Friday, September 11, 2015

A Time When All Lives Mattered

Yes, it was a time when All Lives Mattered. It was a time when people didn't apologize for stating the obvious in that American Lives Matter.

It was a time not that long ago when Americans had no color or race because the vast majority was in fact united. And yes, the vast majority of us were angry at those who did such a thing.

For those of us who refuse to forget, 9/11 is a constant reminder of the wickedness in the world.

But specifically, 9/11 is a day when average Americans were shown the evil that is the Muslim world. And yes, it was a time when we would become educated as to those who support Muslim terrorism.

Does it aggravate me that some act as though it never happened? You bet it does! Does it aggravate me that people are looking at securing the U.S.-Mexican border as a immigration issue, or worse a racial issue, when in fact it is a security issue? You bet it does!

These two factors bother me simply because those who pretend that it never happened are the same Liberal folks who try to scam people into believing that securing the U.S.-Mexican border is a immigration and racial problem. They purposely neglect to mention the fact that securing the border is an integral part of our Nation's overall security.

Securing the border is about security. And yes, that is one thing we should remember on the anniversary of 9/11.

Securing the border goes hand in hand with securing our shipping ports and securing our airports. It makes no sense at all to secure the ports, airports, and our Northern border, but not secure America's southern border,  Yes, leaving the southern border unsecured is the same as locking your front door and locking all your windows -- while leaving your back door unlocked and wide open to any criminal in the area.

And what comes with poor security? While it may be our fault, we are leaving ourselves to the mercy of those who want to kill us. We leave ourselves open to unimaginable evils.

And yes, as the old saying goes, "The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist."

There are some who still say it never happened. But for me, I have seen the Devil a few times in my life. But mostly, I remember how he showed his face to the world on 9/11!


While others gave strength and comfort to us all, others prove without a doubt that the Devil lives in the hearts of those so evil that they are awash in hate. 


Yes, there are those who hate as a way of life. To them, only certain lives matter while others simply don't.  Yes, to them, only certain lives matter while others just don't. They live in evil.

And frankly, part of me wants to feel sorry for them but I can't. That's because another part of me hopes that one day they meet the evil they support, and get exactly what's coming to them.

And yes, that's just the way I see it.

Tom Correa


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  1. I think anybody who says that they support the murder of our American troops oughta go on their Facebook page and see how many friends they still have left. Cuz I'll tell ya this. If I catch you saying something like that, I will no doubt report you to police. End of discussion. As always, Tom. Your dear comrade, Benny.


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