Sunday, April 6, 2014

Thank You Brittany Condry!

Dear Readers,

It's not every day that I need to thank a stranger for saving me money.

But yes, that's exactly why I need to give a big "Thank You" to Brittany Condry who works for Reliance First Capital down there in Plano Texas.

The reason for my publicly saying thanks to Brittany, is that she gave me advice that saved me hundreds of dollars -- and maybe thousands in the long run.

You see, with the cost of providing for horses going up, especially the price of feed grain and hay to where most are asking $16 for a bale of Alfalfa, my wife and I decided to look into refinancing our home to find the extra money we need each month to keep our heads above water.

Well, I spoke to four different mortgage lenders about my prospects of a refinance. With each, we hashed out the numbers and what sort of savings we were looking at.

Three of them advised me that all I needed to do was come up with anywhere from $350 to $500 for a property appraisal, and about the same for home inspections. It would have run my wife and I about $900 to $1,200 in all depending on which mortgage lender we would go with.

Since my wife left it up to me to talk with these folks, I soon found myself trying to figure out where to find the funds for the appraisal and the inspections.

That's about when I received a phone call from Brittany Condry with Reliance First Capital out of Plano, Texas. Yes, she was the 4th mortgage lender who contacted me in just those couple of days of going through the process.

To be real honest, since I was already dealing with others, I sort of put her calls on the back-burner for a day.

Frankly, I was already leaning toward going with one of the others if I could find the money to do it.

After explaining to Brittany that I have spoken with 3 other lenders, I told her that I was about to go forward with one of them and why.

She was pleasant and interested in my situation and wanted to know what they were offering and if her company could meet or beat it.

I told her why I was looking into refinancing, and I again went over the numbers -- yes, the whole time thinking she was going to come back and say something similar to what the others told me.

I answered all of her questions and she said that she could take a look at my situation to see what would be the best program for my wife and me.

I agreed to let her look into it, including my credit, and that I'd be happy to do this refinance with her company if everything looked good -- and of course was better than the others were selling me.

I did tell her that one of my concerns was that the appraisal won't come in high enough because the homes in my rural area may still be selling too low. We talked more, then arranged to talk again in 3 hours with some sort of plan of action.

We hung up, and I expected to talk with her in about 3 hours to get started after she looks at my credit report and sales in my area.

Again, I expected her to tell me that I needed to come up with money to get the appraisal and inspections, and to give me a list of things like pay stubs and and tax papers that I would need in terms of documentation.

Within less than 20 minutes, the phone rang and it was Brittany calling me back to tell me that she has gone over my options. I thought that was pretty quick.

This is where the surprise came in, she said she took a look at my credit and found that not one of the others had run my credit. I found that strange since the others assured me that they had in fact ran a credit check. I have good credit, so I wasn't worried about that -- what bothered me is they lied to me.

Then she told me something that I didn't expect. She said that after she looked at my present mortgage interest rate and overall situation, she realized that my wife and I are in a real good interest rate and that my situation is really too good to mess with.

She said her company does not believe in preying on people who think they need something they don't. I was very impressed.

I listened while she told me that there was no plan out there which would be better than the mortgage situation that I'm in right now.

Then her passion for her job came through even further when she said, "Tom, don't listen to what anyone tries to sell you. You can only lose money if you spend it on the appraisals because there is nothing in your area to help raise your value. Besides, no one is going to have a better offer than what you already have right now -- that's no matter what they tell you. Do not accept their promises, or spend money you don't need to spend."

She then went on to explain why -- even though I could refinance -- it would end up costing me more money than saving me any money and that her company doesn't work that way just to make a buck.

I thanked Brittany for being so upfront and honest. I told her how rare she is, especially in a business that can take advantage of people who are trying to find financial assistance by cutting corners here and there.

I also told Brittany that I would let people know about her. And yes, I will tell everyone who is looking for an honest mortgage company to call Brittany Condry with Reliance First Capital at (469) 440-5315.

It's not every day that someone you don't know goes out of there way to call to save you from making a mistake. She could have simply threw my name and file aside and went on with her day, but she didn't.

Now I don't know if it was because she was raised correctly, or if it was because she is born and bred in the great state of Texas -- and yes, there is a lot to be said about how you were raised and where you're from -- but her friendly, personable, and professional attitude is only heightened by her sense of caring.

If Brittany Condry is a reflection of the superior ethics behind Reliance First Mortgage, then that is a very good company -- and yes, she certainly does represent them very well.

I would hope that everyone who wants to refinance finds someone like Brittany Condry. Someone who looks at a client's whole situation, and cares enough for them to do the right thing.

In a world where we are bombarded with negative images of Americans, it is so nice to meet a stranger like Brittany. I can only hope her company, Reliance First Capital is glad they have such a woman working for them.

I appreciate the fact that she saved me the appraisal and inspection money that I was ready to spend.

Thanks Brittany, it's nice to see folks like you are out there. You are the type of person who makes America great!

With thanks,
Tom Correa


Reliance First Capital is not an advertiser for us here at the American Cowboy Chronicles.

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