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Shouldn't "Income Equality" mean "Skill Equality"?

Can we have "Income Equality" without "Skill Equality"?

I've been thinking a lot about the Democrat Party's latest so-called issue which they are trying to use as another wedge to divide Americans.

Their latest attempt at Class Warfare is what they are calling "Income Inequality."

During President Obama's State of the Union address he was expected to focus in part on "reducing" this thing the Liberals are calling "income inequality" by raising the federal minimum wage.

And yes, he did talk about it. But besides his half-truths, yes his normal lies, there was nothing new coming from the Liar In Chief.

How did he lie?

He did not address the real problems and simply played to his audience of Obama Worshippers who swallow everything he says as the absolute truth.

He knows his followers do not question what he has to say because they like hearing his voice.

Where Bush told the truth with some pronunciation problems, Obama enunciates perfectly while telling lie after lie.

Of course, while blaming companies for profits and making them sound as if they are Slave Owners for paying a hamburger flipper a healthy minimum wage, Obama blames others for this and that while distracting his audience from the real problems we face.

Real problems, such as:
  • a bad economy,
  • a lack of good skilled jobs in most of America,
  • companies relocating due to over-regulation and over-taxation,
  • government stifling business creation and subsequently job creation,
  • manufacturing leaving the United States for other more 'business friendly" nations without the EPA and other government agencies controlling their private business,
  • and of course the worse problem of all, an administration who sees a nation of low-paying service related jobs as OK for America.
Yes, we have a president who believes that mediocrity for America is just fine - and people should get paid better for their lack of skills.

It's true, these are the "real problems" that Obama does not want to talk about. Instead it seems that Obama want to revert to Class Warfare.

He would rather push something called "income inequality" and the concept that "unskilled labor" and those making minimum wage should be making the same wages as those who have worked so hard to become skilled labor.

So the question has to be asked, if the unskilled labor in America gets closer to the wages of skilled labor  - who have had to go through in most cases years of apprenticeship - then what incentive is there to become skilled when you don't have to earn it?

Should there be Income Equality when one works a Skilled Job and another

When I worked in an unskilled labor position, I was paid a lower wage. Once I received training and joined the ranks of skilled labor, my wages went up dramatically.

Where is the mystery here?

Friends, I have been there - especially when I left the Marine Corps back in the 1970s when President Jimmy Charter had us in a horrible economy because of his Socialist policies.

In 1980 under President Carter economic policies, the nation's economy was in the toilet.

And yes, it is a fact that too many forget, the unemployment rate in some cities were at
Depression Levels.

There was no work no matter how many qualifications you had. Time and Newsweek Magazines even ran stories at the time about College Graduates with Masters Degrees who were taking laborer jobs.

Many good-paying jobs in areas such as manufacturing have disappeared thanks to Democrats pushing more and more regulations, restrictions, and over the top taxation on companies who have found it easier to operate a business overseas and away from an administration that has proven itself to be anti-business.

The American middle class is shrinking and bumping people with higher levels of education into lower-wage jobs.

The Associated Press, who is working in concert with the White House, is helping to push the idea of "income inequality." They report that "stagnant wages and income inequality" play an increasing role in the growth of food stamp rolls.

No kidding, imagine that!

They don't say that the bad economy has affected all working Americans that way and not just the ones on the lower rung of the ladder. It has affected everyone!

And really, this whole notion that they are the only ones hurting today is non-sense.

I know qualified people who have been stuck in their position and can't go higher up the ladder simply because America has returned to the days when anyone working better be thankful that he or she simply has a job -- skilled or not.

Point is no matter where you are on the ladder, everyone has the problem of stagnant wages these days.

As for income inequality, all workers are not equal.

A guy with no training nor drive flipping hamburgers is not equal to an EMT or a Fireman or an Electrician.

As shocking a concept as it is for Democrats to grasp, it's true.

Though they enjoy pushing warfare between the races, the sexes, and wage earners, like it or not, this is not a Communist Country where a laborer is supposed to get the same wage equal to a Doctor!

Maybe their Class Warfare strategy is founded on the Democrat Party belief that they are dealing with idiots who actually believe what they are saying?

Maybe it is a way to play into the thinking of young Americans who have some youthful preconceived notion that they are supposed to start life making the big bucks right out of high school?

Yes, as if they are entitled to the big money without earning it by going to a Trade School or a Technical College.

Maybe Democrats are pushing this notion of "income inequality" in an effort to take the focus off of the real problem in America these days - that we have a a shortage of quality skilled labor and an abundance of college graduates with worthless Liberal Arts degrees?

Yes, worthless College Degrees!

We have an abundance of College Graduates who have no skills. So much so that states like Texas and South Dakota who need engineers and skilled tradesmen are right now going overseas to find them.

When someone like Obama talks of "income equality," people should not take what he is saying with a grain of salt.

We should all remember the lessons learned from history, especially that of the former Communist/Socialist nation of the Soviet Union.

The State, the Communist Government, treated people like cattle and tried to make all of their citizens completely equal. From the way they were clothed to the rations they received, the Communist idea of Utopia was a world where drive and ambition had no place to thrive.

The government ruled and regulated everything under the sun, but they couldn't control free will and self-motivation.

For example, the Soviet farmer knew that the government owned his land -- so other than being threatened, the government gave the farmer absolutely no incentive to work and plant crops.

The farmer said, "why should I work if a person who does not work or is not as skilled as I am gets the same as me?"

So the farmer did nothing and subsequently the people starved.

It was a case of "income equality" for "skill inequality."

Part of what makes us great is the idea that with hard work and drive, we Americans don't have to restrict ourselves to live in poverty.

Obama thinks by raising their pay that his party gets more votes and that's the end of it.

Obama and the Democrat Party don't understand that a raise in the wage of unskilled labor only motivates skilled labor to demand more money themselves.

And no, it won't stop there. There starts the vicious cycle.

All of this only proves that 'income equality" is a fantasy of Communists who see people as cattle - stupid cattle who should all shut up and be happy with whatever a Socialist government gives us.

Or so the Democrats think!

That's just how I see it.
Tom Correa

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