Sunday, August 21, 2016

Obama Ignores Flooded Louisiana 2016

Obama all smiles on the golf course while Louisiana suffers

So OK, let's talk about rebuilding our America! Not the Liberal America where more than 100,000 Americans ask for Federal help in the aftermath of Louisiana flood, but are ignored!

Let's talk about rebuilding our America and not electing a president that doesn't give a damn about our country -- other than subjects near and dear to him like Black Lives Matter, Muslims, and Transgender bathrooms.

So OK, I'll say it, I think Barack H. Obama is a pathetic individual who should have never been elected president. He has proven himself inept, incompetent, lazy, and uncaring. And yes, believe it or not, he's too busy playing golf to address the problems in the state of Louisiana, what is that all about?

Of course, the president can find time to be on the golf course yukking it up with his comedian buddy -- but he can't be where he's needed? He's proving himself absolutely worthless!

An estimated 60,000 homes have been damaged, but assessments are continuing so the number may change, Some homes were flooded up to their eaves. And yes, with at least 60,000 homes damaged in Louisiana flooding, the head of the Department of Homeland Security said, "the President can't be everywhere at once!"

In other words, quit your bitching and knock off the whining -- the president has better things to do -- such as play golf.

Thousands of south Louisiana residents have to deal with the muck left after torrential downpours swamped drainage systems, rivers, and streams. The rains were a year's worth in just two days!

The floodwaters killed at least 13 people but are now slowly falling. The falling water is giving way to the hard slog of cleaning out, rebuilding, and the tough job of just finding somewhere to live.

In Sorrento, La., Giovanni DeCarlo needed a boat to get his mother-in-law's clothes, linens, mementos and curtains out of her house trailer. He said, it was on blocks about 4 1/2 to 5 feet high, but still took on about 1 1/2 feet of water. He also said that with 3 1/2 feet of water still on the ground.

He said he put Laura Allbritten's belongings into heavy plastic bags, and then into the boat. Another family member was dealing with the flood-inflicted heaps of laundry. Ms Allbritten, 59, is staying with another daughter and the daughter's husband and son in Ponchatoula. She's lived in the trailer for 22 years.

"That's 20 years of housekeeping you've got to move out before you can begin repairs," she said. Thought the trailer itself is 30 years old, she said, "The cost to repair it will probably be greater than what it's worth."

She has flood insurance, but doesn't know what it will pay, or when the adjuster will be by. "They tell me three to five days. Because of the volume of customers in the area, it could take a week or two."

In nearby St. Amant, about 20 relatives and coworkers were helping Sheila Siener muck out her house, removing furniture, appliances, carpets and wallboard.

"It's much worse than I expected," she said. "The water, the dirt, the smell. Water in the cabinets. Everything's filthy. I've never been through a flood, so I really didn't know."

In other areas the water is still high enough to cause concern. In Lake Arthur, pumps and sandbags were keeping floodwaters out of the town of 2,700 in southwest Louisiana. Residents may not be able to return until midweek, officials said.

When I was growing up, I was taught the President of the United States was there to help people maintain their strength by giving them hope. Donald Trump went down to Louisiana, and helped lift the spirits of folks there. Yes, Mr Trump was acting as the President of the United States should in time of an emergency.

You think Barack H. Obama would cut his vacation short during an emergency of such magnitude? No he didn't! And he said he will not cut his vacation short for any reason!

Sure this SOB is supposed to be there to keep spirits high. He is supposed to be a leader -- not a wannbe golf pro!

We should start billing Obama and his family for living in the White House under false pretenses and maybe sent some of the money we recoup from the extravagant lifestyle to the poor folks who can't afford to spend weeks golfing, on million dollar vacations, and never on the job.

Forget about impeaching the SOB! He should be fired! If you acted like he does on the job and was in fact negligent in your duties, you certainly would be fired! Why isn't he?!

Obama pitched a fit and was quick to have at George W. Bush during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. While now Obama is proving as worthless as teats on a boar when it's his turn to step up!

For me, I wish the pathetic SOB would just resign. Maybe he can just go away and play golf with Tiger Woods, or even better maybe with one of his Black Lives Matter cohorts! Maybe he can make one of those Black Lives Matter punk friends of his to caddie for him?

Oh wait, I forgot, they don't work either!

OK, I feel better now that I've vented some! And yes, that's the way I see it.

Tom Correa

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