Saturday, January 1, 2011

Can You Believe It's 2011!


I see a lot of signs that this may be a good year!

This morning my father-in-law lost it and laughing so hard at his own joke that he had tears running down his cheeks. And friends, that in itself is something rare to see.

I heard from a friend last night that this year may be good in the aspect that President Obama may stay out of Washington all month golfing in Hawaii. It seems that he loves his time away from the Oval Office. Well there's some of us that really like it when he stays out of the Oval Office. Maybe he can stay away for the next two years? Maybe being a golfer is more suited for him? Afterall his abilities to lead our nation is lacking at best.

Another sign that there is hope for the new year is the big event at Travis Air Force base in California. This month will see Nancy Pelosi give up her huge government furnished jet which she has used liberally to transport friends and relatives and her wealthy donors across the country and to Europe. She will be flying commercial like you and me. And friends, it's about time.

This coming year will probably go down as the "Year of the Great Repeal". It will be a "Take it back, we can't afford it" year.

"Take it back, we can't afford it!" That's what my mom used to tell us kids when we were in a store and we'd find something that we wanted. There was six of us kids, my dad was a sheet metal worker and welder, and of course mom managed the household. She knew how to stretch a dollar, especially when dad was off of work again because work was slow out there.

Maybe we need a "mom" as our president? Heck just her experience of running a family in itself is more experience than the present president had before he took office.

Yes, it was always up to mom to manage the family's money wisely and not spend our budget on things we just couldn't afford.

Sounds familiar to you? I bet it does! It's that way with most us. We are the great majority that folks forget about or can't relate to. Average Americans, not rich and not poor. Average Americans who fight to make it from check to check. I can't help but wonder how many in this present Administration can identify with us?

President Obama and his family are worth Millions and Millions of dollars. And some might say that that is his present financial condition and it wasn't always that way for him, but I can't help but wonder if it he's always had it easy.

Think about it. I think Obama would be hard pressed to understand us. I guess if you've never lived like us than it would be very hard to understand what folks have to do to get by sometimes. Especially during hard times.

Obama can't understand us. Here's a man who went to one of the most expensive private schools in Hawaii, Punahou School which was once known as Oahu College, and who went to expensive colleges in the mainland. Heck, the man had someone else pay for his college tuitions to the multiple colleges. And yes, those who paid his way are unknown because the public hasn't been able to see Obama's college transcripts.

We don't know what kind of grades he got, what he majored in, what kind of student he was, or who actually paid for his education .... because he won't release that information to us.

The concept that you can't always get what you want, even if you whine about it, is probably unfamiliar to someone like Obama who has had everything handed to him. Most Americans know how it is to want things and yet can't afford it.

The State of California is in the midst learning that lesson. Now it's the time for the Federal Government to learn how it is to have to "Take it back, we can't afford it!"

We The People just can't afford it.

From what happened during the elections in November, and knowing how hardy most Americans truly are, I see things as being pretty promising for 2011!

My advice to people who ask me about politics and what to expect from the world, was said best back in 1903 by Teddy Roosevelt, when he said, "Let us speak courteously, deal fairly, and keep ourselves armed and ready."

I'm sure some will say that we have an attitude, but that's how we should deal with the future. We should speak courteously, deal fairly and wisely with each other, and we should keep ourselves armed and ready because our fight to retake America has just started.

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