Friday, July 26, 2019

How A Liberal Becomes A Conservative

Liberals start out young, immature, and headstrong about things they know nothing about. As they become more educated, they start to see the lies of liberalism.

Soon they understand how Socialism and Communism enslaves people. They learn how hard work can be, and understand how they should be able to keep their wages. They start resenting that the government takes almost half of all they earn in taxes.

If they start a farm or a ranch, a nursery or a welding shop, a winery or grocery store, they become educated to many of the more than 800,000 rules and regulations that are imposed on us by big government. They open their eyes to the truth of how conservatism helps people and encourages personal freedom while liberalism hurts and enslaves people.

That’s how a liberal becomes a Conservative.

And no, I’ve never heard of a Conservative waking up on morning and saying to his or her self, “I want to be a Liberal. I want the government to tell me that I cannot collect rain water because the state thinks it owns the rain. I want to give the government more of my hard earned wages because I think the state should give my money away to others who don’t want to hold a job. I want to be a slave and have the government tell me what car to drive, how I can warm my home, how my hair has to be cut, how I must dress, what job I must have, where I must live, what I can and cannot eat, how many children I can have, or that I have to kill my children at birth because a Liberal Congresswoman from New York said that that's what's needed to stop Climate Change.”

Tom Correa


  1. Elizabeth L. Johnson said, I know someone who has seen socialism-communism up close after 3 trips into north Korea. You're right, Tom, things are free; free because the government owns everything. You must wear the clothes they give you. There are no stores for citizens. They are khaki colored suites for men and women, and children. The government owns the house you live in. There is no indoor plumbing, faucets, or bathrooms for citizens. Citizens cannot grow their own food. All food/crops are owned by government. Citizens cannot own motor vehicles. They travel on foot & bicycles. You may not travel without permission, and like nazi Germany, will be stopped and have your papers looked at. There is no electricity until the government turns it on. If a person errs, his family is jailed as well; generations of family members are concentrated. Liberalism's real name is socialism/communism. And it's not free, but instead costs you all your freedom.

  2. It doesn't surprise me at all, Elizabeth. And I just wanna say Tom, there is a lot of information out there about this that we are now just finding out about. Maybe one day we'll figure everything out and the left will come to it senses. Until then we can only hope.


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