Monday, November 4, 2019

Democrats Have Convinced Me To Vote For Trump In 2020

President Trump has focused on fixing our economy and working to make our nation a manufacturing giant once again. He has worked tirelessly to create low unemployment, and has taken on our global adversaries for us. Yes, on our behalf. Let that sink in, on our behalf.

He has accomplished a great deal of good for us while putting our concerns ahead of that of the rest of the world. These are things Americans have wanted, and we finally get it in President Trump.

But that's not the primary reason that I will vote to re-elect President Trump in 2020. I will vote for President Trump because Democrats have viciously and relentlessly sought to impeach him since he was elected in 2016.

Democrats started going after President Trump, and those of us who support him, before he took his oath of office. And sadly, Democrats have worked against our economic recovery while consciously refusing to work with him to keep us safe, secure, or prosperous. In fact, as pathetic as it is, Democrats have worked to shutdown businesses and attacked corporations who employ Americans. All while attempting to instill economic uncertainty among we the American people.

Shamefully, Democrats have done this while fostering hate, division, and violence throughout America. In fact, Democrats and the mainstream media which they control have done everything in their power to stop us from having a more harmonious nation since the 2016 Election. Their slanderous, unsubstantiated attacks, unfounded as they are, are all designed to increase discontent and hate among Americans. And it never stops!

Because of this, because of what Democrats have been doing since the 2016 Election, because of their drive to overturn the 2016 Election through "impeachment without cause," because I see Democrats as the real enemy of the American people as demonstrated by their actions, Democrats have convinced me to Vote for President Donald Trump again in 2020.

So now, for my readers who have written to ask why I'm voting for President Trump in 2020, there's my answer. If I lose you as a reader because you think that somehow what the Democrats have done is justifiable, than so be it. Frankly, I have to wonder about the value system, the basic character, the integrity of anyone supporting the hate and the underhanded viciousness of the Democrat Party today.

Tom Correa 

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  1. My money's on Trump. I think he should run again for election next year.


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