Monday, July 13, 2015

Keeping It Simple -- My Pet Peeves

By Terry McGahey

It seems to me that in this day and age many people, young and old, have lost their common sense of respect, and decency toward others.

If we are to heal the woes of this country, we must first work on ourselves.

Below I've listed some of my own pet peeves, see if you agree with me or not.


Many people today seem to live in their own little world, not paying any attention to others which brings out rude behavior, no matter if it's intentional or not.

Just take a breath and pay a little more attention to others around you, that's all it takes. Should someone hold a door open for you at least say thank you.

If you are the person opening the door and someone is right behind you, hold it until they can reach it, that's only common decency and it only takes a few seconds.

I held the door for a lady one time going into a restaurant and her reply was, "I can get my own door".

All I did was to shake my head and tell her, "excuse the hell out of me!"

No reason for it!


When setting at a red light, and traffic is lined up heavily behind you, if someone is pulling out of a driveway or business, what does it hurt to let them out in front of you?

It will only cost you a few seconds to do so, but I have seen many people hurry to get up to the next car so they can't pull out. Why, what do you think you are gaining?

Another one which relates to the same thing is, when driving down a road that is two lanes each way, and someone is again trying to pull out, unless the traffic is heavy behind you, what is the big chore in changing lanes to let them out?

It's only courtesy to do so and it doesn't cost you a thing.

One other thing, people who continuously drive late to work and are speeding to get there on time. You might be doing the speed limit or a little over, but they ride your bumper.

Leave for work a few minutes earlier for heaven sakes!

Spoiled Kids

Many parents today let their kids run wild in stores, or scream and holler because they didn't get what they wanted.

Be aware, people don't want to hear a screaming kid while shopping. If you can't control your kids, don't take them out in public until you can control them because it's your fault they are getting away with it.

It seems that many parents today think that it's okay to let the child be themselves, or so they call it, not realizing they are raising poor citizens.

Spoiling your children is not doing them any favors because when they hit the working world, reality is going to hit them in the face when they realize the world does not revolve around them.


I am sick and tired of hearing people use the "F" word like it is a noun or a verb. This is a complete lack of respect for others and only makes the person who does this appear as being a low life. You may not be a low life, but that's how many people within hearing distance will judge you.

Several times while in a restaurant I have had to ask people if they would please hold down the language, my wife doesn't deserve to hear that kind of talk.

Keep it in the bar, that still don't make it right, but it's more expected there.

Men, try to watch yourself around women and kids. Women who cuss like sailors, at least try not to do that around kids, and both sexes should try not to use it so much in public places.

You only show your lack of decency and respect for others while making an ass of yourself. It seems like more and more, the people who want respect the most, give respect the least.


  1. I have some pet peeves of my own that others might actually tolerate but if you're anything like me then they can get on your nerves. I'll just list a few. 1.Constantly watching and/or hearing about "fake news". It's called that for a reason. 2.Being told to put the toilet seat down. I don't even touch it that often so why tell me this now? 3.Constantly hearing about people doing the ice cream challenge. (That's where you take a random tub of Blue Bell or some other ice cream and open it and then lick it and put it back). 4.Sitting near an open window. I know it's not the end of the world if I do this but still I hate it. 5.Loud arguments. They make no sense especially when I'm involved. 6.Putting things on a shelf where you know I can't reach them. I may be tall, but I am not THAT tall. 7.You calling me names. Be nice or I will not talk to you. 8.Threats of any kind. You do not the right to wish me harm just because you hate me. 9.Putting labels on me. I'm a human not an item. 10.Making me eat food I don't like. I have texture issues due to autism so this is a big no no. 11.Talking trash about me. Unless you really know me, keep my name out your mouth. 12.Running your mouth about me and my friends and family. If I don't come after you, I'm pretty sure THEY will. 13.Complaining to me about what you know you yourself should do. Hey look lady, I didn't give birth to your kid, so stop telling me to tell your precious little Johnny to stop jumping on the bed. 14.Touching or moving things that belong to me. If you do so, I will make you pay for my stuff. 15.Stealing from me. You know that's not yours, don't take it. 16.Dumb criminals. If you don't wanna do the time, don't do the crime. 17.Questioning my ancestry. If I can't remember, then why ask. 18.Wanting to start a quick relationship with me. You see I need my space, please respect that. And besides, I'm in no hurry. 19.Talking about my past. Unless I do it, then it's uncomfortable. 20.Making fun of my interests. I'm not the only one who is a fan, so don't think it's just me who likes this. 21.Stalking me. There's other ways to follow people. But that's not one of them. 22.Making fun of me. I can only take a joke for so long, so please respect that. 23.Sexual harassment. It's not cool because you could get sued or go to jail. 24.Rude behavior. For example, say excuse me if you're gonna burp. 25.Back talking. You're not the boss, they are. 26.Incompetance. You can do it, but choose no to. 27.Bitching, whining, and complaining about politics. You wanna do that, go to D.C. 28.Ask me a random question that happens to be rude. I won't answer. 29.Telling me that you have cured autism. You are fraud. 30.Telling me that autism is caused by vaccinations. You are a liar. 31.Telling me we no longer have COVID. You are a moron. 32.Telling me you can't catch COVID. Yep, you guessed it. You are a moron. 33.Telling me you can't die from COVID. You are an idiot. 34.Telling me I can't die from COVID. Now you're just being an asshole. 34.Telling me I won't get COVID. Now you're an even bigger asshole. 35.Telling me I can't get COVID. Now you're just being a pain in my ass. 36.Telling me that COVID is a hoax. Oh great. You must be Alex Jones. 37.Talking about Alex Jones. The guy's a jerk. 38.Yelling "Free Bird" at a bar. It's a cover band, not Lynyrd Skynyrd. 39.Not being able to learn more Spanish. I just make it up as I go along. 40.People who kill other people. I hate that. 41.People who rape women or children or who abuse women and children. I hate them with a passion. And my final pet peeve. 42.Being told to stay on task or move on when it comes to a certain topic. I wasn't born or even made that way. I am not like you. I am disabled and if I can't focus then it's not my fault. But also, if I continue to talk about just one thing it doesn't mean that I'm not interested in what you have to say. It just means that it takes a long time for me to process what's going on. So yeah, that's pretty much it. I do have more, but for right now that's all I got. Love you bye.

  2. Well, I tip my hat to you. I admire the fact that you definitely know what you like and dislike. Knowing that makes you a lot better off than most folks. I hope you keep the comments coming.
    Your friend, Tom

  3. You know Tom, that's what's so special about me. I can either choose to handle situations or not. It just depends on how happy I am with it. I think if everybody felt that way, the world would be a better place. And it wouldn't be so shallow, don't you think? We all have pet peeves. But I also believe that if we don't share those pet peeves with the rest of the world, we might not ever get to explain what it is that we feel. I'm glad I could do that. Thanks for your input, Tom. You truly are a friend.

  4. You're welcome, Tom. It's nice to know that you care about my feelings and understand them. In a world gone mad, that's what I feel is very important. My sympathies as always.

  5. I just remembered some other pet peeves that I would like to share. 1.Not flushing the toilet. Why must I have to smell your Number 2 combo whenever I go to the bathroom? 2.Abuse of any kind. If I see it, I'll report it. 3.Driving the wrong way in a one way lane. There's a reason why the sign says "One Way". 3.Anybody getting a DUI. Why are you even behind the wheel? You're drunk! 4.Commercials. I almost never get to see what happens next until the show comes back on! Ugggh! 5.Stepping in an animal's poo. Yep, you guessed it. It stinks, literally. 6.People blaming violence on video games, movies, and music. Are you sure it's not something else? 7.Putting a metal fork in a light socket to see if you'll look like Doc Brown from the "Back To The Future" franchise. You keep doing that, and you definitely WON'T need roads where YOU'RE going. 8.Spitting in people's food. How can you expect anybody to eat that? 9.Trying to speak a language you don't really know. Hey buddy, have you even TRIED to speak Italian? 10.Not cutting the grass. Why must you let the weeds grow? 11.Dumb criminals who lie. Are you sure that weed isn't yours? 12.People with felonies lying about having felonies. Nice try, pal, you're still going to jail! 13.Dumping your significant other for stupid reasons. Seriously, you broke up with Cindy over a pizza? 14.Cartman talking trash about Kyle being a Jew on South Park. Enough already, it's been 20 years! 15.Kenny constantly dying on South Park. Hey dude, would it literally kill ya to literally stay alive? 16.Not taking out the trash. You know that milk carton's not gonna fit unless you push it down in there! 17.Doing stupid TikTok videos. Why do you let people do that? 18.Doing dumb stuff on YouTube for likes. Hey buddy, jumping off the roof and trying to land in the pool is NOT gonna make you a star! 19.Drinking underage. You know you're not 21 but then again so do I. 20.Forgetting where stuff goes. Put it where it belongs and maybe you can keep up with it. 21.Putting labels on people. It's just stupid. 22.People doing drugs and alcohol. Didn't you learn anything from Mr. Mackey? 23.And finally, jaywalking. Don't even ask. I could go on and on but then by that time my face would be red. Y'all tell me what ya think. Until then, bye.


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