Sunday, June 7, 2015

Keeping It Simple -- Radical Muslims And The Nazis

By Terry McGahey

Why the world leaders, and especially our own so-called president cannot, or will not see the comparisons or address the reality of Radical Islam being no different than Hitler's Nazi Party before the beginning of World War Two amazes me.

The purpose behind the two ideals may be somewhat different, but the end result and vision of the two are exactly the same. World domination!

The old saying is very true, if you do not learn from the mistakes of the past, you are doomed to repeat them.

I don't know about you, but it seems to me that we are already repeating history's mistakes when it comes to Radical Islam.

Hitler wanted extermination of the Jewish people, and radical Islam wants the destruction of all Christians, and or any religion that isn't of the Muslim beliefs. How is that any different?

Genocide is genocide, no matter how you slice it. Please, someone explain to me the difference between the Nazi's using death camps and the radical Muslims shooting and beheading Christians.

Personally, I don't see the difference, murder is murder, and extermination is extermination.

Another question I have, why are we allowing our enemy's, the radical Muslims, to infiltrate our country? By their own admission, they now have their people in all fifty of our states. Not only that, but they have tried to set up their own Shari courts, and have areas they declare Islamic only areas.

America was not founded by Muslims nor their beliefs, yet this so called president of ours made the statement that somehow Muslims were involved with our founding. What a crock of you know what.!

With the actions of this so called president, or should I say inactions, it makes me wonder sometimes if this man hasn't been groomed by the Muslims since childhood to help destroy this country?

Now, I am not saying this is true, but sometimes I can't help but think that way. He won't use the term, radical Muslims, he has appointed Muslims to government, and he comes from a Muslim background. Not only that, but he will not call them our enemies, which they are!

Now I am no genius, but it seems to me that one and one adds up to two, or at least it did when I went to school.

How much longer will the nations of the world allow this radical Islamic society to continue enslaving, raping children, murdering, and committing mass genocide against Christians or anyone else who disagrees with their beliefs?

Why is it we are doing nothing with our allies to put a stop to this?

Once again, are we going to keep repeating the mistakes of the past and wait until it's to late, just like what happened with the Nazis before World War Two?

This is insane! No matter what the mamby-pambys of our country and the rest of the world think, violence only understands violence, period!

It's my opinion that it is time to stop trying to live in this touchy feely, politically correct, your okay, I'm okay world, and stand up for what is right against what is wrong. Not only in our own country but anywhere this radical Muslim plight is taking place.

If we don't stand up as Americans to stop these atrocities, it won't be to much longer that we will be facing this same problem in our own back yards.

Wake up, they are already here!


  1. I remember Terry when our dad used to tell us that one day, maybe not us, maybe not our children, but definitely our children's children would see this day when we will be killed for our religious beliefs. Well he was so right. He also taught us never to deny God or the Lord Jesus Christ, to take death if this comes to our door. For if we deny God then look to serve eternity in Hell. I will never forget those things he taught us. People really do need to wake up, but at the same time all of this was foreseen, foretold in the King James Bible. Signs of the times are here I'm afraid! Amen to God and The Lord Jesus Christ for the time is at hand, Jesus has his day of coming back written on his calendar which is very very close on his agenda!

  2. I personally think that if the enemy wants war, then they will get war. We will not comply with or surrender to tyrants. We will not give up our freedom for their democracy. We will not believe in their ideology or falsehoods. We will not be tempted by false gods to believe in false religions. But more importantly. We will never die in vain. And that, my friends, is how you fight a war.

  3. Did you say "radical" Muslims? That's not gnarly at all, bruh.


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