Monday, December 16, 2013

Military Familes Need Our Help NOW!

Dear Readers,

Anywhere between 700 and 800 of you visit my blog on a daily basis. I have not asked a whole lot while trying to furnish folks with News, Commentary, and Information on everything under the sun from Horse Care to the threat of Big Brother in Washington DC.

But now, well today we need to act.

If small blogs like mine can get the word out that Military Families are about to be screwed over by the Democrats who have absolute control of the United States Senate - then maybe we can stop it from happening.

We talk about hard times and budget cuts to the military, but the fact is they waste Billions of Dollars more than they need. It's a fact that has been documented over and over again.

It's waste on a lot of truly bullshit items that should never be part of the military's budget, but it takes place every year costing us Billions upon Billions of Taxpayer Dollars!

Yes, I support the Troops and their families - not spending Billions on bullshit! And yes, there is a lot of it.

So now, as usual, when it comes time for the rubber to meet the road and they are forced to make cuts - they shoot for the easy targets by attacking the pay and benefits of our troops.

And yes, they are subsequently attacking our Military Families who scrape by at best.


We need to stop this this time!

The Budget that was passed by the House is a crime about to be committed on our troops and their families.

We don't need to have our troops on FOOD STAMPS or other assistance programs.

We don't need to close Base Commissaries which enable the families of our troops to get their groceries and such at a lower cost. These commissaries were designed to help offset their small salaries.

Friends, the monthly salary of a Soldier, Sailor, Airman, and Marine when first entering our military is $1,050 - that's a month's wages. Yes, one thousand and fifty dollars for a new enlistee just going in the service!

If he or she is married, then they may get a few more dollars for having a wife or husband or a child, but trust me when I say that that is taken up with one fillup at any gas station these days.

We should be rewarding them for their sacrifices, not making matters worse!

It is simply wrong to promise things and not fulfill our end of the contract. It is a contract which we made with our troops and their families.

What was it that we agreed on?

The unsaid agreement between the military and the civilian population that it protects is this:

We ask our troops to fight for us, to wage war in our name; to protect us from evil and keep us safe so that we can live comfortable lives; to preserve our way of life at all costs;  to do all of this including at the cost of their own life - if that ultimate sacrifice has to be made.

And to do this, we as a society have promised: To pay them a small inept anemic wage and living allowance so that their families can scrape by; We give them 50% to 75% of that miserable wage after they give us 20 to 30 years of their lives in our service under conditions that most citizens would not live and work in; We also promise to provide them medical care to treat their injuries and wounds and ailments for the rest of the lives.

We do this because within any society, we need Guardians, Protectors, War Fighters. We need men and women who will do for us things which most in society would rather not do.  And yes, there are those who would rather shirk the responsibility to fight altogether yet enjoy the freedoms that others die for.

We do this because we need them to do things in war that will surely scar them, disable them, and in some cases completely ruin them.

And yes, they served willingly. We need them to do all of this willingly.

We ask of them to do what no one wants to do, because we know full well that someone has to. We know that some has to how, and that someone does it for us.

We ask a great deal for what we have promised to give in return. Let's keep our promises.

Our so-called "leaders" in Washington DC want to renege on the deal and cut the pay and benefits of those who fight for us.

This cannot take place and I'm begging you to please make the call or send the email or tweet or facebook. Do whatever it takes to stop this now and forever. We must live up to our part of the agreement with our military.

The sign of every great nation's demise is that it neglects and grows its disdain for those who fight for it - and as in our case, keep us protected and free.

Please let's not allow this to happen, there really are Billions of Dollars in cuts in other places.

Let's make the call!

It's not hard, we can all do it!

Step 1: Tell Congress to #KeepYourPromises

Get the word out: Search and share messages with this hashtag on Social Media

Step 2: Join us on Monday Dec 16th at 9pm EST

Share your thoughts. Join this Twitter Town Hall to discuss military pensions by searching #KeepYourPromise

Step 3: Click to send a message to auto-generate a letter to your Senator and the President.

Step 4: If you use Facebook or Twitter, click to find your state Senator’s Twitter handle and/or Facebook page and send a personal message.

Step 5: Call the number below and use the message to let your leaders know that this is not okay.

Finally, click on the following links to discover the letters that the Military Coalition sent regarding the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2013 sent as well as a letter that three Senators sent so regarding why they couldn’t vote for the bill.

Please, help us get the word out and take these simple steps to help protect military pay.

Dear Colleague Letter Budget Act 2013 from Republican Senators Kally Ayotte, Lindsey Graham, and Roger Wicker

Much thanks,

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  1. Military families matter. So we DO need to help them out. Because although it's my country 'tis of thee, it's your country too.


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