Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Keeping It Simple -- The Cowboy In The Center

By Terry McGahey

There comes a time in every mans life when he must stand up for what he believes in instead of riding along with the masses like a trail horse which does nothing but stay nose to tail with the rest of the group.

It's time to quit riding the fence for fear of being singled out by the group of people with the big mouths who always make the most noise.

One thing I have learned over my sixty three years, the cowboy with the biggest mouth is normally the worst hand on the place. But on the other hand, the cowboy who goes along just doing his job in a quiet manner is usually the best hand.

Old saying: You can always spot the real cowboy because he is the one riding in the middle of the pickup truck seat.

Reason, he knows what he is doing because the others have to get out and open the gates.

My point is, you can ride in the middle of the seat while paying attention to what's going on and by paying attention you know when to speak up and tell the not so good hands what needs to be done.

Well, in my opinion its time for all of us who ride in the middle of the seat to stand up and be heard because we have been paying attention to what people like Obama and others are doing to this country.

No more should any of us care, or even consider the politically correct big mouths that try to ride roughshod over others while tearing down our country.

By the majority of the real hands, true Americans, standing up against these big mouths and making our voices heard we can castrate them by using the constitution.

When a Hereford cow gets the cancer eye we cut it out to save the animal if she's worth saving, as to breed more good stock. If that cow isn't worth saving, she goes to the feed lot to be readied for the slaughter house.

Don't be of the latter, stand up and be part of the good stock to help save our country.

Fore if the good stock don't stand up, we will be the one's headed for the slaughter house by people like Obama and other hoof and mouth politicians such as the likes of Mrs. Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reed and others.

If you're working a bunch of wild Long Horn cattle and one man alone throws a loop on him, that Longhorn will turn and come right back up your rope, gut your horse, and maybe you.

But if two men drop a loop, one on the head and the other on the back heels, then stretch him out, he isn't going anywhere.

So lets stand together and drop several loops and corral these people before it's to late!

This ride we must all take together to save our country is going to be a long sweaty one, so dust off your saddle, take a deep seat, and get ready for the long haul.

I hope you will all forgive me for using the cowboy terms, but I wanted to keep it simple.

Most cowhands believe in keeping it simple, because that's when things get done.

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  1. Why do ya think cowboys says hard work is done by the sweat of your brow? Because it's true! In a cowboy's world, you earn everything you get and you are given nothing. I grew up on Westerns that taught these key values and other things as well. I'm not a cowboy by profession, but I am one by choice. I am also a self-employed actor and singer, meaning that I don't work for anybody but myself. That's how I think it should be most of the time. I believe that if you can't do it your way, then it's done in no way at all. Most people will tell me, "Benny, you have to escape reality". And all I say is, "I did that 18 years ago". I will be 30 in 7 months and I can't even begin to tell you how important life is. But to me it's very special. So I thank you, Terry, and everyone else on here for making it seem possible. As always, Benny.


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