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B.H. Fellehy's unedited statement in the Preliminary Hearing before Judge Wells Spicer

I posted Wyatt Earp's unedited statement in the Preliminary Hearing before Judge Wells Spicer a few days ago. In his statement, he recounts encounters with the Clantons before the shooting near the O.K. Corral and what he believed took place on the day of the gunfight. Then I posted Ike Clanton's unedited statement in the Preliminary Hearing before Judge Wells Spicer so that you can compare their statements.

Below is eye-witness B.H. Fellehy's statement in the Preliminary Hearing before Judge Wells Spicer as it appeared in the Tombstone Daily Nugget, CORONER'S INQUEST, Oct. 30, 1881

B.H. Fellehy, sworn:

I heard some stranger ask Ike Clanton what is the trouble; he said there would be no trouble; then Ike Clanton went over to Dolan's saloon; I then looked over and saw the Marshal standing at Hafford's doorway; Then saw the Sheriff going over to where the Marshal and Sheriff were talking. 

The Sheriff says, "What's the trouble," the Marshal says, "Those men have made their threats; I will not arrest them but will kill them on sight;" Virgil Earp said this. 

The Sheriff asked the Marshal in to take a drink; did not see them afterward as I crossed over the street to the other side; when I got over there I saw one of the Earp brothers, the youngest one, talking to Doc Holliday; looked across the street; saw the Marshal again; someone came up to him and called him aside; when this gentleman got through talking wit the Earps; saw three of the Earps and Holliday go down the street together; they kept on the left of the street on Fourth. 

I was on the right side; when I got to the corner of Fremont and Fourth I started to go across to the southwest corner of Fremont; when I got midway between in the street I saw the firing had commenced.

I kept my eye on the Earps and Holliday until the shooting commenced; I saw Doc Holliday in the middle of the street; the youngest of the Earps brothers was about three feet from the sidewalk; he was firing at a man behind a horse; Doc Holliday also fired at the man behind the horse, and firing at a man who ran by him on the opposite side of the street; then I saw the man who had the horse let go, and was staggering all the time until he fell; he had his pistol still when he fell; I never saw the two elder Earps; I did not know where they were situated. 

I then went to the young man [Frank McLaury] lying on the sidewalk and offered to pick him up; he never spoke except the movement of the lips; I picked up a revolver lying five feet from him; then I saw Doc Holliday running towards where the young man was lying, still having a revolver in his hand, making the remark, 'the s--- of a b--- has shot me and I mean to kill him;' could not say who fired the first shots. 

I didn't see a shotgun go off; I didn't see a shotgun after I walked down the street; I didn't see anyone with their hands up, I was too far away to see that.

-- -- end of his statement.

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  1. There is a slight possibility that B.H. Fellehy was lying in his testimony about the Gunfight At The O.K. Corral. But that's perjury. So why would Fellehy go so far as to perjure himself? There were so many others that were perjuring themselves and Ike Clanton and Johnny Behan had DEFINITELY perjured themselves as well. The Earps were the only ones who told the truth on that day. As for Will McLaury? I don't know whether or not he had perjured himself but I believe he was telling the truth also. After all, Frank and Tom were HIS brothers but he was the defense attorney for the Earps. Imagine that! So who do YOU think was lying? Who's the real fall guy here? You know, when we were little kids we used to get caught doing something bad and we would lie about it. And that's exactly what perjury is. It's lying. But when we were little kids, we didn't yet know that that was what perjury meant. So who lied and who didn't? And if there IS a liar, then who's the biggest one of them all? In my opinion, I call bullshit on Johnny Behan's testimony. Oh, you said you disarmed the Cowboys before the Earps and Doc Holliday walked over to the O.K. Corral. Yeah right. I bet next you're gonna tell me pigs CAN fly. But I'll let YOU decide. I've got better things to do. Stay safe, amigos.


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