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RANDOM SHOTS! Oil Is More Than Gasoline, Trayvon Is At Fault, Teachers Cheat, $26 Hot Dog, and More


The Consequences of Not Drilling Right Now!

Domestic Oil Drilling Advocates Warn Of Increased Global Demand As Oil Supply Dwindles

An article in the news reported that more people are buying cars and using more gas around the world than ever before. This growth in the global economy increases the demand for fuel, while oil supplies are projected to get tighter.

"China was at 5 million barrels a day in 2005. Today, they are at 10 (million). By 2015, they are going to be at 15-million-barrels-a-day demand," said John Hofmeister, founder of Citizens for Affordable Energy. "That's 10 million new barrels over 10 years. India is going from 4 to 7 (million) in the next three to four years."

President Obama seems to recognize the coming explosion in demand, but has a different solution for the problem of more demand and less oil. He wants to do nothing in the way of more drilling to tap into our abundant natural resources.

He argues that more drilling is not the way of the future. Instead, he wants to wean Americans off of oil entirely by turning to alternatives energy options like electric and hybrid cars, solar and wind power - and what I call his "ATOTO" philosophy.

No matter how high gas prices at the pump go, "ATOTO" is the mantra from the wealthy Liberal Left. "ATOTO" is the acronym for "Any Thing Other Than Oil."

The problem with Obama's thinking, according to most analysts, is that the transition from oil to alternatives takes far longer than more drilling would.

"And we have a capital stock of hundreds of million of vehicles," Guy Caruso of the Center for Strategic and International Studies said. "So these types of transformations take decades and maybe even 50 to 60 years."

Lately, obviously because its an Election Year, Obama talks about oil drilling as if he were for it. Imagine that! Like a true politician, Obama is telling Americans that he is cutting red tape and issuing all sorts of oil permits for companies to get to work on Federal lands.

The problem with Obama lying to the American people these days is that he might get a few to believe him - but the majority won't. The data speaks for itself. Official government figures show that Obama is issuing far fewer permits on Federal land than George W. Bush did while he was president.

At the end of his two terms, George W. Bush issued 6,000 to 7,000 permits a year. Under Barack Hussein Obama the numbers have dropped significantly to a range of 4,000 to almost 4,500 a year.

Since it can take seven to 10 years for a permit to turn into an actual producing oil well, that means less oil will be coming from Federal lands in years to come. That combined with a rise in global demand for oil is a recipe for disaster for the United States.

Yes, all thanks to Obama's attitude of doing nothing to prepare for the future now.

Advocates of more domestic drilling say we know a crunch is coming, so we should be drilling more right now - otherwise, the result could be ugly.

"The reality of the situation, with respect to global supply is that Americans can find themselves in gasoline lines, with gas rationing by 2015 or 2016 by us not producing more of our own oil," Hofmeister said.

Obama is either purposing neglecting the facts, or he's just too dumb to understand the facts. Either way, he should understand that the facts clearly point out that even with alternatives, the U.S. Energy Department predicts that in 2035 we will still be relying on oil for 83% of our transportation needs alone.

And yes, those figures are not taking into consideration all of our other needs for oil. For some reason, Obama and the Democrats who support him only think oil is for gasoline and transportation.

But folks, Obama can't get it in his head that it's not just about gasoline and cars!

One 42-gallon barrel of oil creates 19.4 gallons of gasoline. The rest, over half, is used to make things like:

And friends, this is only about 150 of the approximately 6000 items made from oil. This is only a partial list of products made from petroleum. As we can see, it's not only about gasoline and cars.

So ask yourself, as I have asked myself lately, when the President of the United States talks about not drilling for more oil - just how many manufacturing jobs is he talking about putting at stake by not drilling right now?

How expensive will these oil based products become if they can't be made easily made here?

How many companies are going to have to relocate their manufacturing facilities overseas because they make one or a few of the thousands of oil based products?

How many companies will want to take their manufacturing jobs somewhere else because oil is not readily available in the United States and may also be cheaper in other countries than it is here?

Ask yourself, how many Americans are going to suffer because of Obama's arrogance or ignorance? Maybe he should look around and maybe take a long look at how many products that we depend on comes from oil?

Fact is, there are reasons to drill for oil that have nothing to do with just cars and transportation.


Texas Rangers to sell a $26 Hot Dog!

So OK, I'll take a shot at the silliness of the Texas Rangers who are now putting out a new menu item which is supposedly designed for heavy hitters.

It's really surprising to me that in today's world with a lot people out of work and the cost of a Major League Baseball Game almost out of reach for the average American, that a ball club would do what the Rangers are doing.

Instead of dropping ticket prices to draw more attendance, instead of lowering the price of a soda or a hot dog to make it more affordable for people to have something to eat and drink at a game, this season when fans show up at the stadium and decide to go to a concession - they will be able to buy a one pound hot dog priced at $26.

That's right, a one pound hot dog for $26.00!

Sportservice, the club's concessionaire, introduced its new Champion Hot Dog on Friday. Officials say the dog can feed three to four people and will be topped with chili, sauteed onions and shredded cheese. It comes on a two foot bun.

Now, just so folks know that I'm far from trashing baseball, this shot is all about a club wanting to sell a $26 Hot Dog. You see, I like to eat. When I go a game, I look forward to a soda or a beer and hot dog.

But let's face facts, the prices have been going insane for years. To me, well, it takes is real cojones to sell a 16 oz hot dog for that much money! Twenty-six dollars, that's nuts!

My favorite place to have dinner is Cattlemens Steakhouse, they have a "Cowboy Steak" which is to die for. It is a thick and juicy 20 ounce bone-in Rib Eye steak. They sell it for $24.99!

Cattlemens' also sells a steak they call "The Sheriff".  Friends, this is a big mouthwatering 2 pound Sirloin steak. They sell it for $24.99!

The ingredients in a hot dog is usually some amount of mechanically separated turkey, pork, water, corn syrup used to add texture and sweetness, salt, potassium lactate as preservative, sodium phosphates as food preservative and to also add texture, flavorings, beef, beef parts, beef stock, sodium diacetate, sodium erythorbate, maltodextrin, sodium nitrate, and extractives of paprika.

The ingredients in Rib Eye and Sirloin steaks are the same - just U.S.D.A approved 100% Grade A Beef. 

For me, if I were going to a game these days, I'd have dinner before ever getting to the game. And yes, if I were in the mood to spend $26 on something to eat - it sure wouldn't be a one pound hot dog when I can have a bigger steak for less money!


Trayvon Martin Death: Police Say Witnesses Backs Zimmerman's Story

Just a few days ago, President Barack Hussein Obama used extremely personal terms to speak about the shooting death of a black teenager in Florida.

I couldn't believe it when I heard Obama go so far as to say, "If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon."

My first reaction was remembering his stupid statement about a situation where a police officer was accused of being a racist because he arrested a College professor who - if I remember right - was a friend of the President.

I don't know why exactly, but the Justice Department and the FBI have gotten involved in the shooting case and have opened a Civil Rights investigation into the case.

Local authorities have convened a Grand Jury to determine whether to charge the shooter, George Zimmerman.

The Republican presidential candidates had their say, some comments better than others. Referring to the Florida law that gives people latitude to use deadly force rather than retreat during a fight, Rick Santorum says: "Stand your ground is not doing what this man did."

Considering all of the facts about the case are not in yet, I really don't know how Santorum came to that conclusion.

Newt Gingrich said people should have a right to self-defense. Mitt Romney calls the shooting a "tragedy," and echoed the president's call for a thorough investigation.

For me, I would have like to hear the three Republicans say, "I have no comment until all of the facts are in."

George Zimmerman, the man who shot Martin in late February, has avoided arrest so far by evoking the Stand Your Ground law in Florida, which allows individuals broad latitude to claim self defense in wielding a firearm.

Florida is one of 21 states with such laws, which have since come under intense scrutiny even by previous supporters. Prior to that law being passed in Florida, there were 13 "justified" killings in the state each year.

Since then, there have been 36, as reported by the Associated Press.

The case has attracted widespread media attention, given the broad spectrum of issues it covers. Geraldo Rivera's comments that Martin made himself into a target by wearing a hooded sweatshirt sparked controversy last week.

Now witnesses have been found that backs George Zimmerman's story as to what happened.

That's right, the kid was at fault!

The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that Trayvon Martin decked George Zimmerman with one punch and then repeatedly slammed his head into the sidewalk, according to a newly released version of the events that led up to the 17-year-old’s death.

The neighborhood watch Captain was left “bloody and battered,” according to the version Zimmerman told investigators.

According to what authorities have told The Orlando Sentinel, witnesses have now corroborated the version Zimmerman told investigators.

Zimmerman, 28, shot Martin on Feb. 26 in Sanford, Florida, resulting in the teenager's death.

The case has become a lightning rod for Liberal activists who claim the killing was racially motivated. Activists, including Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and NAACP leader Ben Jealous, have addressed rallies in the Orlando suburb.

Another is planned for Monday afternoon attended by Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis and basketball legend Patrick Ewing.

Zimmerman claimed self-defense, but his version of what occurred has been slow in coming out. Both Republican and Democratic politicians have joined the activists querying why Zimmerman has not been arrested, especially as a 911 dispatcher specifically told him not to follow Martin.

Zimmerman told police he got out of his SUV, but lost sight of Martin. As he walked back to his vehicle, he said Martin approached him from behind and asked him if he had a problem. Zimmerman said no and reached for his cell phone, the Sentinel reports.

Martin said something like "well you do now," and punched him in the nose, Zimmerman told police. There has been no report of witnesses to that alleged initial blow until now.

As the older man fell to the ground, Martin jumped on him and started slamming his head into the sidewalk.

In a 911 call from a neighbor, a man can be heard calling for help. Police say they believe it was Zimmerman’s voice, although Martin’s attorney insists it is the teen’s.

The Sentinel reports that one witness told police he was certain he saw Zimmerman on the ground with Martin on top of him pounding away at him.

Zimmerman shot Martin once in the chest "at very close range," police told the Sentinel. When they arrived, they found Zimmerman bleeding from the nose and head. He was treated at the scene but refused to go to the hospital.

The case has caused a national furor centering on race and on Florida’s "Stand Your Ground" law that allows a person to use deadly force if he feels he is being threatened. Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee has stepped down temporarily.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott has appointed a task force headed by special prosecutor Angela Corey to investigate whether Zimmerman’s case should go before a grand jury.

Zimmerman has been in hiding since the debate about the killing ramped up.

There should be a law against it, although if there is I really don't see the Obama administration doing anything about it - but Hashim Nzinga, who is one of the leaders of the radical black-supremacist group the New Black Panthers, has put out a $10,000 Bounty on Zimmerman’s head.

That's right, incrediable as it sounds, the Black militant leader says he'll pay $10,000 for someone to kill George Zimmerman.

Black movie director Spike Lee has publicized Zimmerman’s home address in a Twitter message he tweeted to his quarter of a million followers over the weekend.

So where is the Obama administration on this? Why hasn't the Justice Department arrested both Hashim Nzinga and Spike Lee for inciting violence or soliciting murder? Could they be getting a pass because of their color?

I can't help but believe that the double-standard is getting worse! 

And yes, there are those who will say that Zimmerman is wrong before that facts are completely in. It is the modern day version of a lynching!


Atlanta Newspaper finds "Suspicious"' Standardized Test Scores at Schools across the Nation

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has found "suspicious" standardized test scores in roughly 200 school districts nationwide.

"It looks like we have trouble all across the country," said AJC Editor Kevin Riley.

The AJC investigation analyzed standardized test scores from 14,000 school districts, looking for fluctuations that four independent academic experts determined were too dramatic to be explained by demographic shifts, chance or even good teaching.

One example that the AJC cites is the Patrick Henry Downtown Academy in St. Louis, where 42% of their fourth-graders passed the state Math Test in 2010. Most would find this a great report, but in reality the report threw up all sorts of red flags,

The reason is that the following year, just 4% of their students passed math when they took the test as fifth-graders, according to the AJC. The newspaper points out that while the 2011 tests were administered, the school was under intense scrutiny by state investigators looking into cheating allegations.

According to the AJC investigation, this sort of thing is taking place in large urban school districts as well as in small school districts.

One speculation is that Federal and State programs are putting pressure on struggling schools to boost test scores. The newspaper's findings suggest that, in thousands of schools across the nation, increased scores took precedence over actual academic achievement - and that may have prevented under-performing students from receiving tutoring or other remedial services.

"Testing of students has become the cornerstone of national policy," Riley said. "That's how schools are evaluated, school districts, principals, teachers. It's absolutely crucial that we can trust those tests because this comes back to schoolchildren."

While the analysis stops short of proving cheating, the newspaper found a pattern of test score fluctuations similar to those uncovered by a local AJC investigation of Atlanta Public Schools in 2009. The newspaper's findings prompted a state probe, which found 180 educators at 44 Atlanta schools were involved with test-tampering.

The AJC's investigation was extensive as it looked at all 50 States, which provided them with standardized testing data, 14,743 districts from across the country examined, 69,000 schools administered the tests, 13 million students took these exams in 2010, 1.6 million records were analyzed, and 2,400 statistical models were used to identify unusual scores.

According to the port, the findings represent an unprecedented look at the integrity of school testing which has seized center stage in national education policy.

While the analysis doesn't prove cheating, it found troubling patterns in hundreds of cities. Those patterns resemble early indicators in Atlanta that ultimately led to the Atlanta cheating scandal which culminated in the Georgia Bureau of Investigation listing the names of 178 teachers and principals – 82 of whom confessed – in what's likely the biggest cheating scandal in American history.

So why would Teachers and Administrators look the other way, or be directly involved in cheating?

Well, money is the biggest reason.

Many districts have incentive programs for teachers and administrators willing to shell out big bonuses and other monetary incentives such as raises if they can show a marked improvement in their students test scores.

It seems that the very same programs to try to get teachers and administrators more involved in student performance - may be the biggest factor in contributing to the rise in cheating - their pay!


Wow! Do they know how to catch fish in New Zealand!

Nathan Adams' 738-pound Pacific Bluefin Tuna may be the biggest ever caught!

On March 5, 2012, it was reported that a 738 pound Pacific Bluefin Tuna was caught off of New Zealand.

Angler Nathan Adams with fishing rod
The monster fish that was described by angler Nathan Adams as a "Fish of a Lifetime" just may also be the largest Pacific Bluefin Tuna ever landed on a rod and reel.

The catch was made aboard an 18-foot boat during a recent competition off Houhora in New Zealand.

That's right, imagine that for a minute, while in an 18 foot boat the man may have caught the biggest fish on record using a rod and reel.

I'm sorry, but I can't even imagine it! I've been in 18 footers, and I would not consider that a big boat. This just impresses me to no end!

According to reports, if it's approved by the International Game Fish Association (IGFA), it will set the new All-Tackle World Record.

It would replace the old record which was a 716-pound 8-ounce Pacific Bluefin Tuna which was reeled in off of Westport, New Zealand, back in 2007.

The IGFA usually takes several weeks before deciding on record submissions, but since Adams was in a competition and presumably complied with strict tournament rules, there's a strong chance he'll become the record holder immediately.

It seems that Nathan Adams is just one of the greats when it comes to fishing. Come to find out, his World Record Pacific Bluefin Tuna was one of two incredible catches for Adams who is a member of the Muriwai Sportfishing Club in Kumeu, New Zealand.

You see, Adams also landed a 788-pound Black Marlin to set a club record, and his group battled 12 Billfish in 11 days as part of the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council Nationals competition.

To show folks how its really done right in New Zealand, a 16-year-old girl accounted for five of those Billfish during that competition.

As usual in tournament competitions these days, most of the fish caught were released. But Adams' giant tuna and marlin were kept and will be sent to the taxidermist to be mounted.

Adams told the local newspaper Auckland Now, that he'd like to place the tuna on the wall of his home - replacing a 30-pound snapper.

His wife isn't sure she wants something so large as a wall decoration, "She says it will be like mounting a sofa," Adams said.

This man is truly a Great Fisherman!

Story by Tom Correa

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