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The Democrat Party Supports Gay Predators & Male Rape

Think about who the Democrat Party really is!

When you go to vote next week, please think about who the Democrat Party really is.

Think about the Democrat Party's Social Agenda of taking more and more of our rights away while suppressing personal liberties and freedom.

Think about how the Democrat Party is in favor of gun control, choses anti-Americanism over pro-Socialism, and is anti-Christian and pro-Muslim.

The Democrat Party is in favor of Political Correctness, Race Baiting, Political Favoritism, and identity biased politics.

Think about a Democrat Party which is in favor of out-of control regulations, of encouraging alternative lifestyles and making them appear as the norm, of encouraging anything-goes drug use, encouraging people to think that actions have no consequences, all while shielding favored classes and Liberal causes from criticism or rebuke.

Think about a Democrat Party which supports and promotes the Gay Agenda, and has subsequently encouraged more gay male sexual assaults on men and male children as young as 5 years of age.

Back in 2009, the Obama administration and the Democrat Party put out an order for the Liberal Mainstream Media to kill a story about gay man Frank Lombard who was the associate director of the Health Inequalities Program at Duke University’s Center for Health Policy.

The Duke University gay pedophile, Frank Lombard, was arrested for raping his 5 year old adopted son and actually attempting to get another gay man to cross state lines to engage in sex with his newly adopted 5 year old boy.

Of course for that story concerning Gay Adoption and Gay Rape, the same media and Duke professors who were all over the bogus 2006 Duke lacrosse team "rape" case were no where to be found.

Just as with much of what has taken place during his years in office, as with one scandal over another, the horrifying gay-adoption-rape story was pretty much pushed to the back pages so that it would be forgotten.

In November of 2011, a gay Connecticut "married" couple who were in reality a couple of gay pedophiles were arrested of raping their two adopted male children.

George Harasz, 49, and Douglas Wirth, 45, were arrested by the Glastonbury Police Department following allegations by two of their nine adopted children of sexual abuse.

Harasz and Wirth adopted nine children — three sets of male siblings — beginning in 2000, and ran a home based business.

Following a police and state investigation of sex-abuse allegations, all of the children were removed from the gay couple's home.

Police said two boys, ages 5 and 15, accused the gay couple of repeatedly sexually assaulting them. Their arrest warrants claimed the couple not only sexually and physically abused the children, but also forced them to sleep in closets.

After the arrests, three of the other children felt it safe enough to come forward claiming that they were also abused.

One of the victims who spoke during the court hearing said he was raped by the gay men starting when he was 6 years old.

“They took turns raping me over and over,” he said. “Anyone who would do this to a child is a sick, demented person.”

Both incidents of gay male rape of male children were swept under the rug and killed on the national news so that Obama's support of Gay Adoption would go through.

Folks, as far as I'm concerned, the Obama administration and the Democrat Party are responsible for protecting gay male rapists. And yes, they are to blame for looking the other way when it comes to gay male rape of male children.

Gay men believe they have friends in the Democrat Party. They see Democrat Politicians has supporting the Gay Agenda which wants to legalize male child molestation and rape.

More Gay Predators & Gay Pedophiles

In their attempt to make homosexual behavior not appear as the "alternative Lifestyle" that it is, homosexuality is being promoted by the Liberal media, Hollywood, and the Democrat Party as being "normal" behavior.

Their promotion of homosexuality is bearing fruit.

Just recently, on October 17th, three gay men and two gay teens were charged with raping a 15 year old boy then leaving him with "life-threatening injuries."

The 5 gay predators were arrested in the sexual assault of a 15-year-old boy in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. The charges range from first-degree sodomy to distributing material depicting the sexual performance of a minor.

Christian County Sheriff's Office has arrested three gay adult men and two gay teens in connection with the sexual assault.

The 5 gay rapists include Sam Miller, age 18, Tyler Riess Perry, age 19, Dayton Ross Jones, age 20, and two 17-year-old gay males. All of these homosexuals were arrested in connection with the sexual assault of a minor.

The group of gay men also face charges for recording their rape on video and distributing it later -- according to local media.

Sam Miller, 18, of Hopkinsville, was the fifth suspect arrested in the case on Wednesday and his bail was set at $1 Million, reported The Leaf-Chronicle.

On Sunday morning, the 15 year old victim was rushed to Gateway Medical Center in Clarksville with "life-threatening" injuries after being attacked at a home in Hopkinsville, authorities said.

Tyler Riess Perry, 19, was allegedly involved in the sex-crime that left the victim with serious injuries. Dayton Ross Jones, 20, was charged with first-degree sodomy and other charges. Miller, Perry and Jones were charged with first-degree sodomy, promoting the sex performance of a minor and using a minor in sex performance, WPSD reported.

In addition, Jones and Miller face a charge for allegedly distributing material that depicts the sexual performance of a minor.

But no, these might not be the only homosexuals involved in this crime. In fact, local authorities are expected to make more arrests as the investigation proceeds.

The criminal acts by these gay males follows an arrest of another gay man who was arrested on October 15th, 2014, for raping a 16 year old boy also in Kentucky.

The Commonwealth Journal reported that a 16-year-old male told Eubank Police investigators that Polly Ann Church of God youth pastor Rex Allen Murphy made homosexual sexual contact with him.

In that case, the gay man involved threatened the boy -- and repeatedly raped the boy, over a period of at least 6 months.

In an interview with police, the gay rapist asserted that he "thought he would be able to help the victim with his battle with homosexuality because he, too, had experimented with homosexuality."

Yes, his plea for people to understand his "problems with homosexuality" is something that is promoted by the Liberal media and Democrat Politicians.

The pastor at Polly Ann Church of God insisted to WKYT that Murphy had only been a Sunday school teacher, and that the boy was a student in his class.

The pastor also said that the church was dealing with the situation internally. He also argued that there was no reason to believe that any abuse occurred on church grounds.

The gay sex offender Murphy was arrested on charges of first-degree sexual abuse, use of a minor under 18 in a sexual performance, and third-degree sodomy.

Even the Homeless are practicing what the Democrat Party preaches -- as gay male predators are everywhere these days.

On August 12th, it was reported that a gay couple from Florida were charged with sexually assaulting and beating a homeless man they met at the Fox Valley Warming Shelter.

The 20-year-old man flagged down an Outagamie County Sheriff's deputy near the Justice Center and said he escaped the vacant apartment where he had been drinking with the co-defendants, according to the criminal complaint.

The alleged victim said he met gay men Alexsander C. Mirkovich, 28, and Anthony M. Gomez, 48, at the homeless shelter and went to an empty apartment in the 600 block of West Third Street to drink together.

The man said he fell asleep at some point and woke up to find Gomez performing oral sex on him and Mirkovich naked from the waist down, the complaint states.

When the victim pushed Gomez off him, Mirkovich began punching him repeatedly. As the man tried to protect himself, Gomez grabbed his arms and held him down as Mirkovich struck him in the face and upper body, police said.

The 20-year-old suffered a broken nose and other facial injuries, police said.

And yes, come to find out, both of these gay predators have extensive arrest records.

Court Commissioner Brian Figy set bond for both men at $10,000 and ordered they have no contact with the victim or each other.

For those reading this and thinking that Gay Rape, that Gay Crime, that man on man sex crimes, only takes place in prisons.

Facts prove that assumption false. For example, the number of gay male serial killers is not small -- according to statistics, gay males are more likely to be serial killers than straight males.

And yes, studies show that over 95% of all child molesters are gay men.

While homosexual men supposedly only make up 2 to 3% of the population, they in fact make up a significantly higher percentage of serial rapists.

Looking at the criminal behavior of gay men, one immediately sees that gay male rapists are the rarest kind of serial rapists -- the reason is that gay rape is the least reported crime in the United States.

In other words, while women are coming forward to report being raped more than ever before, that is not true with gay male rape. Because of the stigma of being raped by a gay man, gay male rape is simply not reported.

Today, that type of rape has the same stigma once experienced by women. And as for the psychological damage involved, while rape is devastating to women, it may be worse for a man because it is homosexual.

In 2006, the U.S. Justice Department stated that 1 in 33 men in the United States has been a victim of a rape or attempted rape, compared with 1 in 6 women.

The reason for the disparity in statistics is, as stated before, men are unlikely to report a rape to authorities because they fear being perceived as weak or see the attack as an assault on their masculinity. Because most victims of gay rape are so ashamed, they never report the crime to police.

And yes, because of this, gay male rapists tend to prey on men indiscriminately. Their targets are typically straight young boys, who, like women who have been raped, are emotionally scared for life. 

While a lot of homosexual behavior goes on in the prison system, it is believed that most of the men doing that in there are not even gay. While I have a hard time believing this, it is believed that homosexual rape in prisons is a crime of opportunity and that homosexuality in prisons are institutional and opportunistic. 

It is believed that most men who participate in gay sex in prison actually stop such activities when they leave. Supposedly, again this is hard for me to believe, that they get out and go right back to women.

Criminologists believe that sex between with men in prison is simply something that takes place because there were no female outlets -- and is not due to preference.

One segment of our society which has had to fight the Democrat/Liberal forced introduction of homosexuals into its ranks is our military.

Since Obama repealed the Clinton policy of "Don't Ask Don't Tell," homosexuals has been forced upon our military. And now, now the military has statistics on the horrible effects of their introduction into our military.

And yes, it is absolutely true that Democrat Politicians do not want to talk about these findings. Liberals do not want to acknowledge the horrible effects that their social experiment of allowing gays in our military has actually had on our military.

Gay Male Rape In The Military On The Rise

A report in August of this year talked about the recent increase in gay rape in the military.

The report states that most victims of sexual assault in the armed forces are men -- and that their rapists are nearly always other men.

Yes, and it has a name, Military Sexual Trauma (MST) is on the rise for both men and women, according to a Pentagon report earlier this year that was widely covered in news outlets such as the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Associated Press, Reuters, and CNN.

But virtually none of that coverage addressed an obvious aspect of the reason for this increase. No one in the Liberal media wants to acknowledge the problem:

The 2011 introduction of open service by gays and bisexuals undoubtedly has increased the number of gay predators and incidence of sexual assault against men in uniform.

Despite repeated assurances by Gay Groups that integrating gays into the military would not affect morale -- fact is that a dramatic increase in gay rape, especially involving straight victims, has most assuredly affected morale.

And yes, Liberals refuse to talk about the lives wrecked because of those gay male rapists.

Gay Male Rape, male on male sexual assaults, have risen each year since the repeal of the "don’t ask, don’t tell policy."

In fact, Pentagon statistics show nearly 4,000 more gay male rapes in the year after the ban ended (2012) than the last year it was in place (2010).

Some of these gay predators need to be dealt with criminally, for example, the Killeen Daily Herald reported that an openly gay medic at Fort Sam Houston acknowledged that in 2012, he had a 45-minute sexual encounter with a fellow soldier who was unconscious due to his sleep medication.

It did not matter to that gay man as to what effect he had on his victim. Gays justify their behavior in strange ways.

38 Military Men Are Sexually Assaulted Every Single Day and Democrats Are To Blame.

According to the Pentagon, 38 military men are sexually assaulted, raped, every single day, and since the victims usually don't speak out, the perpetrators nearly always go free.

An estimated 14,000 military men were assaulted in 2012 alone.

And yes, despite gutting the Defense of Marriage Act and repealing "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," the Gay Lobby wants more from the Democrat controlled Senate and the Obama White House.

While there is a drastic increase of gay male rapes of straight troops, while there is an increase of gay male rapes across the country among civilians as a whole, Democrat politicians see this next election as another opportunity to further the Gay Agenda.

And yes, the Gay Lobby is scheming and plotting to pursue their agenda no matter who it affects adversely.

Gay campaign donors loaded with cash are throwing their cash and the promise of votes to any Democrat willing to want to CHANGE America into a place where the number of gay predators and gay male rapes are on the rise, a place where children are not safe from gay male predators, a place where our troops have to be cautious of gays in the military around them.

To do this, to initiate such CHANGE, wealthy gays are in fact meeting secretly with other Liberal Groups to throw their support behind Democrats -- all in the hopes of advancing their perverse agenda.

Democrats Support Something Called "The Gay Bill of Rights" which makes Children Fair Game for Sex with Gay Men

Yes, in return for their huge campaign contributions, the Gay Lobby wants a "Gay Bill of Special Rights" from pro-Gay Democrats in Congress this coming year.

That bill will ensure mandatory homosexual hiring quotas in workplaces throughout the nation. It will legalize gay male rape by decriminalizing sodomy laws, and it will lower the age of sexual consent with boys to 8 years old.

Yes, that's what the Gay Lobby wants from their Democrat friends in Congress, both the House and the Senate.

And no, the Gay Lobby makes no secret that they want to molest and sodomize male children. They make no secret that they want "special rights" to do as they please.

It doesn't matter if the Gay Agenda means weakening our military's moral fiber. They want to completely control laws pertaining to deviant sexual behavior such as gay male rape and gay child molestation.

Because of the Millions of Campaign Dollars contributed to the Democrat Party from the Gay Lobby, I believe that Democrats are the bought dogs who are directly responsible for all of these things taking place.

Yes, just as I believe that Democrats are responsible for empowering ISIS and Muslim Terrorists around the world, just as I believe the Democrats are responsible for the lack of jobs and the increase of the government regulations, I believe the Democrat Party is responsible for the increase in gay male sexual assaults in and out of our military.

So now, do I care what two consenting queer-as-all-get-out adults do with each other? No. I honestly don't care what they do.

But frankly, I draw the line at gay predators and gay pedophiles. I draw the line at the rape of innocent boys by gay men who see them as some sort of prize. I draw the line at gay male rape of those not wanting to join their perversion.

And yes, as stated before, according to study after study, over 95% of all child molesters are gay pedophiles.

And yes, I blame Democrat Politicians for the gay male rape of that 5 year old child by some gay pedophile who should have never been able to adopt a male child for him to rape and abuse.

I blame Democrat Politicians for pushing a homosexual agenda that encouraged the repeated gay rape of that 15 year old boy in Kentucky recently. Democrats are responsible because they promote gay behavior and their alternative lifestyle as being normal when it is not normal in any society.

I blame all of these things on the growing political power of the Gay Lobby and the Democrat Party's support of their perverse Agenda and their sick behavior.

And yes, along with their blame for promoting the Gay Agenda in America, they deserve the blame for the deterioration of America's culture and the collective erosion of morality in the United States.

The Democrat Party

The Democrat Party has historically been the party of pro-slavery, anti-Black, and against Civil Rights. They have historically been in favor of suppressing personal liberties and freedom and government control.

Today the Democrat Party is the party of gun-control. Democrats are the Party of anti-Americanism and pro-Socialism, and yes, of Political Correctness, Race Baiting, Political Favoritism, and identity biased politics.

The Democrat Party is in favor of out-of control regulations, of encouraging alternative lifestyles and making them appear as the norm.

Democrats encourage "anything-goes drug use", they encourage people to think that actions have no consequences, and they shield favored classes and Liberal causes from criticism or rebuke.

Yes, this is the Democrat Party. This is the Liberal Agenda.

They have divided this nation as never before, all while supporting those who line their pockets with big money -- never caring where that money came from, or what they have to do to get it.

I believe, that on election day, we can start to turn things around and stop a lot of the Liberal Agenda by voting Democrats out of office.

We can stop the deterioration of America and our military. And frankly, we need to stop those who want to destroy common sense and decency among Americans.

And yes, that's just the way I see it.

Tom Correa

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