Friday, January 6, 2012

More Random Shots - I'm part of the 16%

First Shot!

Most know that I'm not a fan of Hollywood and their liberal actors. Because I don't like the idea of putting a dollar in the pockets of actors who have voiced their disdain for Conservative Americans like me, I hardly get to the movies these days. 

Because of their politics, I usually avoid movies that star actors like George Clooney, Alec Baldwin, Tom Hanks, Kevin Costner, Michael Moore, - and absolutely anything with Sean Penn in it.

Since Hollywood is predominantly Left, I have boycotted a lot of movies that have come out in recent years. I've boycotted them in the same way that I don't tune into David Letterman and Chris Matthews, I simply don't watch what they have to offer.

Usually, I'd say 9 times out of 10, I've seen evidence that Letterman and Matthews can be bias and hateful toward anything conservative. And yes, what's worse is that they don't care who they offend in the process.

I remember a time when most "Talk Show" host and News people would at least give the appearance of being impartial, but that doesn't seem the case for many of the ultra-liberal left on television and the entertainment industry.

Last year, I believe that I only put in 2 movies all year.  So far this year, I've beaten that number. 

On New Year's Day, my wife and I went to see Robert Downey Jr in "Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows."  If you want a new take on Sherlock Holmes, this movie is for you. Since I've been a big Sherlock Holmes fan since High School, I really liked the new twist on how Holmes and Watson are presented.

Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law do a wonderful job of taking on the roles of  Holmes and Watson. They make a great team.  And yes, for you folks who remember the old Sherlock Holmes movies, or remember the how the books went, then it will be a relief to know that this movie ties up all the loose ends as to how he knew what, how, when, where, and who did it in the end -  just as the books always did!

There's also something else about the new Sherlock Holmes movies, both this sequel and the first with Downey and Law.  The producers of this movie really capture the look and feel of 1890s England in this movie. It seems that the makers of this film went way above and beyond to produce an accurate portrayal of that time period.

It is an adventure film filled with all of the quirks of the great detective. I like it so much, I'd like to see Downey and Law follow this movie up with another! And no, I'm not just saying that because Robert Downey Jr is a Conservative. It's just that good.

On Tuesday night, for my wife's birthday, we went to see a whole different type of movie called "We Bought A Zoo."

This movie has Matt Damon in it and is really well done. Surprising enough there wasn't a hint of liberal politics or conservative bashing in the entire movie. At least, not as I could tell. And yes, that was a surprise to me considering that Matt Damon is an actor who has been very vocal with his liberal bias.

The movie has a great story, great acting, and it's put together wonderfully. It tugs on hearts strings in many ways and is a film that I'd recommend going to see.

And just so you know, my wife picked it to see because she has a lot more forgiveness for the comments coming from liberal actors than I do. Almost as to say, they really don't know what they're talking about so who cares what's their politics. I wish I had such patience with the left.

Next Shot!

A Massachusetts library sent the Police to collect overdue books from a 5 year-old little girl .

No kidding! Imagine what these people have done! The little girl was reportedly scared to tears after a library ordered police officers to her home to collect overdue books.

Shannon Benoit, the mother of 5 year-old Hailey answered the door to Charlton Police Sergeant Dan Dowd who was sent to her home to let know that her daughter had two books overdue which had to be either returned or paid for.  That was reported by CBSBoston.

"I thought it was way overboard," Shannon Benoit told CBSBoston. Five year-old Hailey allegedly even asked her mom if she was going to be arrested.

Can you imagine that?

From the reports that I've read, Benoit wasn't the only one who thought the gesture was a bit over-the-top. "Nobody wanted to, on this end to get involved in it," said Sgt. Dowd to CBSBoston. "But once the orders were given, it had to be done. The books have since been returned."

When I first read this story I remember saying that I hope Hailey's mother can find a good Lawyer to teach that library a lesson in not scaring kids over what amounts to a minor problem. Then I thought, I hate frivolous lawsuits. But friends, someone at that library should lose their job for doing what they did.

It should not stand! Shame on them!

Third Shot!

Iran ought to check itself to see if its thinking straight! A warning came from Iran to the U.S. Navy that one of our Aircraft Carriers may be a target. 

Now I can tell you from first hand experience that it doesn't matter what the Obama White House says of does pertaining to trying to appease the Iranians. Fact is that the U.S. Navy will do everything short of Nuclear War to protect its fleet and its Sailors.   

So if anyone is under the impression that Obama will turn tail and run from the Iranian threat and sacrifice one of our ships in the process, please do not under-estimate our Naval Commanders in the fleet. Where Obama might apologize to Iran for spitting in our eye, the U.S.Navy won't.

Fourth Shot!

If you ask a liberal environmentalist they'll say it's probably George Bush's Fault! But friends, VOG is hitting the islands of Hawaii really bad right about now. 

What? You say you've heard of fog and smog, but never vog.  Well, vog is a real deal. Vog is air pollution caused by volcanic activity on the Big Island of Hawaii. No, it's not man-made. It is mother-nature's oldest form of natural pollution. And yes, it's effects can be tough to take.

Right now Oahu's emergency rooms have been overwhelmed at times, especially ever since Hawaii Medical Center closed two of its hospitals last month. The issue of a lack of emergency rooms has reached its peak during this crisis since Tuesday when the vog rolled in.

Reports say that according to Emergency Medical Services officials, at one point in the day, only two emergency rooms on the entire island were accepting ambulance patients.

Friends, Oahu has a population of just under a Million residents, 953,207 to be exact. That figure is not counting tourist. For the Governor of Hawaii to let this happen is criminal.  And yes, it goes to the lack of planning and preparation if a big civil emergency would take place.

When the trade winds back off, haze is fairly common. But for some, it's more than feeling like you're living in Los Angeles.  Those folks with respiratory problems have to beware and take precautions. Breathing becomes a harder, and depending on the extent of your illness or if you have asthma - well you could be in trouble.

On Tuesday, the thick vog put a spotlight on an already sensitive issue of not enough emergency rooms on Oahu as emergency rooms fill to capacity.  I guess it was something that Hawaii's State government didn't want to address or advertise.

With lots of calls for respiratory complaints, headaches, and watery eyes, and of course the huge amount of extra patients, it overwhelmed emergency rooms across the island of Oahu. Of course health officials remind those with respiratory disorders to try to stay indoors when the vog is thick and drink lots of water and avoid strenuous activity.

Yes, whether liberal environmentalist want to admit it or not, it's a fact of life that mother-nature has the biggest carbon footprint of all.

Fifth Shot!

In Oklahoma, a young recently widowed mother shoots and kills an intruder who was breaking into her home. Good job gal!

It irks me to the core to know that there are scum-buckets out there preying on those they assume is weak and helpless.  Well, she was neither!

On New Year's Eve two intruders were at her door, she called 911 and spoke to a dispatcher on the phone about the problem she was facing. 

The 911 tape that was released to Oklahoma City media outlets Wednesday reveals that 18-year-old Sarah McKinley asked a Grady County dispatcher for permission to shoot the intruder. Yup, that's right. She kept her cool and asked if it's OK to shot an assailant intent on doing harm.

The 911 dispatcher gave her some pretty good advice.

"I've got two guns in my hand. Is it OK to shoot him if he comes in this door?" McKinley asked the dispatcher.

"Well, you have to do whatever you can do to protect yourself," the dispatcher is heard telling McKinley. "I can't tell you that you can do that, but you have to do what you have to do to protect your baby."

Oklahoma law allows the use of deadly force against intruders, and prosecutors said Sarah McKinley clearly acted in self-defense. And yes, Sarah's 3-month-old son was with her when she shot Justin Shane Martin, age 24, at her Blanchard mobile home.  And by the way, the dead outlaw Martin was holding a knife when he died.

There you have it - again more proof that you should never take a knife to a gun fight! In this case here, I'm thinking the dead outlaw must have felt pretty stupid when he heard the bang from that gun that Sarah was using.

"Our initial review of the case doesn't indicate she violated the law in any way," Assistant District Attorney James Walters told The Oklahoman newspaper.

As for the intruder's accomplice, well even though he turned himself in - he's been charged in the death of his buddy. That's right, prosecutors have charged Martin's accomplice, 29-year-old Dustin Louis Stewart, with first-degree murder.

According to authorities, Stewart was with Martin but ran away from McKinley's home after hearing the gunshots. That gunshot must have changed Stewart's mind convincing him that that was indeed a bad idea. But the idiot was a little too late in changing his mind, he started as an outlaw and now he's being charged as an outlaw.

"When you're engaged in a crime such as first-degree burglary and a death results from the events of that crime, you're subject to prosecution for it," Walters said.

Sarah McKinley said it took the men about 20 minutes to get through her door, which she had barricaded with a couch. She lost her husband about a week earlier, on Christmas Day, after being hospitalized with complications from lung cancer earlier that month.

I have a lot of respect for anyone who can handle adversity and kick its ass! Needless to say that Sarah McKinley has had it tough, but you have to hand it to her for showing what kind of stock she comes from. She kept her head and did want needed to be done in a hot situation - she definitely has my respect.

God Bless you gal!

Last Shot!

For months we heard about the Occupy Wall Street protesters calling themselves the 99%.

Right, all a bunch of rich kids with nothing else to do but protest America and what has made us the envy of the world.  College kids mostly, not a whole lot of common sense among them really.  If they did have common sense than they'd know how this nation was built. 

If they had a brain among them, then maybe they'd appreciate the work, the toil, the long hours, and personal and private sacrifice that has gone into building businesses that employ others so that their families can live a good life.

If they knew the simplest things about America that we require immigrants to know about us to be eligible for citizenship, then maybe they'd understand how the rest of the nation saw them. Maybe then they'd understand why most folks see them as stupid in the least -  and naive at best.

Of course they don't care what anyone else thinks, they know it all - just go ahead and ask them.  They regurgitate Socialist rhetoric that they've learned during their liberal educations in the same way as a baby throws up its food. All response and no thought behind it.

In fact, thinking about it, I'd say that a young Socialist has a lot in common with a baby. Both cry and scream for attention. And of course, yes, both are still wet behind the ears and don't know shit from applesauce!

For me, I just found out that I'm part of the 16%.  That's right, according to the 2010 Census, 16% of Americans live in Rural America. 

Supposedly, by way of the census figures, many skeptics see America as a place where suburbs merge, city boundaries become indistinct.  According to these wiz-kid Demographers, many communities could shrink to virtual ghost towns as they close down businesses and schools. More metro areas are booming into sprawling megalopolises.

Of course these same folks are all doom and gloom, never having a positive thing to say about anything. They paint Rural America as having no purpose, they say, "rural areas grow ever less relevant."

That's find if they think so, I don't. Those college kids who come up with these reports never take into consideration the migration that has been taking place in America.

They seem to omit the facts that don't help their argument. Fact is that most newly married couples can't afford to live in the city, small or big, these days. Fact is that they, along with millions of others, are moving to Rural America to get the hell away from the city sprawl, congestion, traffic, drugs, high crime rates, growing murder rates, racial tension, and a lack of good schools that aren't just liberal indoctrination camps.

Fact is that retired Americans are going back to the country in droves simply because the city scares them and the suburbs are being overtaken with gang violence and drugs.

But that's OK, if some folks out there end up believing the latest gloom and doom forecast from some idiot that don't where milk comes from, or what that hamburger was before they ate one, or who grew that salad of theirs - just remember, they think Rural America is not "relevant."

If they are so smart and we're so irrelevant, then they should try to make a meal out of their ipods - or go chew on a silicon waffer.

As for me, well, until those who think they have all the answers finally wake up and find out that they don't, my horses and I are going to Occupy Rural America by way of my barn! After all, we are the 16% who will keep growing the food that the other 84% needs to live on!

My Grandpa used to say, "Feed hay to horses, and words to the wise - but only if they'll listen."

Keep your cinch tight and ride easy!

Story by Tom Correa

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