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Obama Torn Between Two Loves

Back on July 1st, 2015, for the first time since entering the oval office, President Obama faced true anguish over a social issue.

And  yes, it all started when Muslim protesters burned LGBT flags. A flag which some folks call the unofficial flag of the Democrat Party.

Reports talked about how the smoke choked the streets of the city of Houston, Texas, when a very large group of Muslim protesters gathered to show their disapproval with the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold gay marriage.

The story didn't get a lot of attention in the Liberal Mainstream Media. The reason for the lack of coverage can be attributed to the fact that the media was probably going through the same sort of anguish as that which Obama was experiencing.

More than his usual problems of what to do after he gets his ESPN fix in the morning, or what club to use on what hole on the golf course that day, Obama had a real problem on July 1st, 2015: 

Who Would He Support When He Loves Both Muslims and Gays?

Obama has made no secret that he supports Muslims, even going so far as to forbid the use of the term "Islamic Terrorists" from being used at the White House.

In his first days in office, Obama left the country on what is now being called "The Obama Apology Tour." It was his trip to various Muslim nations to apologize on behalf of the United States of America for things that we may or may not have done in our nation's past. Yes, and he bowed to other nations' leaders while doing so!

During that tour, he made all sorts of ridiculous statements about what Islam has given to the world in the respect of inventions and advancements. Of course, that was when America and the world first realized that the new president didn't know that his statements carry weight and will be "fact checked."

And no, Obama hasn't stopped his lies regarding supposed Islamic inventions and other positive contributions to mankind. For example, Obama is credited for having said, "It was innovation in Muslim communities that developed the order of algebra."

Well, that's a lie. Algebra itself was developed by the ancient Greeks, and later the English. And while the origins of algebra can be traced back to the ancient Babylonians, they were certainly not Muslims. 

Yes, sounding a lot like a Muslim school-boy in Jakarta where he was told that Muslims invented the earth and everything in it, Obama has made some absolutely ridiculous claims on behalf of Islam. 

For example: Obama has said that "Islam gave us our mastery of pens and printing."

Of course, that is a lie. And yes, even today with the dumbing-down of Americans in our schools, most college kids have heard of Johannes Gutenberg who was a German blacksmith, a printer, and a publisher who introduced the printed word to Europe and the west. His introduction of the printing press, mechanical movable type-printing, to Europe started the Printing Revolution. The invention of the printing press is widely regarded as the most important event of the modern period. 

I would think most in college have had to hear of the Gutenberg Bible which is known to be the first major book ever printed in Western Civilization. But then again, who knows what they taught in the schools Obama supposedly attended.  Remember, he didn't know the United States has 50 States -- something drummed into every student's head in Hawaii's elementary schools, but that's a subject for another day.

Fact is, since Americans have never seen Obama's college transcripts, because he had them sealed, we really don't know if he is truly as stupid as he has led on to be.                              

Obama has claimed that Islam has given us "Our understanding of how disease spreads and how it can be healed." 

Again this is a lie, and one can only speculate where he picked up that garbage? Yes, he probably learned such lies as a young Muslim boy getting his education with a Islamic sense of truth. 

With asinine statements like this, he completely negates the great works of Europeans Leeuwenhoek, Lister, Cohn, Redi, Needham, Spallanzani, and Pasteur to only name a few greats of Medical Science. And no, not one was Muslim! In fact, Muslim contribution to medicine is zero! 

That is, unless of course, Obama believes that yelling "Allahu Akbar" while beheading a Christian is a Medical Procedure.

In late July, yes, a month or so ago, Obama returned to his ancestral home of Kenya where his father was born, and some still believe he was born. There Obama lectured Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta about the issue of Gay Rights.

To his surprise, Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta did not take kindly to being lectured on something Kenyans see as perverse and unwanted in their country. Under Kenyan law, sexual activity between men is illegal and punishable with a maximum imprisonment of 14 years. 

While Kenyan leaders had encouraged Obama not to discuss gay rights on his first trip to the country as President, Obama did and equated legalized discrimination of gays to legalized racism in America.

The Kenyan President was not having any of it and stated, "while the U.S. and Kenya share many common values and goals, gay rights is not one of them."  And yes, Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta insisted that something called gay rights was a "non-issue" in a country and culture that does not condone that practice. 

Of course trying to make Obama, or any other Liberal for that fact, respect the ways other cultures conduct their affairs and customs is like trying to convince radical Muslims that they should respect women and not behead Christians.

Liberals see Liberalism as a religion that everyone must follow or else. Yes, in the very same way that Muslims believe everyone should be Muslim.  

And there is part of the dilemna for Obama, how can he spread Liberalism's love of gay sex when there are cultures out there that refuse to accept gay sex as anything but a deviant lifestyle -- seen in some cultures as horrible as cannibalism.

While the Supreme Court can say that gay marriage is legal, there are Americans who will never accept it no matter what the government says. And frankly, it has nothing to do with ancestry, or skin color, or language. It has to do with the sexual act.

Just like how the LGBT lobby is now working to make Pedophilia, child molestation, acceptable, people will always find certain actions too much to accept. And whether Liberals like it or not, homosexual practices are not condoned by most cultures in the world. 

So now, here is the other part of the dilemna for Obama, his other love, the religion of Islam, does not accept gays. And yes, a few weeks before leaving for Kenya, President Obama got the word that a large group of 3,000 plus Muslim protesters gathered in Houston, Texas, to show their disapproval with the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold gay marriage.          

It was reported that throughout the day members of the Muslim community prowled the city streets, tearing down LGBT flags from public buildings and even from private residences. They made a large pile containing hundreds of LGBT flags and banners and signs -- and burned the pile! 

It was a massive anti-gay-marriage rally by Muslims. And yes, it is said that terrified residents hid in their homes and workplaces as the giant mob of over 3,000 Muslim men and women marched through the streets while pointing their fingers in the air and shouting "death to the homosexuals," and "Allahu Akbar!" 

The media did report that there were homophobic slurs mixed with praise for Allah. 

And yes, it was reported that a lesbian LGBT supporter had her nose broken after she fought with a group of Muslims who ripped her LGBT flag out of her cigar shop window. 

The Islamic religion hates gays and those who broke her nose were heard to shout, "you are not a man, stop dressing like it." 

And yes, the Muslims who beat her up just walked off with her LGBT flag. Supposedly, they left her unconscious on the sidewalk but that was not confirmed

Muhmar Al-Sajeer, one of the organizers of the rally, welcomed attention of the local media saying, "We have objected verbally time and again to the LGBT people. We told them we did not want to see their insensitive rainbow flag everywhere, as it offends our eyes and souls. They ignored our pleas and flaunted that filth in our faces anyway. The only way we could respond to their provocation was to take back our streets by force."

Imagine the picture here. Both of Obama's loves at war with each other. The gays with their "in-your-face" you will accept our deviant lifestyle attitude versus a religion that does not condone acts of homosexuality -- a religious group that is free to act out its anger because it has friends in high places of government. 

Friends, if the religion that does not condone homosexuality was Christian instead of being Muslim, Obama would have sent the Justice Department, the FBI, and an assortment of other Federal law enforcement agencies to stop it -- and prosecute people for violating the Civil Rights of queers, including the cigar store lesbian.

I'd say that it was very lucky for Obama that the local story of what took place that day between two of his preferential groups died before it was reported nationally. If it did, it could have made a huge difference in the amount of donations the Democrat Party receives from both groups. 

In fact, I'd say that it was very fortunate that the Obama administration's "wait and see" approach worked out for them. Thankfully for Obama, he did not have to choose a side. It would have been hard for even Obama to have been seen a champion of both sides when he was torn between his two loves: Gay Sex and Islam.

Now before signing off, I know someone will write to tell me that Obama has other preferential groups that he is in love with, and yes they make huge donations to the Democrat Party, such as Environmentalists groups who still swallow the whole Global Warming Scam and of course the Black Lives Matters movement, both of which he promotes.

Unlike attacking Conservative causes, which Democrats are good at even if it were to find the cure for cancer, what took place in Houston, Texas, was between two groups that Obama and the Democrat Party vehemently supports.

The problem that he and the Democrats have is that these groups are in fact at odds with each other over cultural values. One sees gay sex as a sin, and the other doesn't believe in sin. Obama supports Islam because he was brought up Muslim, and as a Liberal Democrat he supports gay sex.

Yes, he claims to champion both causes. He supports both. That is unless they clash. When that happens, he then supports neither until the dust settles and he can come out of his hole to tell each group that he was for their cause 100%.

Yes, Obama is the consummate Liberal Politician who believes in everything and nothing at the same time. That is especially true as long as he is not pinned down to having to make a choice and take a side between campaign donors. 

And yes, that's just the way I see it.

Tom Correa

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