DALLAS, Oct. 4— The body resting in Lee Harvey Oswald's coffin was removed from its grave today, and a team of examining pathologists said that the remains were indeed Oswald's. The finding appeared to end speculation that the corpse might have been that of a Russian agent sent here to kill President Kennedy in 1963.
''We, both ind ividually and as a team, have concluded beyond any doubt, and I mean beyond any doubt, that the individual buried under the name Lee Harvey Oswald in Rose Hill cemet ery is Lee Harvey Oswald,'' said Dr. Linda Norton, head of the team of pathologists whoexamined the remains today at Baylor University Medical Center here.
The pathologists were said to have determined the body's identity mainly by comparing its teeth with Oswald's Marine Corps dental records. They also found on the body the scar of a childhood mastoid operation mentioned in the military records. ...
Mrs. Porter, her lawyer and a lawyer for Mr. Eddowes were on hand today. According to Mr. Eddowes's lawyer, the coffin contained ''just skeletal remains'' that ''could not be removed in one piece.''
The pathologists here were reported to have taken 150 X-rays. They identified, in the skull, the scar made by surgeons in a mastoid operation when Oswald was 6 years old, in 1945. They said that rings that Mrs. Porter had put on the body just before burial were still there.
-- end of New York Times article.