Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Keeping It Simple -- Anchor Babies

By Terry McGahey

While watching Fox News, the subject of Anchor babies came up and was shortly discussed between Juan Williams and Mary Katharine Hamm. Of course Williams being the progressive that he is, or as

I see him, the out and out socialist that he is, against putting a stop to the whole "anchor baby" situation.

Mrs. Hamm made the statement that it's in the Constitution so therefore the problem would involve having to change the Constitution, Not her exact words but close. 

What Mrs. Hamm stated is true, it is written in our Constitution that being born here makes you an automatic citizen of this country. But that amendment was for us, and not meant to be taken advantage of by Mexico. It was put in the Constitution to cover the children born of slaves. 

Personally I disagree with Mrs. Hamm on this subject. We don't have to change the Constitution, we only have to add an amendment to close the loopholes, because unlike the 2nd amendment it is not followed up by, the right of the people shall not be infringed. 

People who run over here from Mexico and other countries to have their babies, now giving them a child who is an American citizen, are mainly doing it for purposes of skirting our laws as a way to stay in this country. 

Is this a legal practice? No, but the problem is, these people believe they have found a way to bypass our immigration laws and this has escalated to the point of being completely out of hand and past the point of being ridicules. 

Yes, as of now, legally the child being born here makes him or her a citizen. But bottom line, the parents are still here illegally.

By mothers coming to this country to have their "anchor babies," they are still not allowed to stay in this country illegally. They must wait until such child is of the age of 21 years before that child can try to apply for citizenship for his or her parents here in the United States. 

Well, the problem is, once again that spreading cancer called Political Correctness. The bleeding hearts and progressives of this country will stand up against deporting the mother because we can't be part of splitting up families. 

We are not the one's splitting them up! That's the parents choice to do so. Should they be made to return to their country of origin they have the choice, they can leave the child with a legal American family member or someone in this country who is willing to take on that responsibility. 

Last but not least, they can choose to take the child back with them to the country of their origin. The choice is purely their decision, the child's parents caused this problematic situation in the first place, not us! 

I am sick to death of this Political Correctness bull crap which seems to place the problems of people who are here illegally, which makes them lawbreakers, and place those problems squarely upon the backs of our citizens to deal with. 

It is the job of our elected officials to stand up to their oath to the constitution rather than tip toe through the mine field of hypocrisy because it's popular.

It truly amazes me that with ISIS raping, beheading, and overall trying to cleanse the earth of Christians, our politicians have turned a blind eye to the possibility of these animals coming across our borders from the disrespectful country of Mexico which promotes its people to break our laws. 

I truly believe that it is time to put a stop to this immigration and anchor baby situation, especially now, because the radical Muslims will probably begin the same thing by taking a page from the illegal Mexicans about this anchor baby situation. 

We must clean up our own mess, and the way to do it is to get rid of the professional politicians who believe that we are under their rule rather than the other way around. 

Anybody besides me for TERM LIMITS! 

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