Monday, October 24, 2016

Why I'm Voting For Donald Trump

Dear Friends, 

Since I'm voting for Donald Trump, a few people have asked me what I want by my voting for him? After thinking about this, this is what I want.

I want an America where the unborn are not sold for parts and child molesters are hanged instead of set free, a society where rapists are castrated, animal abusers are beaten, murderers are executed, and terrorists are killed by any means.

I want an America where equal work for equal pay is not just a slogan, where men and women really do get the same pay but respect each for being different, where motherhood is prized and fathers are respected, an America where family is important and children are not seen as belonging to the government.

I want an America where an American can use a gun to protect his or her family, an America where the criminals are treated as criminals, where the citizenry is respected, an America where the fundamental rule of law that a person is innocent until proven guilty is applied to all and not just the well-connected and wealthy.

I want an America where a child can say a Christian prayer in school and not be attacked while a Muslim child is praised, where teachers teach instead of indoctrinate, where leftist political ideology is shown to be the fraud it is instead of worshiped in taxpayer funded American universities, where children are taught civics, math, science and our history without bashing those long dead.  

I want an America where all lives matter, where Political Correctness is scorned, where having a good job in not impossible, where politicians don't run for office to get rich, where corrupt politicians are put in prison, where decisions by our elected representatives are based on what America needs and not what the United Nations wants.

I want an America where the Constitution is not violated by our government, where our Bill of Rights is not threatened by power hungry politicians, where our flag is cherished, where the amount of taxes collected is actually regulated by need instead of the greed of politicians who owe their souls to special interests, an America where anti-Americans can either get their heads out of their ass or leave.

And frankly, while I know that I cannot get everything that I want for America, I believe my voting for Donald Trump is a great first step in that direction.

And yes, that's just the way I see it.

Tom Correa


  1. So we'll said, that is exactly how I feel.I'm ready for a better America, and Trump is the only way...

  2. Donald Trump is like a general on the battlefield. You expect him to lead the way. And he will too. I only wish more people saw it the way that I do. You don't wanna mess with Trump. He might fire you. Haha.


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