Friday, July 13, 2012

Why should the Gov of Maine Apologizes for calling the IRS the "'New Gestapo"?

So the Governor of Maine is now apologizing for calling the IRS the "'New Gestapo."

Why do that, when it's might be true?

It was reported today, that Maine Governor Paul LePage had created a problem when he compared the Federal Internal Revenue Service to the Nazi Gestapo.

On Friday, he issued a formal apology for his "insensitivity to the word" after a face-to-face meeting with representatives of several Jewish groups that had complained.

LePage hopes his apology, obtained by The Associated Press ahead of its airing on his weekly radio address, will bring to an end the week long furor over his remark.

It started when he described the Internal Revenue Service as the "new Gestapo" while criticizing President Barack Obama's health care overhaul.

LePage said it was "never my intent to insult or to be hurtful to anyone, but rather express what can happen by overreaching government."

"The acts of the Holocaust were nothing short of horrific. Millions of innocent people were murdered and I apologize for my insensitivity to the word and the offense some took to my comparison of the IRS and the Gestapo," the governor said in his radio address.

LePage met with representatives from two Jewish groups today, Friday, July 13, 2012, following comments he has made comparing the Internal Revenue Service to the Gestapo, Adolf Hitler’s secret police force in Nazi Germany.

LePage is known for blunt rhetoric, previously telling the Portland branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People to "kiss my butt," calling protesters "idiots," referring to state government middle managers as "corrupt" and even saying he'd tell Obama to "go to hell."

His formal apology for the Gestapo remarks represents the first time he's done so.

The governor's original radio address last weekend in which he attacked the Supreme Court's ruling on "ObamaCare" didn't include the reference to Gestapo, but the governor added in the final version.

The Republican governor said the Supreme Court's decision "made America less free" and gave Americans no choice but to buy health insurance or "pay the new Gestapo - the IRS."

On Friday, he had a meeting with representatives from the Anti-Defamation League of New England and the Jewish Community Alliance of Southern Maine to clear the air.

"People took offense to it, and he is recognizing that. He's owning up to it and he's saying I'm sorry," said his spokeswoman, Adrienne Bennett.

So OK, maybe I just don't get it, but I don't see where's the problem?

OK, so Adolf Hitler's Gestapo was indeed the Secret Police in Nazi Germany.and they assisting the Nazi SS in rounding up Jews. But frankly, that was only one horrible part of what they did.

Initially they assumed the duties of a state police force, sort of like say a Federal law enforcement agency here. They were in charge of very routine things including immigration and deportations like say ICE is here.

The difference though is drastic. The Nazi Gestapo operated without any legal restrictions. They were authorized to make arrests without any legal restraints. They were authorized to use torture and even execute those arrested without trial.

And no, the Gestapo did not discriminate. Jew or not did not matter. They terrorized their citizens with on the spot searches and seizures, spies, surveillances, informers, and as a result of many arrests, of not only Jews, simply disappeared to the many concentration camps - or were just killed and thrown in a ditch somewhere.

They were Nazi Germany's internal security police as organized under the Nazi regime. They were notoriously known for their terrorist methods directed against those suspected of treason or questionable loyalty.

Today, the term "Gestapo" is used to describe a law enforcement organization that employs terrorist methods to control a populace. The term relates to the "characteristics" of the German security police organized under the Nazi regime.

The "characteristic" of terrorist police methods or operations is defined as "Gestapo tactics."

So why does the Governor of Maine have to apologize for calling the IRS the "'New Gestapo?"

Facts: 1) When ObamaCare goes into effect, the law enforcement part of the IRS will be enforcing the penalties that the government expects to collect from those not following the ObamaCare Mandate. 2) There will be over 2,000 new federal laws that will be enforced by the IRS when ObamaCare goes into effect. 3) The IRS will be able to do exactly what they can do today - except even more so.

President Barack Obama increased the budget for the Internal Revenue Service by 9.4 percent in 2011 to hire more than 5,000 new employees, most of whom would be ObamaCare penalty enforcers.

Under ObamaCare, the IRS will have more authority over the American people. They will be able to penalize, terrorize, confiscate, and arrest citizens for not complying to the more than 2,000 new laws that a compliant Supreme Court just said is OK.

And yes, if you don't think the IRS terrorizes, then you've never gotten a letter from the IRS calling for an audit - or saying that you owe the government money and may lose your home if you do not comply.

They have the authority to place levies, place liens on property, empty your bank accounts, seize and impound your property and other assets, auction off your equipment, award penalties and compound them as they see fit with compounded interest, make arrests, imprison, and destroy your family!


Yes, this is the IRS right now. Yes, this is America's Gestapo! And please don't think they stay completely within the rules, from all that I read about their actions, IRS abuses of American taxpayers through intimidation, force, and coercion are reported nationwide.

And yes, all across America, farmers are losing family farms, truckers are losing their rigs, and all sort of other small businesses are closing due to the IRS power and authority and terror right now.

That's right! It's happening right now! Working Americans are being attacked right now.

In fact homeowners across the nation are being evicted from their family homes because of unpaid federal and state taxes. In some cases, the amount that is owed is only a few hundred dollars.

So instead of reigning in the IRS, no, now through provisions in ObamaCare - the IRS will have even more power and authority.

Ironic as it is, the arrests made by the Nazi Gestapo did result in trials - but compliant Nazi judges guaranteed that defendants would be convicted.

If our sensitivities are such that we want to parse our words and not call a spade a spade, then I can't help but wonder what else we may want to be in denial over.

Friends, by way of more unbridled power and authority, the fact is that the IRS is America's "Gestapo" because it uses "Gestapo tactics" - whether some want to say it or not!

Story by Tom Correa

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