in Grant Money to China.

It's true. The NIH awarded more than $90 Million to Chinese researchers.

Including $2 Million to develop a vaccine for a parasite disease common in China.

The Traditional Values Coalition asked, “As our country heads to fiscal ruin, why are we giving millions in taxpayer dollars to Chinese science — which benefits China and its institutions — when they hold more than $1 Trillion in American debt?"

No answer from Dr. Collins on that one.
The CDC spent $22 Million to Duplicate Agricultural Programs. 

The CDC spent $22 Million on their Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing Program.

The problem? This project was nearly identical to efforts already underway at the Department of Agriculture.

CDC spent $181,966 for developing a smart phone app for specialized farmers in Tennessee.

"Why Are Lesbians Fat?"

The NIH has spent, so far to date, since this study is on-going, $3 Million to find out "Why Are Lesbians Fat?"

Besides spending $3.2 Million on getting a monkey drunk, this is my favorite example of insane government waste which I think could have been solved by a simple phone call to Rosie O'Donnell.

One phone call to the outspoken Liberal who has made the world aware of her Lesbian lifestyle would have saved the American public Millions of dollars.

Instead, that one question has cost taxpayers almost $3 Million so far. Yes, so far, as the research is not ended. And yes, the NIH research has been going on for the last four years -- so expect the bill to go up!
The ongoing study is said to help explain why the vast majority of lesbians are obese?

Yes, for $3 Million, the NIH has found out that their being extremely fat is due to their lack of self esteem and a desire to look like men.

First funded in 2011, the study is slated to continue into 2016 to the tune of at least another $4 Million.

But no, they can't find funds to study a Biological Threat such as Ebola or Anthrax!

The CDC spent $544,188 to Promote HPV Vaccine for Young Girls

CDC provided $544,188 for a study on how to boost the number of young girls getting Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccinations in Los Angeles County.

Although the CDC says the benefits of the vaccine outweigh the risk, it counts 772 serious adverse side effects, including 32 deaths, among the millions of doses administered to young girls between June, 2006, and December, 2008.

Parents have raised moral objections as to whether young girls should receive the vaccine, which covers four sexually transmitted diseases.

How about the NIH spending $1.5 Million for something they call "Bizarre Sex Studies"

The NIH has used $1.5 Million so far on four obscure sex studies:
1) "Mood Arousal and Sexual Risk Taking,"
2) "Study on Sexual Habits of Older Men,"
3) "Study on San Francisco’s Asian Prostitutes/Masseuses," and
4) "Study on American Indian Transgender Research."

Yes, that's right, this study targets most of the delegates at a Democrat Party Convention!

NIH still received the requested funds from Congress, despite efforts by Sen. Pat Toomey, R-Penn., as far back as 2004 to defund the projects.

Why did the CDC find it needed give $1.4 Million to something called "Funds for Homosexual Activists in Public Schools"?

Believe it or not, the CDC gave The Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN), a Homosexual Activist Group, $1.4 million to create "safe spaces" in public schools starting in 2011.

The funding will be distributed during a five year period, as GLSEN works in 20 targeted school districts across the country.

GLSEN Executive Director Eliza Byard claimed in 2011 that safe spaces "are vital to these students’ health, success in school and life prospects."

Of course, most who understand politics understand that this is just a way for Homosexuals to get into school systems and establish themselves as something other than an alternative lifestyle.

Frankly, besides this being an attempt at Social Engineering, it is payback from the Obama administration for the tons of money sent to Democrat Party coffers from gay lobbyists and gay donors who want to indoctrinate the young to their lifestyle.

Did the CDC need to $2.6 Million to anti-gun group called the "Centers for ‘Gun Disease’ Prevention"?

Yes, the CDC spent $2.6 Million to disarm Americans.

In what they label as studies to prove the need for greater gun control.

While Congress defunded the research in 1999, apparently Congress thought the CDC had more important issues to study, like say how to control actual diseases, President Obama is asking Congress to grant CDC $22.2 Million in new funding to study and prevent gun violence for Fiscal Year 2015.

Why did the CDC and NIH feel they needed to give a total of $10 Million to the National Institutes of ‘Gun Control'?

The CDC and the NIH handed out nearly $5 Million each for research promoting gun control as of October, 2009, according to an article in The Washington Times.

The NIH pursued research on "gun related violence," despite the issue being well outside the organization’s typical domain.

Grants from the NIH to gun-control groups included "$642,561 in taxpayer funds to learn how inner-city teenagers whose friends, acquaintances and peers carry firearms and drink alcohol on street corners could show up in emergency rooms with gunshot wounds.”

As if they have no idea how that happens right?

Obama wants the CDC and the NIH to claim that Gun Violence is a health hazard or label it a "disease," so that Obama and the Democrats can justify more restrictions on legal firearms.

Why is the CDC and the NIH in the business of spending money to support gun-control? Besides it not being their mission to do so, it is a Liberal ploy to find another way to justify and enact stricter gun-control measures.

Did you know that the NIH spent $181,406 in a study to find out that "Cocaine Enhances Japanese Quail’s Sex Drive"?

No joke, this was a real study sponsored by NIH and slated to run through next year.

Why a Japanese quail? Well, it is because our National Institute of Health, the NIH, believes that a Japanese "quail provide a convenient and interesting alternative to standard laboratory rats and pigeons."

Yup, that's it! They wanted something other than lab rats, and since money is no object -- they wanted Japanese quail.

The NIH spent $279,789 to help to ''Empower Women to Choose Contraception in Jail"
Liberals have long battled to expand women’s access to contraceptives.

So in June 2012, the NIH allocated $279,789 with the mission "to improve contraceptive use for incarcerated women" as they neared the end of their jail time.

Of course the first thought that hit me when I read that was, why do women inmates need contraception of any sort while in the joint?

And no, I could not find an answer to that question.

The program, which ran from June 1, 2008, through on May 31, 2014, was ultimately intended to reduce unexpected pregnancies and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) among recently incarcerated women.

Yes, then we get people like Dr. Collins who says they have no funds to prevent Ebola!

The NIH spent $4.9 Million on "Fraudulent AIDS Experiments".

Results of an HIV/AIDS vaccine study funded by the NIH were faked by researcher at Iowa State University (ISU), calling into question $19 Million in Grants awarded to the same researcher over the years.

"Inauthentic" samples throughout a period of four years made the vaccine reportedly appear far more effective than it actually was.

Although the NIH finally refused to pay ISU the final installment of the Grant money, ISU was allowed to keep more than $4.9 Million after paying back the researcher’s salary.

And yes, besides none of the money ever being recovered, no one went to jail for fraud!
The NIH spent $675,786 on a study called "Sex Workers Spreading STDs"

Ever wonder why "sex workers," aka prostitutes, spread HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)?

First, you just have to hate the way Liberals relabel illegal behavior. To them, they are not "Prostitutes" or "Hookers" but instead are "Sex Workers."

The answer might seem obvious to everyone and anyone who understands what prostitutes do, but the NIH is spending $675,786 to find out exactly how and why in an ongoing study right now.

Researches are continuing the regular testing of 600 female prostitutes on the U.S.-Mexico border for HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, and Chlamydia.

Who knows, maybe they will spend as much on 1200 male prostitutes in San Francisco and Seattle looking for all the same STDs?

In a study called "Examining ‘Barriers to Correct Condom Use", the NIH spent $423,500. Well, it turns out "young, heterosexual adult men" weren’t using condoms as frequently as the NIH would like.

So in 2009, that study investigating the apparent problem came with $423,500 price tag.

So what did the American taxpayer get for almost a half million dollars? The result, nothing conclusive.

The Bottom Line

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has spent Billions of Taxpayer Dollars on obese lesbians, origami condoms, texting drunks, and dozens of other projects that could have been scrapped in favor of developing an Ebola vaccine.

Dr. Collins statement that "Frankly, if we had not gone through our 10-year slide in research support, we probably would have had a vaccine in time for this that would’ve gone through clinical trials and would have been ready" is just pure political bullshit!

Taxpayers have spent $466,642 on "Why fat girls have a tough time getting dates;" $2,075,611 was spent "Encouraging old people to join choirs"; and all sorts of things including "Text message interventions" where researchers sent texts to drunks at the bar to try to get them to stop drinking.

That project alone received an additional Grant this year for a total of $674,590.

The NIH also sent texts to Older African Americans with HIV at a cost to the taxpayers of $372,460; texts to HIV and drug users in rural areas at a cost of $693,000; texts to HIV smokers at a cost of $763,519; texts to pregnant smokers at a cost of $380,145; texts to teen moms at a cost of $243,839; and texts to meth addicts for a cost of $360,113.

And yes, text message interventions to try to get obese people to lose weight have cost $2,707,067.

The NIH’s research on obesity has led to spending $2,101,064 on wearable insoles and buttons that can track a person’s weight, and $374,670 to put on fruit and vegetable puppet shows for preschoolers.

The CDC spent $10 Million in 2013 to study "Video Games and TV Violence".

President Obama requested they do so in the wake of high-profile school shootings, and the CDC responded by spending $10 million to study violent video games and media images, as well as to assess “existing strategies for preventing gun violence and identifying the most pressing research questions, with the greatest potential public health impact.”

Yes, they used their money to try to justify more gun-control.

And frankly, as with most of the above waste, one has to ask the question, what business is it of the CDC or the NIH to get involved in any of these things?

Why aren't they doing their jobs, the jobs they're supposed to be doing? Simple, Lousy Management and No Oversight!  

On of the worse things that can happen to a bunch of government bureaucrats is to have a spotlight shine on their waste and miserable management.

That is exactly what is now taking place since the head of the NIH Dr Collins decided to pass off his departments horrible performance during the biological threat  of the Ebola Virus to budget cuts.

Now the American people are being made aware of a much bigger issue. It is the political influence that the CDC and NIH are operating under and the wasteful spending at both NIH and CDC.

Between the two, they award about 64,000 research Grants annually with little incentive for responsibly spending under "secretive, autocratic and unaccountable" leadership, according to a former health official.

Many of these taxpayer-funded studies are a combination of the absurd which only demonstrates the horrible ways these two agencies are run.

At $7 Billion, the Centers for Disease Control 2014 Budget is nearly 200 percent bigger now than it was in 2000.

By way of comparison, the combined budgets the U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, the FBI, the DEA and the Secret Service are almost $1 Billion less than the NIH and CDC combined budgets.

If the NIH and the CDC are having trouble coming up with the needed funds to wage a good fight against Ebola, it is not due to a lack of funds -- but a lack of priorities.

They may have to cut some of their politically motivated spending. It is just that simple.

After all, putting drunken monkeys, origami condoms, text interventions, and the like, all ahead of disease control and new biological threats which may take place on any given day is totally inexcusable.

They are into things that are none of their business, and maybe it is time for Congress to take a hard look at how the CDC and the NIH are run?

If those in charge of the CDC or the NIH cannot understand that the mission of the CDC and the NIH is not Social Engineering, Gun Control, or implementing a Liberal ideology in America, then they need to be replaced with people who want to wage war on diseases and biological threats to the United States.

Right now, the CDC and the NIH fail in the aspect of preparedness. And yes, this has to change.

They need to change from agencies involved in Social Engineering and return to their core mission which they are failing miserably.

Like everyone in our military, I was trained to be ready in case of an NBC attack. NBC stands for Nuclear, Biological, Chemical.

Since 9/11/2001, Americans have been under the impression that our Federal Government is doing everything in their power to be ready for an NBC attack from terrorists.

Whether it was Anthrax or a Dirty Bomb, up until Obama entered office -- most of America felt secure in knowing that the Federal Government was on top of things.

I don't believe that that's the case today. I believe more and more Americans are seeing the Federal Government for what it is -- bloated, power hungry, and sorry to say extremely incompetent on so many levels in so many agencies.

Now we can add the CDC and NIH to the list of shabby run agencies along with the IRS, the EPA, and others.

It is no wonder that Americans felt safer and more secure under President George W. Bush. We knew his priority was to keep America safe, to prevent another attack, and take the fight to our enemies.

No, it is no wonder at all that many do not feel the same today since President Barack Hussein Obama has shown that his last priority is to keep America safe against any form of attack -- especially an NBC attack, this Ebola threat proves just that.
And yes, that's just the way I see it.

Tom Correa

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