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Colorado Democrats - They Are A Conniving Bunch!


Dear Readers,

A few of you have written to ask me why I perceive Democrat as devious cowards always conniving behind our backs?

Well, yes, I do see them as a conniving bunch!

Yes, I said conniving.  Why? Well, because whether its to others or society as a whole, they are "given to or involved in conspiring to do something immoral, illegal, or harmful."

That's what Democrats do! And yes, Colorado is great example of this.

As soon as Democratic Colorado state senator resigned on November 27th to avoid a recall election over a her voting for an over-reaching gun control law that led to the ouster of two of her colleagues earlier this year, the Democrats out in Colorado were at it again!

Sen. Evie Hudak, who has represented a district that includes Denver’s western suburbs since 2008, announced her resignation less than a week before opponents planned to submit petitions to recall her.

Hudak said she decided to resign to protect the new gun control legislation and to ensure her constituents would not have to pay for a special election.

“Though it is difficult to step aside, I have faith that my colleagues will honor the legacy my constituents and I have built,” she said in her resignation letter to the Colorado Senate.

"Legacy"? What "legacy"?

Let's face facts here, she was going to be run out of town on a rail so she quit first.

The recall efforts came after Colorado's Democratic Legislature and governor last year approved a slate of gun-control measures including ammunition magazine limits and expanded background checks.

The limits were the first to be adopted as a knee jerk reaction outside the East Coast after the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.

Because they went against the wishes of their constituents, in September, Democrat state senators John Morse and Angela Giron were recalled in favor of Republican replacements over their support of the legislation.

So how does any of this make this situation another example of conniving Democrats trying to do an end run around the wishes of their constituents?

Well friends, KDVR reported that by resigning, Ms Evie Hudak ensures that a Democrat will be appointed in her seat and the party will retain its one-seat majority in the Senate.

If she didn't resign, the Democrats would have lost that one seat majority if Hudak was successfully recalled.

What does Democrat Evie Hudak get out of it?

How about her showing her communist brethren that she has so much loyalty y to the party that she is willing to step aside and allow anothe Democrat to fill that spot?

Let's be honest here, that sort of loyalty among such people is worth a lot - especially is she wants to be appointed to a political position or go higher in the Democrat Party.

Communist love other communist who will work for the collective, even if it means screwing the very people they are supposedly representing.   

The resignation of Democratic Sen. Evie Hudak, who left her seat last week in an effort to stave off a special recall election, has left a committee of Jefferson County party activists to appoint her successor.

A vacancy committee made up of about 70 Democrat precinct leaders and district officers will meet to choose between former Rep. Sara Gagliardi and Arvada City Coucilwoman Rachel Zenzinger.

Gagliardi is no stranger to the state Capitol, having been elected to the House in 2006. But in 2010, Gagliardi was unseated by a Republican.

By contrast, Zenzinger brings to the race a record on the Arvada City Council that dates back to 2009.

Both say their political leanings are left of center, and both support the gun restrictions that were passed. Both apparently supports limits to ammunition magazines and background checks.

The candidate to emerge successfully from the vacancy committee must run for re-election in 2014 in a district that is easily among the most competitive seats in the state.

Hudak won the seat in 2012 by less than 600 votes with a third-party candidate on the ballot.

Gagliardi said, "I have more experience than my opponent. I've passed bills, and I know what it takes to get things done."
Zenzinger said "It's about meeting the needs of the constituents, no matter what party you represent."

Yes, like with most politicians, their rhetoric all sounds great. But too bad it only lasts until they are sworn in. After that, it's a matter of showing the other Demorats that they are team players and are willing to screw the citizens if asked by their party to do so.

Am I saying that Republicans don't act the same way? Well, yes and no.

Anyone who watches the news and politics will have to admit that Republicans are 100% more scrutinized than Democrats are in all sorts of ways.

Sure, there are those fools that try, but on the overall Republicans are crucified if they try the things that most Democrats get away with on a routine basis.

Most Republicans know this is true. And yes, most know that even if they wanted to try to work the system to their own advantage - they'd be tried and convicted by the mainstream liberal media before they knew what had hit them.

On the other hand, like spoiled children who know they can get away with almost anything because they are so loved and cuddled by the liberal media, Democrats are willing to give anything a try - even if it means it being illegal and they'd be screwing their own constituents.

Don't think so? Think about the example of Obama screwing over his own supporters who he openly lied to just to get what he wanted with the passage of ObamaCare.

If Obama were a Republican, friends, there would be riots in the streets with people calling for the repeal of the ObamaCare law and his Impeachment.

But since he is a Democrat, the liberal media is still on his side and doesn't care if more than 7 Million Americans - many his loyal supporters -have had their Health Care Coverage cancelled because of Obama's lies.

How can you tell they are still on his side? Well, the liberal news media is working to get the American people to focus all of their attention on the problems with the ObamaCare website.

They are doing this even though they know that the website is of small insignificance when compared to the cataclysmic problem of Millions of Americans losing their Medical Coverage because of the bad law known as ObamaCare - which should be repealed.

By focusing our attention on the problems with the website, the liberal media helps the Democrats with getting the focus off of the real problem of Obama screwing the entire nation as a whole.

The Democrats in Colorado are no different than those in Washington DC, California, New York, or Chicago. They work the system and use people to their own advantage

In Colorado, the Democrat candidate that receives the majority of the votes from the Senate District 19 committee - a committee run by Democrats - wins the seat.

All committee members must live in the Senate district, which spans Arvada and Westminster.

Under Colorado law, legislative vacancy committees are used when lawmakers leave office before elections — often this occurs through a resignation.

Colorado House Speaker Mark Ferrandino, another Democrat, had also assumed his office through a vacancy committee.

In fact, besides Ferrandino, it seems that several other current Colorado state lawmakers were first elected to office through vacancy committees.

"This is not an ideal circumstance to have a vacancy committee appointment meeting," said Democrat Kathryn Wallace, the committee's chairwoman, "But it is a great process that allows us to democratically choose our next state senator."

No its not! She is dead wrong!

Fact is, it is just plain and simple that Hudak's resignation opened the way to keep a Democrat in her seat. It was a devious way of depriving the citizens in Hudak's district of democratically choosing their next state senator through a special election.

An election, which pols show they would lose overwhelmingly.

No matter how the Democrats want to paint it, it is an end run by a bunch of conniving Democrats to work the system to their own advantage while cheating the citizens of Colorado out of their right to vote. That's all it is!

Story by Tom Correa

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