Friday, January 28, 2011

Kind of a “Life Stew”

Since starting this Blog last month, I've used a shotgun approach at what I wanted to write about.

The shotgun approach is the concept that with a big enough spread I might hit something that my friends might find interesting.

To my way of thinking, a rifle or bullet approach would have meant pin pointing a particular field and area of concern like say politics and focus my writing only on that subject.

I didn't really want to do that for a couple of reasons. First, like you, I'm concerned about what's happening to our country politically, and yes I have opinions on what's going on - but just like you, I'm no Politician or Political Analyst.

I am just a concerned Citizen. 

The second reason is that I truly love people on the overall. I've always loved hearing about what my friends have done in their lives. I've always enjoyed their stories of the great things that they've experienced both big and small.

I love watching their expressions change with every infliction of their voice. It's something that I've enjoyed since I was a kid growing up in Hawaii where "talking story" is an old tradition and a way of life.

Sure, I've met some people in my life who were so mean and nasty that they give the rest of mankind a bad name.

And sure, some folks are just no good no matter what! Working in some of the lines or work that I have can sometimes jade a person. And being real honest with you and myself, I think for a while there I thought it had.

It took effort on my part to shake that sort of attitude and again give people the benefit of the doubt.

I find that it's sometimes not easy to believe something good about someone, rather than something bad, especially when their worse side keeps popping up over and over again and we see who they really are.

And no, I'm not talking about just Liberals and Democrats.

Lastly, I like stories about almost everything. From the ones that others have told me to the one's that I've lived, I like them all. 

It's true. From the story about landing a marlin in Baja just under 15 minutes, to getting drunk with a monkey in the Philippines as a young Marine. From seeing my first huge herd of buffalo, to watching a dolphin trainer at Sea Life Park in Hawaii do her magic.

From finding the ruins of my grandfather's old CCC ranch in Kunia on Oahu, to my trying to hunt for gold in a creek in the Sierra Mountains, to my building horse stalls as it's starting to snow. Yes, I love it all. 

From bears scrounging around in camp at two in the morning, to a story about a mule that was a true man killer. From telling others about buying a new saddle from someone who didn't know that saddles have sizes, and to my wife's new horse Tango, and more.

Yes, I love stories about our lives.

A great long time friend, who has known me through all sorts of ups and downs, wrote me this: "I’m getting a kick out of the writings.  Kind of a “life stew” concept that takes a little bit of everything and brings it together in a serving of satisfaction."

That is one of the nicest things that I've ever been told. It's nice to hear that I'm on the right track as to what I set out to do. It is exactly what I've intended. 

I hope you find the same feeling as you read some of these stories and opinions. 

And by the way, I know some stories are funny while some are not, and yes some are too strange to be thought true. 

For me, I always try to go with what my Grandfather once told me, "Tell 'em the truth, because they'll never believe it anyways!"

Until later, enjoy the stew! 

I love this picture. To me, it really shows what life's about.
Full of the unexpected!

Hopefully, like the armed Cowboy,
I hope you're ready for what you might meet coming around a blind corner.


  1. Your note was the inspiration for this post. I hope you liked it.

    And yes, I really appreciated the great compliment!



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