Thursday, November 19, 2015

We Are At War

By Terry McGahey

I have no idea when the majority of liberals and others are going to wake up and realize that we are seeing the true beginning of another World War. Not between countries, but with the insane cult called Islam.

Some people will say, it's not all Muslims, to this I say, if it's not all Muslims then why is it that the majority of the so called peaceful Muslims are not standing up and speaking out against their radical brothers? Why, because they believe in the teachings of Allah, and all one has to do is take time to read the Quran to get a better understanding of how this book of hatred promotes the murder of everyone who is a non Muslim.

Don't think for one minute that if the so called radical Muslims had enough power, that the so called peaceful Muslims wouldn't join them. Anyone who believes they wouldn't is a fool.

This war began with the 9-11 attack on the World Trade Center, the Boston Marathon Bombing, and other individual attacks within our country. Now the attacks include a Russian airliner and the horrific attack in Paris, France.

How about the English soldier whom they killed in the streets of London not long ago, not only that, but in the United Kingdom the Muslims commit what's called, Slash and Dash. These animals will slash their target with a knife while running past them.

How about their demands of Sharia Law within our own country? How about the town in Michigan where they have taken over by being voted into the city council, and who are now threatening people?

The list goes on and on with these animals who are invading our country, but yet this Muslim loving president will do nothing about it. In fact, he wants to bring more of them into our fold.

This president, in my opinion, is and has been giving aid and comfort to an invading enemy and should be impeached and jailed immediately before he can do any more damage to our way of life and to our country.

Isn't it odd that the very liberal Geraldo Rivera who was totally against closing off our borders has now changed his tune about this subject, and did so on a Fox news interview. Why? Because his daughter was in Paris during the attacks on that city. Funny how a situation can change peoples minds on a subject when it hits them close to home.

I say to liberals and others, get your head out of the sand and pay attention to reality, it might be one of your family members or friends in the future who's life will be taken.

One of the major problems in this country with Liberalism is that we have become a re-active country instead of a pro-active country. Maybe it is time, just maybe, that the sheriff's of counties which have small towns within their jurisdiction, begin to use our constitution to it's full capacity.

By that I am speaking of a well regulated militia as the 2nd Amendment defines. Remember, the National Guard is not the militia, the people are. The National Guard will be re-active, not pro-active should an attack take place.

The sheriff of a county, besides the coroner, is the supreme law enforcement officer of the county and has the authority to mount a well regulated militia. Of course with background checks and interviews.

All the sheriff of a county would have to do, not entirely, is to appoint an ex-law enforcement official to hold classes and training exercises with an all volunteer force of civilians to be on guard within our small towns and cities for the purpose of the public welfare.

Small towns and cities do not have a large enough police force to be pro-active against a terrorist attack, and by enacting the well regulated militia clause this would be an affordable way to shore up our small town police force in case of an attack such as what has taken place in Paris.

As for cost of training and insurance for a local militia, all that would have to be done is to lobby the people for a 3 cent tax to help offset the costs. That is all it would cost residents if the people want security, I believe they would vote in a small tax increase to do so.

Again, we are at war, and we need to be pro-active to stop the Muslim animals that have become a menace to our country, as well as the rest of the world.

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  1. If you say we are at war, then I believe you. But that leaves me with one question. Where do I sign?


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