Friday, March 30, 2012

I Support George Zimmerman

There has been black rallies, calls for "A Million Hoodie Protest," black Civil Rights activist have been sounding the alarm that the White and Hispanic devils are at it again, black folks from everywhere are going to Washington, D.C. to testify about something or another to Congress - even if they don't know anything.

President Obama has stirred the pot some by saying that if he "had a son - he would look like Trayvon."

Heck, even Oprah Winfrey has come out and said her piece on the matter as if she knew what she's talking about.

Yes, Trayvon Martin supporters are in the streets protesting, they're packing churches, swarming rallies, wearing hooded sweat shirts in solidarity, even a Congressman went on the floor to give a speech in a hooded sweat shirt -- and was escorted out because of their dress code, but still they are everywhere where they can find a TV camera to show their so-called "outrage."

While this media circus is going on around the country, friends and family of George Zimmerman who was the neighborhood watch volunteer who shot the teen, remain silent. Zimmerman, 28, has gone into hiding.  And frankly, with the mob mentality taking over, I don't blame him for doing so!

Among other threats, the New Black Panthers black-supremacist group has put a "bounty" of $10,000 on Zimmerman's head - which of course is literally soliciting the man's murder. And no, I don't see or hear anything from U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder talking about investigating the New Black Panther black-supremacists for infringing on George Zimmerman's Civil Rights by soliciting his murder.

The few who have defended Zimmerman have done so reluctantly, most fear some sort of public backlash. Maybe they're worried about being investigated by the Obama Justice Department because of association?

Zimmerman's version of what happened on the rainy night of Feb. 26 has only trickled out from the Police and his attorney. Zimmerman said, he was pursuing the 17-year-old Martin because Martin was acting suspiciously. He said, he lost sight of the teenager and Martin attacked him as he headed back to his sport utility vehicle. Zimmerman told police he fired in self-defense and Police must have seen just cause to release and did not arrest him. Of course that touched off widespread public outrage and protests across the country.

Martin's supporters are eager to make this a Black versus White incident. They believe race is at the root of everything that befalls them and they "know" it played a role in the shooting. After all, Martin was black. But wait, like Obama not being all black, Zimmerman is not all white. Zimmerman's father is white, but his mother is Hispanic.

"The family has had death threats, the father and mother, George has had death threats. Anything related to George is a target," said Miguel Meza, who identified himself as Zimmerman's cousin. It wasn't immediately clear if Meza had talked to Zimmerman since the shooting, but he said other relatives are afraid to comment publicly, even though they think he is being treated unfairly. "The media has been quick to demonize George, but Trayvon Martin was no angelic boy walking," Meza said.

Trayvon Martin was at least 6 feet tall, several inches taller than the 5-foot 9-inch George Zimmerman. Meza said Martin was not the child as he being depicted to be in photos flashed across the nation by devious television and newspaper outlets. The picture that the Martin family picked when asked for a picture of Trayvon Martin is one when he was much much younger than he was when he was shot.

Another picture of Trayvon Martin has surfaced, it is more current that that well circulated picture. It depicts a much older Trayvon Martin with the making of a moustache wearing a tank top.

"George was in a fight for his life," Meza said.

George Hall, a retired Presbyterian minister, said that he was Zimmerman's neighbor for 20 years in Manassas, Virginia, until about 2001. Hall said Zimmerman and his brother attended church -- and Hall actually wrote a recommendation for Zimmerman for a Police Academy in 2004.

"Their parents taught them to treat everybody with respect. I'm tired of hearing about this race thing," Hall said. "It could be an element in it ... but I never would have thought of him as being a racist. His father was in the Army and was a white American and his mother was Peruvian. That makes him 50 percent Peruvian. A lot of stuff I hear, it irks me because people are drawing their own conclusions with very little evidence."

Zimmerman's father in an interview airing Wednesday night on WOFL FOX 35 in Orlando reiterated what his son's attorney, Craig Sonner, has said about the confrontation with Martin. George's father Robert Zimmerman, age 64, said the teen confronted his son when he got back to his car that day.

When his son started reaching for his cellphone, Martin "was punching him in the nose, his nose was broken and he was knocked to the concrete." He said Martin, "continued to beat George, and at some point, George pulled his pistol and did what he did."

The Orlando Sentinel, citing anonymous sources, has reported that Martin grabbed Zimmerman's head and banged it several times against the concrete sidewalk. A statement from Sanford police said the newspaper's story was "consistent" with evidence turned over to prosecutors.

George Zimmerman said he began crying for help, which his father said his family believes after listening to the 911 tapes. Martin's family says it was their son who was crying out. Witness accounts differ and 911 tapes in which the voices are heard are not clear.

Robert Zimmerman said several break-ins had happened in the neighborhood and his son became suspicious that someone would be walking on a rainy day between the town homes. His father said that when George called the police, the 911 dispatcher asked for an address. He wasn't sure what street he was on so despite police advising him to stop following Martin, George Zimmerman continued so he could get an address - that's what his father said.
Trayvon Martin's supporters, including a host of outspoken Liberal Celebrities and Civil Rights activists who have appeared on television for the past two weeks, all don't believe George Zimmerman's story - even if he did in fact pass a polygraph test right after the incident.
They act as though they were present during the altercation. And yes, they remind me of a lynch mob. They want him arrested and prosecuted, and his parents think their son is being painted in a negative light by a police department leaking information to the News Media.

The 17 year old teenager, Martin, was suspended from school three times this year. In October, he wrote obscene graffiti on a door at his high school. During a search of his backpack, campus security officers found 12 pieces of jewelry, a watch and a screwdriver that they thought could be used as a burglary tool, according to a School Police report obtained by the Miami Herald.

But wait, I thought Trayvon Martin was a Saint! This must all be a plot of some sort by evil Whites and Hispanics -- I say with tongue in cheek!

Actually, the truth is that Trayvon Martin was probably on his way to being a "Grade A Criminal" instead of a small time hood in a hoodie. When campus security confronted Martin, he told them a friend had given him the jewelry, but he wouldn't give a name. The Sanford Police Department said Tuesday that the jewelry could not be tied to any reported thefts. Trayvon Martin had previously been suspended for excessive absences and tardiness and, at the time of his death, was serving a 10-day suspension after school officials found an empty plastic bag with marijuana traces in his backpack.

Another of Zimmerman's friends said, Zimmerman would tell Martin's parents that he's "very, very sorry" if he could.

Speaking Monday on ABC's "Good Morning America," Joe Oliver said, Zimmerman is not a racist and has virtually lost his own life since the shooting. "This is a guy who thought he was doing the right thing at the time, and it's turned out horribly wrong" said Oliver, one of the few black people who has actually come forward in support of George Zimmerman.

Zimmerman was doing his job in the Neighborhood Watch when he was attacked. He was attacked, and fair is fair to admit the truth!

After listening to the evidence that they have given to the public, I can tell you from my many years in Security, as a guard, then a Field Supervisor and later as a Consultant, that it is not easy to just "watch and report" sometimes. Sometimes the person you are watching sees you.

Hopefully when that happens, he leaves the area. If that's the way it works out, than yes, in those instances your job as a visual deterrent with a radio as backup actually worked. Other times though it is a whole different story.

That person you're watching may become absolutely pissed that he can't carry out his plan to rob or steal or vandalize - and you are the one he blames. When that happens, he may confront you. And he will find a sense of bravery because he's angry, but also he may find it and want to confront you if he sees that you are just Security and not a Cop.

Being Security makes you fair game because bad guys know that many Security Guards are under-trained, usually unarmed, and not Cops. Bad guys know real well that kicking a Security Guard's butt won't get you in the kind of trouble it would if he tried attacking a Cop.

It's been my experience that those are the times when you hope that your radio is working real well and a Police car with lots of officers in it are nearby - or at least not too far away so that they can back you up when the punk comes at you. I've been there on more than one occasion. Each time, I got lucky by putting them down quickly so that I didn't get hurt - but I've known Security people who were not as fortunate and were in fact shot, stabbed, and beaten to the point of being laid up in a hospital for days.

The gunshot wound, the bruises and other such marks, should tell a lot about what went on that night. That sort of evidence tells the story of who was the assailant and who was the victim - no matter how hard the black community tries to spin the truth.

The evidence should instantly show how far away Trayvon Martin was when George Zimmerman fearing for his life fired that shot. Fact is that evidence is easy to ascertain in those types of cases where it is a fight and two people struggle and one person fired a pistol.

I'm pretty sure that since the Sanford Police Department arrived on the scene and looked over everything and saw what took place, and with that -- along with their interviews and the Polygraph that George Zimmerman took and passed that night -- they made the determination that George Zimmerman was being straddled beaten and acted because he believed his life was in mortal danger.

I trust that the Sanford Police Department did their job. And if so, and the evidence is correct, then I understand fully how this situation could have taken place.

And that, my friends, is why I openly support George Zimmerman and the work of the Sanford Police Department. I've been in similar situations, and if I were in his - I would have done the same thing if assaulted and had to fight for my life.

If I were in fear of losing my life, I too would shoot.

Tom Correa


  1. Tom, you make some excellent points in support of George Zimmerman. He is a man who is not afraid to "Get involved" and we need more people like him. Case-in-point; so many of his neighbors, who called 911, but were "too afraid" to step out or even look outside.

    The African-American Community alleges that he was acting as a "Vigilante" but, come on, real vigilanties don't call 911 in advance, before carrying out their planned activities.

    They want to point to his history of 911 calls as a negative thing, when, in fact, it actually shows his character to be one who respects the law and follows proper procedure.

    If a person intends to go out and wage a personal vendetta against "young-male-blacks", they would not call 911 first and identify themself.

    On the issue of what justifies self-defense: Police, who are well-trained, well-armed, and wearing bullet-proof vests, shoot people, all the time, just for reaching toward their waist-band.

    No one should have to endure some arbitrary level of physical battery before "earning" the right to defend him or herself.

    I wouldn't advise my wife or daughter to wait until her nose is broken and head is pounded on the pavement before drawing her self-defense weapon. The same should apply to a man.

    Any rational person in Trayvon's position would have either: (1) Identified himself and asked George to do the same; or, if truly fearful of George being a predator, (2) Ran on to his Father's residence for safety.

    Tom, just one correction to your comment concerning your mention of the Miami-Dade Police Dept. Although Trayvon was apparently a Miami resident, this event actually took place while he was visiting his Father in Sanford, FL, a small town in Seminole County, just north of Orlando, some 270 miles north of Miami. Therefore, it did not involve the Miami-Dade Police Dept.

    Fla Citizen-in-support of Geo. Z

  2. Fla Citizen-in-support of Geo. Z,

    Thank you for all of your great points. I can't agree with you enough.

    The point about how a "vigilante" acts is really well put. It's the same point that I was making to my wife when disussing the shooting incident.

    A man does not call 911 before he committs a crime. A "Racist" with the intent of wanting to murder a black-person - or any other race, including White, Asian, or Hispanic - does not wait until that person is on top of them before he acts out his racial hatred.

    And talking about being on top of him, bullet trajectory showing what position the shooter was in when firing the shot and what path the bullet took, if in this case the bullet trajectory shows that Trayvon Martin was on top of George Zimmerman - then how can Trayvon supports say he wasn't the attacker.

    No trying to be funny here, but I just have say that flat on the ground and shooting with the attacker on you is not the usual method of attack for so-called "Vigilante" wanting to shot someone.

    Powder burns and other crime scene evidence will show what position Trayvon Martin was when George Zimmerman shot him. And as you know, that evidence doesn't lie.

    The travesty in this whole thing is not that a 17 year old attacker was shot and killed, yes that is horrible - but if he was in fact the attacker as the Police have determined than I'm sorry to say that he probably got more than he expected in return for his assault on another person.

    No, to me that travesty in this whole thing is that a man who was fearful of his life during in an attack acted and is now in hiding.

    If Trayvon Martin did in fact beat George Zimmerman to death as a result of slamming his head into the pavement - I believe that no one in the National Media, in Washington, Civil Rights activists, the President, the Justice Department would have care one bit.

    George Zimmerman has Civil Rights. Civil Rights are not exclusive to Black people. His Civil Rights were being violated during the attack. And right now, the Civil Rights of George Zimmerman are being violated by all of those who I know would have done nothing if he were killed by a Black teenager.

    Your points are well put and right on the mark. I really appreciate your comment and have proudly posted them here.

    And also, thank you so much for bringing my error of the correct Police Department to my attention. I have gone into my article and made the correction.

    I really feel good that there are people like you out there. It is important that there ware folks who stand up for others who are being wrongly pursecuted and prosecuted with out trial.

    Americans don't work that way. Our justice system is based on the premise that a person is innocent until proven guilty - and contrary to what we have seen lately - not the other way around.

    We all have a responsibility to each other to safeguard the rights and liberties of the next guy.

    From all of the information at hand right now, George Zimmerman acted correctly - and like you, I know that I would have done the same thing!

    Again thank you for your comment and help correcting my errors.

    May God Bless you and yours.

    Tom Correa

    1. Please get a message to George that I have been praying for him during weekly Adoration at my local Catholic Church. The treatment he has been receiving is inhuman, which means those who continue to harm him are themselves culpable of wrong doing. It is difficult, but I am now praying for those people too, as directed by Our Savior. Thank you and everyone for offering public support to George and his family. May the Lord give him and his loved ones peace and happiness all the days of their lives.

  3. I fully support George Zimmerman as well, and am glad to finally find a website that states their beliefs as the same.

    Being an apartment manager, I understand the way this could have easily have happened as well. There have been times I've seen suspicious people on my property, and I have followed them, asking them if they need anything. I have also followed them off of the property, even though I know the police would tell me not to. We follow because we feel there is reason to do so. We are apparently worried and concerned about the other residents, and do not want to lose the suspicious person.

    It's very easy....Zimmerman was punched in the nose, and probably a little dazed as he went to the ground. If someone hits your head on the concrete, and you feel as if you're getting dizzy or going to pass out, you HAVE to do something or that person on top will beat you unconscience and then possibly to death. You don't want to lay there, knocked out, defenseless....

    This has gotten way out of hand with the racial card. And I agree about the Black can you publicly advertise murder for hire and not have anything done about it?

    We see "so-called children" commit crimes up to murder everyday. They just convicted one black teen for killing a police officer here in Florida. Martin is not just "an innocent teenager buying skittles" .....

    And does anyone really think his girlfriend would've said anything different about the phone call. She wasn't there, and is going to protect Martin anyway....

    Thanks for allowing my oopinion

  4. ALL Americans regardless of race should STAND IN DEFENSE OF GEORGE ZIMMERMAN. Not because we are outraged by the race baiting by the media and prominent black leaders, but because GEORGE ZIMMERMAN DESERVES A FAIR TRIAL. Why are we afraid to speak out, but only tiptoe around what is happening to this man? If he's guilty, charge him, convict him by a jury of his peers and sentence him. The lynch mob bullshit has got to stop and the American people speaking out is the only thing that will stop it.

  5. I really couldn't agree more! You're absolutely right!


  6. I'm an American abroad (back here visiting, though I live now in Chile), and chances are nearly 100% I don't agree with any of your political or cultural positions..except this one. George Zimmerman has been completely railroaded, and it's a shame how this case is evolving. The automatic siding with Martin is disgraceful. On the other hand, even if Trayvon Martin was an awful kid, a criminal in making, that in NO way means he deserved to die. What makes me the most angry about how this is going down is, once again, all white people are guilty and evil etc etc etc blacks are always victims etc etc etc. Enough. And one more thing, the way Americans define Hispanic never fails to annoy me. Hispanic is not a race. One can be 100% white, German descent, from Argentina, and you will be Hispanic. Americans tend to conflate Hispanic with Mestizo (i.e. mixed race). Zimmerman appears to be half white, half mestizo, and would be called "castizo" in Latin America. Remember folks, Hispanic is NOT a race, it is an ethnicity. But anyways, thank you for your defense of George Zimmerman.

  7. I agree as well this whole thing has been blown up by people like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson. When Zimmerman is found innocent the blacks will riot like they always do, but from what I have been told their is a lot of help in place in FLA to take care of that.

  8. What's wrong with you people.. He killed the boy in cold blood. What would you say if it was a young white 17 year old...

    1. Some pepole say that Zimmerman is no Hero, I disagree, He saved a life. His own! The lesson should be to all 17 year old children, don hit people, they may have a gun.

  9. I guessing if it was a young white 17 year old we wouldn't know anything about it. And Zimmerman definitely wouldn't have a bounty on his head.

  10. Dear Readers,

    The last time I checked, a man was innocent until proven guilty in the eyes of the law in this country.

    It seems to me that anyone coming forward and has information that "He killed the boy in cold blood" - should get in touch with the law and report that they were an eye witness to the event while it took place.

    Fact is that there is only two people who know for sure what happened that night - one has been hounded by a lynch mob mentality in the News and by the black community - and the other is dead.

    George Zimmerman was booked on Wednesday evening into the Seminole County Jail, and he could face a minimum of 25 years in prison or a maximum of life if convicted.

    There are those who have made it clear that they want him dead. And yes, I really believe that many have already convicted him before that trial has even started.

    And as for the question, if it were a 17 year old white teenager? Well, as the post above pointed out correctly, we probably wouldn't know about it - and the same people who are now so concerned about "justice" wouldn't give a damn because the boy is white.

    Now, here's a question for that person asking what if it were a young white 17 year old.

    What if it were you who were attacked and feared for your life?

    Would you have defended yourself to your utmost capability, or would you really have just lay there and let the sweet boy smash your skull into the pavement?

    Tom Correa

  11. Hurrah! Thanks for standing up to defend Zimmerman. The President needs to horn out and mind his business and keep his mouth shut!

  12. The NAACP makes me sick

    1. Those who do their bidding and disregard justice make me even sicker.

  13. Does anyone know of a website other than American Cowboy that has been set up to support George Zimmerman? Perhaps one that he can access through his attorneys. I want to get a message of prayer and support to him and his family. Please help. Thank you.

  14. I support George Zimmerman! I am OUTRAGED at Obama's comments about this case. He has done absolutely NOTHING to contribute to a stronger USA. His comments only divided US further and it's pretty hard to sit back and watch him fund his buddies 'Muslim Brotherhood" with our tax dollars while I have been having a very difficult time finding FT employment (thanks to Obamacare). Sorry I'm getting off the subject but I honestly hope that George sues the hell out of MSNBC, the Seminole County prosecutors office, and any other racist pot stirring entity!!!!

  15. Thanks so much for the facts. I too, would like to show SUPPORT for George Zimmerman and his family. This is the only site I have found for support. I want to make a copy of this article and send it to all of the new outlets.

  16. I totally agree. What happened to innocent until proven guilty. Have faith, prayers and support to the Zimmerman family.

  17. We need to set up some of our own protest marches in SUPPORT for George Zimmerman. We need to shout down the NAACP and Al Not-to-Sharpton and Erik Holder once and for all. I am sick an tired of these black racists stirring up trouble. This case was ridiculous in the first place. These black bigots forced a trial and Zimmerman was proven not guilty! Now they want more. I say to them, SHUT THE HELL UP! You had your trial, now get over it! It is George's civil rights that have been violated!

    Please everyone, we can not let anymore injustices from the federal government to continue. We need to rally and stop this nonsense!

  18. I also want to send a message of support to Mr. Zimmerman.
    my email is

    No, in case you are wondering, I cannot send money. Don't ask.

  19. I think that its about time a punk that acts like a thug gets treated like a thug in suburban america... If the "kid" or over six foot tall man, would have been any other race but black, shit would not even went to court. Thank you George for putting your foot down on these fools and standing your ground

  20. Oh yea.. since the panthers can voice their opinion publicly... where is the white supremecy?? such as the KKK.... thanks america for making this extremely one sided!!

  21. it's not hard to kick a cowards ass. Put a gun in his hand and now he is a hero. It would have never happened if the coward didn't have a gun. He even pulls guns on women. Guarantee you he would never do that that to a full grown man or anyone with a gun in their possession.. Keep supporting losers cowboys! Do you know the real origin of cowboys?

    1. While I agree that it's true that it's not hard to kick a coward's ass, what has that to do with anything?

      As for George Zimmerman, I've NEVER said in any editorial that he is a hero of any sort.

      I have said that he was being sat on and was having his head beaten into the concrete pavement and (to my belief of the facts) used his pistol as a last resort to save his own life.

      I believe that you would have done the same thing if you felt that your life was in mortal danger, I know that I would - because my training says that in a combat situation, I should use everything in my personal arsenal to stay alive.

      Now, like you, I have read about Zimmerman's latest problems with the law.

      I never addressed the man's character other than his actions against Martin. He could be a card cheat and a woman beater, a bum and a low life, on the other hand he can be someone who volunteers his life to the sick and needy - I don't know the guy.

      I only know what I would have done if I had a younger stronger assailant on top of me trying to kill me by smashing my head into the cement.

      I would have used everything including shooting Martin in the case that I've described.

      As for Zimmerman breaking the law himself and assaulting others, he should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law for that crime..

      As for me and others supporting losers, well I would support you if you were in the same situation as he was on his back that night and you used your legally carried pistol to save your own life.

      If your character as a man is a loser, that doesn't take away from the fact that you have the right to defend yourself - loser or not.

      As for the origin of cowboys? Yes, I know the origin. What does that have to do with your accusing me of supporting some loser like yourself who was within the law to act as he did?

      Write me, let me know why you feel it would have been OK for Martin to go ahead and kill Zimmerman, but it was not OK for a loser like Zimmerman or you to protect his or your own life?

      Ask yourself this, if you were armed and on your back. And yes, you felt that you were about to die, knowing that you carried a gun for self-defense -- would you have used it? Or, and be honest, would you have really allowed Martin to kill you by smashing your head into the concrete pavement?

      Write me to tell me if you would have taken what you call the coward's way out and did what you could to stay alive?

      Thanks for your comment,
      Tom Correa

  22. I have to agree with you there, Tom. These people who are talking about what is best when it comes to the George Zimmerman case don't have a single clue what they're talking about. So you're telling me that a guy who buys a bottle of Arizona tea and a bag of Skittles at a store and then beats you up because he thinks you're following him is the hero? Excuse me, but I don't think that's how that works. He hit George Zimmerman. George did what anybody else would do given the situation. He fought back. And while a bag of Skittles and an Arizona tea may not be considered weapons, Trayvon Martin's bare hands do indeed qualify. He tried to kill Zimmerman and Zimmerman had to kill him! And before any of you get on me about how I'm making this about race, let me tell ya something. It's not about race. It's not about black on white crime. It's about defending yourself. And besides, anybody can be a real threat. It's not just people like Trayvon Martin that you should be worried about. It's anybody and everybody who is out to hurt you. Was George Zimmerman being honest at his trial? Yes he was. Would he ever lie about why or how he did it? No. Should he be guilty of having done it? No. So don't sit there and say it was about race. It wasn't like that. It was all about George defending himself and he did it the right way. I would do it that way too if given the option. So the next you wanna hound me on the discussion of George Zimmerman getting without with murder, remember this. Trayvon was trying to kill him! And George killed Trayvon to protect himself. End of story. As always, your friend Benny. And to George Zimmerman, I don't blame you one bit. It was either him or you. And you did the right thing. Peace.


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