Sunday, October 30, 2016

Thank You R.C. & Connie

I get a lot of email from you. And yes, I love it. I love knowing that you think I'm either on the right track or that I'm full of it. Either way, I love the fact that many of you take the time out to write me.

And please, make no mistake about it, I get requests for articles on this person or that, some famous and some not, places, horses, different types of firearms, and so on. I also get requests to help people with their books, their research, and I'm always pleasantly surprised when someone says that they want to use one of my articles, or a piece of information, in their book or article.

Along with a few old newspaper clippings, I have gotten some great pictures. All I ask is that people do not send me the originals of either. If you want to send me a copy that's great, but really those clippings and photographs should be kept in your families. It's not that I don't appreciate them, it's just that they really belong to you and should be passed down in your family.

And while I get clippings, records, photographs, and pamphlets, R.C. and his wife Connie has sent me books for my research. And yes, for you who might be wondering, they are First Edition Civil War History books.

No, it's not every day that a reader sends me books -- especially First Editions from 1960. But there's more, RC and Connie have also sent me a wonderful donation.

In his letter to me, he asked that I buy some sugar cubes, a few bales of sweet grass, and to take my best girl out for a cold one. Well, with their great donation, I have done just that. I bought sugar cubes, apple treats, and some sweet feed for our horses. And yes, I also took my wife to dinner and told her that that was on the Wiese family.

So now, why am I publicly thanking RC and Connie for such gifts?

Well, first off, over the last six years, other than RC and Connie's very generous donation, I had received $40 in donations. And while that doesn't sound like much to some, those two $20 donations made me feel like a million bucks!

You see, I started this blog not really knowing where it would go. I figured that I'd simply talk about the things that interest me, such as America, guns, real Old West history, horses, and of course the things that make us, you and me, we Americans, a great people. 

My reward is simple enough. I like knowing that great people like you, and RC and Connie, enjoy what I write about. And yes, I'm hoping that I don't disappoint you in the future.

Back in the 1990s, I traveled around our great nation a lot. Yes, a lot. While doing inspections of power plants and other energy related businesses, I met some great people in all of the states. I was at the Monticello Nuclear Generating Plant in either 1990 or '91. You folks in Minnesota are truly great people. 

Thank you RC. And if you're reading this, please pass along my thanks to your wife Connie as well.

May God Bless you and yours.

Your friend,
Tom Correa

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