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Mutilated Cows And UFOs?

Dear Readers,

I love stories like this for so many reasons that they're just too many to list.

A reader sent me this story from this last July 30th. He wanted to know my take on this - asking me if I "suspect spacemen"?

As I said before, I love off the wall stories where someone actually has the cojones to say "Aliens did it!"

The news story:

Mutilated Cows Found at Missouri Farm, Police Not Ruling Out the Possibility of Aliens

HENRY COUNTY, Mo. (KMOX) – Who would cut the tongues and take the reproductive organs from several cows?

That’s the mystery police in a small town 90 miles away from Kansas City are dealing with.

Robert Hills, Henry County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy, says the first cow was discovered in December of 2011, the second and third this summer. All were female cows and were owned by rancher Lyn Mitchell.

“We couldn’t see any signs of trauma, and it doesn’t appear that there was any type of wild animal, such as coyotes, that were involved,” Hills told KMOX.

The first cow discovered on Mitchell’s ranch had her tongue and ear removed. Mitchell told KSHB-TV she assumed the mutilation was part of a sacrificial ritual or just teenagers, so she didn’t report it.

The next two discovered on July 9th and 19th of this year had their tongues removed along with their udders, anus, reproductive organs, and ears. A veterinarian wasn’t called to examine the first two cows.

But one did examine the third one.

Mitchell said the veterinarian told her the cuts to the cow were precise and surgical. Also what seems to be the common denominator of all these incidents is the lack of blood and other bodily fluids surrounding the area and inside the animal.

Mitchell told the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) that the third cow’s heart was removed and exposed, but was not taken. She believes that maybe whoever did this was interrupted and she does not rule out the possibility of aliens.

Deputy Hills says decomposition of animals in the summer can cause a certain type of bloating.

“In some cases its apparent that theses are tears, and in other cases they may look like an incision and that’s what they're described as.”

A veterinarian’s report on the third cow is not yet complete. Until then, Hills says this remains an open investigation.

“We’re having to look at this from two sides,” says Hills. “Some people believe that there are aliens that are involved in this or the possibility of the occult going to the other end of the spectrum, we’ve talked to other people that say that just when cows die that’s what happens to their bodies.”

“We know that there have been quite a few deaths of cattle this year in Missouri due to the ergot fungus that may have lead to these animals deaths. We’re just not able to determine what the cause of death is at this point,” Hills says.

-- end newspaper article.

So now where do we start?

How about we first acknowledge that the title of the news story is misleading. No where in the article does it say that the police are not ruling out the possibility of UFOs or Aliens from outer space.

Deputy Hill only acknowledged what others are saying.

As for who did this? Well, let's get rid of the absurd first.

First we have to ask ourselves, does anyone really think that little green men from outer space traveled a billion light years to visit a few cows in Missouri - and only at Lyn Mitchell's place - twice?

Imagine this for a moment?

Imagine that there is a species, Aliens, from outer space far beyond our own solar system, who of course have superior technology to sustain life for the 700 million to a billion light years trip to earth, yet need to come to Missouri for their beef.

They have figured out a fuel system that is inexhaustible. They have figured out how to make a craft that can withstand the riggers of travel for that long of an extending period.

They have figured out how to manufacture steel and metals, and make nuts, bolts, washers, insulation, computers, metal sheeting, propellant, wiring, crafts, cables, and so on, all that it takes to build a spacecraft.

They have done all of this, and, since most of these spacecrafts have FAA compliant lights, the Aliens have also figured out a way to create light bulbs that do not burn out - and can be used when they need it after their 700 million light years trip. 

Supposedly, Aliens have done all of this - yet they don't have the technology to create a cow of their own.

Forget that it takes thousands of parts contractors to build our Space Shuttle. Forget that it takes thousands of workers - everyone from engineers and assembly crews, truck drivers and management, as well as janitors and security guards - to build one of our Space Shuttles.

And yes, we have all of our fingers!

Where do Spacemen get their materials to build such a craft to get to Missouri?

Are there steel mills and iron shops where they come from? Do they drill for oil and fabricate the parts of their craft which are made out of petroleum - such as their computers and the parts it takes to make a computer?

Almost all of the components used to assemble and manufacture a computer is made from oil and petroleum by products. In our society, over 6,000 commonly used products that we use every day are made from oil.

And where do they get their computers from? Do they get their computers from IBM, Apple, Texas Instrument, or maybe pirated copy-cats in China? I don't think so.

Take all of this into consideration.

Now, throw in the fact that these little green men have figured out how to remain off of our radar and evade detection from multiple resources in multiple nations all over the world - yet they show up every once in a while to pluck some drunk from his pickup truck on a Friday night, and "probe" him?

I realize that they can't make too many appearances, so maybe that's why they chose Mitchell's cows on their return trip.

Good breeding stock, good cattle management, excellent feed quality, means quality beef.

Is that the reason that Space Aliens choose only Lyn Mitchell's cows? Does she have such superior beef that those little green guys had to have one or two cows for a late night snack?

And by the way, why is it that they always do these things in the dead of the night?

Whether it's grabbing some drunk from his truck to probe him or to mutilating cows, these things always seem to take place in the middle of the night. Why is that?

And how about who makes their lights? You know, tho ones that are always shining down on folks on deserted roads in the middle of the night.

Do they have manufacturers like GE to make their bulbs?

And really,if they are so advanced, why would they need lights?

If it is to be assumed that they are such superior intelligence and subsequently have all of this far superior technology - yes, even I get tired of the word "superior" when their followers refer to them as such - then why don't they have better technology than that which is used by our average soldier in Afghanistan?

Yes, our average soldier in the field has Night Vision that does not need lights to see, so why do all of the reports from "witnesses" say that they were hovered over by bright lights from a UFO when they were "probed"?

Take these facts, and the fact that these spacemen evade contact because they don't want to be disturbed when they have a yearning for Mitchell's beef tongue - and friends, the story don't wash!
I'm sorry folks, but I simply don't believe in little green men from outer space!

I don't believe it because the logistics to get all of the components and materials of such a craft fabricated, then have the spacecraft built, fueled, with a crew and sustain them for such a trip takes a civilization with industry and manufacturing capabilities to make it happen.

And no, spacecrafts, whether it's our Space Shuttle, the Lab. or some flying saucer, can just appear out of thin air. It has to be built and maintained.

It would be impossible to assume that there are Space Aliens who have that sort of technology, yet have come all the way here to this tiny planet just to dissect a few cows.

If they are that advanced, they certainly wouldn't need to dissect a cow - like I said before, if they are that advanced, they can create their own cows and leave Lyn Mitchell's cows alone.

So really? Aliens from outer space? No!

Now let's get serious, I'll be real frank and say that I can attribute these mutilations to a cult of crazies, a sick individual, or even a few youngsters wanting to spook the locals.

fact is, it wasn't that many years ago that there was someone, and the law suspects maybe more than just one individual was involved, in the San Francisco Bay Area who showed up at ranches late at night to mutilate horses in the Livermore area.

Those individuals would go to ranches where horses were being kept in pens or pastures close to the road. The assailants would park, get out and then lure the horse with treats to them.

Once there, one of two of the assailants would use knives to slash and puncture the horses in the neck. Some of the wounds were said to be done with surgical precession, so some believe that these criminals were using surgical instruments in their morally corrupt acts.

These were not Space Aliens who were doing that. They were people. Sick, depraved, demented, wicked criminal type people, who should have been found and dealt with.

As for a UFO cutting up Mitchell's cows in Missouri?

Well, if you believe that UFOs are really responsible for what took place, I have a picture of Big Foot on Mars for you.

Here you go! Yes, some crazy Alien believing nutcase out there really thinks that the picture below is proof that Big Foot is on Mars!

Probably the same folks who believe that Obama was born and raised in Hawaii.

Imagine that!

Have a good day!

Tom Correa


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  2. If anybody has any "beef" with this article, they are free to go get "probed". Haha. Get it? Cuz it mentions cows and UFOS? Yes? No? Maybe? You're going to Hell? Okay bye.

  3. That was a weird article. Didn't think aliens and beef would ever go together. Thanks, Tom.


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