Monday, May 2, 2016

With Trump We At Least Have A Chance

By Terry McGahey
Associate Writer/ Historian

No matter if you like Donald Trump or not we as Americans have got to start thinking of our country first, and in my opinion Mr. Trump is the only candidate I see that gives us a chance to revive our country. 

I have to admit, I have heard a few things he has said that makes me wonder a little bit but overall this man speaks his mind, tells it like it is, and is the only one who has been standing up for our military and talking about the Constitution in its true meaning as well as the reality of our sinking economy, debt, illegal immigration, and jobs. 

It is time for we as Americans to face reality instead of walking the path of political correctness. Anyone who does not agree with this only needs to look at what has been going on during this nomination process.

People are being paid to protest Mr. Trump's rallies, people try to disrupt rallies while inside the buildings, and people are committing violent acts and calling it a protest. We are loosing our country people, Wake up! 

Hillary Clinton will do nothing to put this country back on track, she will do nothing about illegal immigration, she will do nothing to strengthen our military, she will do nothing to force corporations to come back to America, and she will do nothing but further George Soros' and Obama's agenda when it comes to gun control, which in reality has nothing to do with crime because it only punishes the honest American citizen, gun control is people control.

The old Democratic Party is gone, it is no longer the Democrat Party of our fathers and grandfathers. It has become the Socialist Party of America and there is very little difference between Sanders and Clinton. 

If John F. Kennedy was running for president today, he would be running as a Republican. Don't believe me? Take the time to look back at his speeches and his policies. Please think about that for a moment if you are an old time Democrat. 

The Republican Party today resembles the old Democrat Party more so than the Democrats do in this day and age. So what's that tell you? It tells me that we all must become Americans again instead of Democrats and Republicans.

As far as illegal immigration, just look at what took place in California during the Trump rally and tell me that we are not in need of a stronger immigration plan and a barrier between the U.S. and Mexico. 

These so called protesters ganged up on, and beat some of the trump supporters, caused total chaos in the streets, destroyed a police vehicle, and while committing these crimes they were waving Mexican flags. 

If these people were here to assimilate and become Americans, they would have been waving American flags instead, while protesting peacefully, which proves to me they are not here to assimilate but here to take advantage of our system. 

Many of these so called immigrants are here because they believe in trying to take California back into Mexico which will never happen. They need to go! They are not Americans, they are Mexican Nationals, and by that statement my point is, even if some or many of those protesters were so called citizens of our country, their heart is still as Mexicans and not Americans, they must assimilate or go home, this is not Mexico.

Another point. Do you truly believe that Hillary Clinton will put a stop to bringing in the so called Muslim refugees? 

If you do, I have a bridge to sell you. She will not stop the influx of Muslims into our country even though it is a proven fact that many of these people want to kill our citizens. 

Is that what you call protecting our country from foreign invaders? Do you truly believe that Hillary will get rid of the Muslim Brotherhood and other Muslims within Obama's cabinet? If you do, the cost of that bridge I have for sale just went up by ten fold, inflation you know. 

I could go on and on but by now you get the drift of this article. If we the people have a chance to save our country, now is that chance.

We no longer need professional politicians setting at the head of the table, we need someone who believes in our Constitution, our people, our sovereignty, and putting this country back on top. I sure do not see Hillary doing these things being that she is the representative of the Democrat Socialist party.

While some might not agree, that's the way I see it.

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