Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Let Them Eat Cake

By Terry McGahey
Associate Writer/Old West Historian

It is truly sad in this day and age that many young people have no idea what this country was built upon, the Constitution!

I hear quite often now days, "the world is a global society". Do you truly understand what that means? What it means is that we are moving away from our freedoms into a Socialist/Marxist/Communist way of living.

I also hear, "being a Democratic Socialist is different". This is purely not true even though many college professors are brainwashing our young people to believe it. Socialism is socialism! Yes, we have some Socialist programs in this country but we are not a socialist run country.

Let me lay out just a few examples of how the Socialists have invaded our lives. First off, how our government has stepped into our homes through the use of our schools and such by an overreach of power on the use of paddling you child.

I do not condone beatings, but a paddling is not a beating. Without this power of the parent, we now have more young people raised without respect of others than ever before which also leads to these same young people believing the world owes them a living.

How about the auto industry, how about forcing out many corporations by over regulation, how about allowing Muslim teachings in our schools but not Christianity, and how about Political Correctness which is taking away a certain amount of free speech.

Now the government has control of much of the healthcare in this country which has become a large percentage of our GDP. Nancy Pelosi was just on the news acting like a parrot by repeating the words "affordable, affordable, affordable."

The rates of Obama care are going to rise by 25% in some locations and even more in others, so tell the people this who cannot afford the insurance already, and who are paying fines at the end of the year for not having this horrible plan because they cannot afford it. If you really pay attention to Pelosi's statement you will realize that it is really no different than the times of the French term, "let them eat cake".

Now please understand, the term cake back then was not cake as we know it now and the statement was not made by Marie Antoinette as most believe, it was originally stated by Marie-Therese, wife of Louis the XIV. Cake was a blend of flour, eggs and butter, not a true bread which the French elite could only afford, and bread was a main staple in France at that time.

No matter, Pelosi's statement is basically stating the same thing to our people. You do not see her on Obama care nor will you see any of our other elected officials on the roles of Obama care.

So let them eat cake Nancy? That's exactly what you are saying to the people beneath it all. Eat the cake yourself and see how you like it Pelosi instead of hanging on to your government Cadillac plan just like the rest of you're elite buddies in government, Democrat and Republican alike.

The bottom line, I am getting at is simple. Hillary Clinton has been involved with our government for 30 years or better and during that time she has not raised a stink about how crooked our government has become. When she mentioned the Supreme Court justice appointments, she stated that she would appoint judges that understand our modern world but did not mention how they must be judges who will defend our constitution.

She will appoint judges who will promote her agenda of more gun control, less freedom of speech through Political Correctness, and will bring in thousands of Syrian refugees many of whom want to kill us and who want this country run under their laws which makes women second class citizens.

Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and many others within our government are nothing more than traitors to our people and our Constitution. So why in the world would you vote for this greedy, power mad, horrible person which has treated our Secret Service Agents like crap, and who will not change anything about our crooked government?

All one has to do is to take the time to look into her record, and what I have stated here is easily found. No matter if you like Trump or not, he is our only chance to save the Constitution from the onslaught of the likes of Clinton and Pelosi.

Educate yourselves and see which candidate is the smart choice. Hillary Clinton is not the smart choice.

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  1. I agree, Tom. We SHOULD let them eat cake. After all, they wanted a pity party, they got one.


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