Monday, July 13, 2015

Keeping It Simple -- My Pet Peeves

By Terry McGahey

It seems to me that in this day and age many people, young and old, have lost their common sense of respect, and decency toward others.

If we are to heal the woes of this country, we must first work on ourselves.

Below I've listed some of my own pet peeves, see if you agree with me or not.


Many people today seem to live in their own little world, not paying any attention to others which brings out rude behavior, no matter if it's intentional or not.

Just take a breath and pay a little more attention to others around you, that's all it takes. Should someone hold a door open for you at least say thank you.

If you are the person opening the door and someone is right behind you, hold it until they can reach it, that's only common decency and it only takes a few seconds.

I held the door for a lady one time going into a restaurant and her reply was, "I can get my own door".

All I did was to shake my head and tell her, "excuse the hell out of me!"

No reason for it!


When setting at a red light, and traffic is lined up heavily behind you, if someone is pulling out of a driveway or business, what does it hurt to let them out in front of you?

It will only cost you a few seconds to do so, but I have seen many people hurry to get up to the next car so they can't pull out. Why, what do you think you are gaining?

Another one which relates to the same thing is, when driving down a road that is two lanes each way, and someone is again trying to pull out, unless the traffic is heavy behind you, what is the big chore in changing lanes to let them out?

It's only courtesy to do so and it doesn't cost you a thing.

One other thing, people who continuously drive late to work and are speeding to get there on time. You might be doing the speed limit or a little over, but they ride your bumper.

Leave for work a few minutes earlier for heaven sakes!

Spoiled Kids

Many parents today let their kids run wild in stores, or scream and holler because they didn't get what they wanted.

Be aware, people don't want to hear a screaming kid while shopping. If you can't control your kids, don't take them out in public until you can control them because it's your fault they are getting away with it.

It seems that many parents today think that it's okay to let the child be themselves, or so they call it, not realizing they are raising poor citizens.

Spoiling your children is not doing them any favors because when they hit the working world, reality is going to hit them in the face when they realize the world does not revolve around them.


I am sick and tired of hearing people use the "F" word like it is a noun or a verb. This is a complete lack of respect for others and only makes the person who does this appear as being a low life. You may not be a low life, but that's how many people within hearing distance will judge you.

Several times while in a restaurant I have had to ask people if they would please hold down the language, my wife doesn't deserve to hear that kind of talk.

Keep it in the bar, that still don't make it right, but it's more expected there.

Men, try to watch yourself around women and kids. Women who cuss like sailors, at least try not to do that around kids, and both sexes should try not to use it so much in public places.

You only show your lack of decency and respect for others while making an ass of yourself. It seems like more and more, the people who want respect the most, give respect the least.

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