Monday, February 2, 2015

Burger King facing Horse Meat Scandal in Great Britain

Yes this has been going on in the Great Britain, the United Kingdom! 

Burger King has admitted it has been selling burgers containing horse meat recent denials.

In the United Kingdom, the fast food chain has more than 500 outlets, and had earlier given a number of statements stating "absolute assurances" that its products were not involved. However, new tests have revealed these Burger King's guarantees were incorrect.

Burger King has faced allegations of orchestrating a cover-up of its links to the Horse Meat Scandal in order to give it time to find an alternative supplier. 

Now the fast food giant has admitted selling burgers containing horse meat in the Great Britain. .

It also raises serious questions about whether or not the food company, which sells around one million burgers a week in the UK, has any real knowledge what goes into its products?

The horse meat contaminated burgers were made by the Irish-based processing company, Silvercrest, which is part the ABP Foods Group.

The same company also made tainted burgers for Tesco, Asda and the Co-op, among others.

It is currently shipping in tens of thousands of burgers from suppliers in Germany and Italy in order to meet demand at its UK outlets.

The management at Silvercrest is known to have been using a series of non-approved ingredients in their burgers for a range of household name brands.These included meat off-cuts, including horse, that were imported in large frozen blocks from Poland.

The contamination with horse meat has been going on since May 2014 and potentially longer, according to evidence this week.

Tonight Burger King abandoned its earlier denials, saying: "Four samples recently taken from the Silvercrest plant have shown the presence of very small trace levels of equine DNA" Yes, horse meat.

The contamination scandal was first triggered two weeks ago, with the Food Safety Authority of Ireland revealed it had found horse meat in burgers sold in Ireland and the UK.

Burgers were pulled off the shelves at Tesco after the supermarket discovered that there were traces of horse meat in their products

Tesco Everyday Value beefburgers that were removed from shelves at Tesco after they were found to contain 29 per cent horse meat

Dalepak also makes burgers for Waitrose and Sainsbury’s, which both insist that their burgers are clear of contamination.

The processing company is a subsidiary of the Irish company, ABP Food Group, which also owns a second burger manufacturing business, which is Silvercrest, in southern Ireland.

The company withdrew all of its frozen burgers from UK stores when the scandal first erupted two weeks ago as a precaution.

No, there is no word yet if horse meat is being used in Burger Kings here in the United States. 

For me, I  believe there should be inspections to determine if horse meat, even if it's just so-called "traces", are being used in burgers here. If so, we need to know so we can shut them down!

And yes, that's just the way I see it.

Tom Correa


  1. This is shocking.. I think its because Burger King is now one of the best Fast Food chains and due to this such scandals are taking place.

  2. Horse meat at Burger King? Absolutely not. You can have it your way at BK, but not THAT way.


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