Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Schools Have Become Target Rich Environments

By Terry McGahey

In this day and age we try to understand why we have so many school shootings and who or what carries the blame for this problem. This situation seems plain to me, it's the responsibility of the Liberal Left, Progressives, and RINO Republicans.

These are the people who are responsible for the many deaths of our elementary, high school, and college students across our country.

These so called gun free zones have become nothing more than free fire zones within a target rich environment where the perpetrator has free reign for up to ten minutes or so before the police can respond. Yes, I blame those people I mentioned and accuse them of being accessories to the crime of school shootings, and they should be held responsible in court as such in my opinion.

In our country we have plenty of well trained veterans who need jobs, and who would be perfect for protecting our students while on campus. These veterans, for the most part, are not the physiologically damaged individuals that Liberals and our so-called president would have us believe they are.

I have known and met several of the veterans who have come back from overseas and they are good decent Americans who believe in our country and our constitution. Isn't that a novel idea in this day and age?

No matter how many gun control laws they put into place, people with ill intent will always find a way to get their hands on a weapon. These people will steal one, pick one up off the streets, or yes, even buy one legally if their record is clean at the time of purchase.

There is no way to stop an individual who is set upon the idea of murder except to have someone in place who can take them out before to much damage is exacted upon the innocent. Of course, as we all know, these cowards are the ones with the mental problems so lets quit placing this physiologically damaged handle upon all of our veterans and place it where it truly belongs, on the mentally impaired shooters who have no conscience.

Something else I have wondered about for quite some time now. Are these Liberal, Progressive, and RINO Republicans, allowing these things to take place on purpose?

Maybe that's a far reach, but their inactions on school shootings have shown me that there must be something behind it, why else would a person allow these heinous crimes to continue without actually doing something to put a stop to it?

What I am refering too is simple. The longer they allow these school shootings to take place, the more the people will wear down to the idea of more gun control, that's just my opinion.

How many times have we heard the term, "common sense gun control"? There is no such thing!

If we allow this so called common sense gun control to take place, over time it will progress further and further until they can enact total gun control. This is their long term objective.

These people have proven to me that their objective of total gun control is more important to their Socialistic and Communistic views than the lives of our children and our young adults trying to further their education.

Hitler did the very same thing, he forced gun control upon the people of Germany before World War Two and the imprisonment of the Jewish people, and if you believe that this situation couldn't happen here, you are sadly mistaken.

In closing this article, I believe that we should lay the blame for these school atrocities upon the people who are mostly responsible for these situations, many of our own elected officials who believe that We The People are too ignorant to understand these problems, and who, in the long run, would love nothing more than total control of our people.

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