Saturday, December 31, 2016

Wishing You A Happy New Year 2017

Dear Friends,

As my regular readers know, I haven't posted as often as I usually do this month. Part of the reason for this has to do with my being busy taking care of my brother Herman Ray's affairs. The other part of it is that it's no fun having the flu this time of year!

Yes, it seems my wife and I have been taking turns. While I was not doing too hot and then felt better and back again, she got so sick that I took her to the hospital to get looked at. Thankfully, the doctor says it's not in her lungs. But even though that's the case, she is still not doing too hot. And while it's getting really old, that's the way things have been at our house for the last few weeks. 

I have been doing all sorts of research, especially reading a lot of what folks have sent me. That's the good news. But all in all, I just want to apologize for not posting new articles at this time. While I can promise you that that will change when things get back to normal around here, for right now this flu has us down more than up.  

As for the New Year, my prayer is that 2017 is truly the start of making America great again. I hope and pray that we can return America to her Christian roots, to a place that cherishes family, to a land that worries about us her citizens before we concern ourselves with taking care of other parts of the world. 

With this New Year, I hope and pray that any illness faced by you or a member of your family is overcome. I hope that God grants you and yours blessings and protection, safety, and the strength it takes to endure through the toughest of times.

I have a special prayer that goes out for my cousin Diane who is fighting stage 4 cancer. I'm praying for a miracle. Yes, I'm truly praying for a miracle. She is as wonderful a person as there has ever been in our world and the world would truly be empty without her.

And for you, I thank you so much for visiting and reading my little blog. I truly hope and that all good things come to you. I truly wish you health and happiness, and a very Happy New Year!

Tom Correa

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